Recap/Review – Community – “Origins of Vampire Mythology” – 4/12/12


When Britta learns there is a carnival in town, she’s forced to tell the group about her ex-boyfriend named Blade. She’s always had a weak spot for Blade, but she doesn’t want to get back with him, so she asks the group to keep her from him.

Annie decides to help Britta, so she takes Britta home and steals her phone. Britta manages to get her phone back by making empty promises to Annie, but Annie was smart enough to switch Blade’s number with hers.

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Britta keeps sending “Blade” texts from the other room, and Annie gets more and more frustrated with Britta. It turns out Britta is hot for rejection, so when Troy sends Britta a nice message (as Blade), Britta comes back and appears to be over Blade.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Shirley visit the carnival to check out Blade. Jeff keeps spending money at Blade’s booth, and at the end of the night, Jeff learns that Blade had an accident.

Annie tries to find out what hurt Britta, but fails to. When Jeff walks in, he tells Britta about the accident that made it incapable for Blade to feel shame and that is what made him that compelling to her.
In other storylines:

Vice Dean Laybourne urges the Dean to get Troy to enter the Air Conditioning Repair Annex. The Dean invites himself to Trobed’s apartment, and no one understands what he is doing there. Just before he leaves, he asks Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair Annex, but Troy refuses.

Pierce is still having trouble getting into the group and spends time with Chang at the carnival. They bond at the carnival, but they “break up” after a disagreement.

First of all, I liked the pairing between Chang and Pierce. They both have their own band of crazy, but the two of them together felt like a very nice connection. Too bad it only seemed to stick for just one episode, because it would make both characters that much more tolerable.

A part of the main story featured Jeff trying to find out another guy’s secret on why women seem to love him, and that was oddly reminiscent of the story when Annie connected with Rich. I liked the story when watching the episode, though.

Annie doing her best in helping Britta was nice. She managed to think of almost everything, except for the voicemail. But she didn’t understand how an insulting text would only leave Britta wanting more. And with Troy and Abed understanding how Britta worked, it felt like Annie should’ve, too.

The joke that came up all over the episode featured everyone asking the Dean what he was doing at Trobed’s apartment. But it did show Jim Rash’s funny side.

Finally, some funny quotes from this episode:

“I will end up doing him like a crossword.” – Britta about Blade.
“I need help reacting to something.” – Abed when the Dean is at the door.
“She’s whipped by an imaginary douche.” / “Hey don’t knock it till you try it.” – Annie voicing her frustration on Britta, and the Dean’s reply.
“Who hurt you? And why didn’t it stick?” – Annie when telling Britta what happened with Blade’s number.

Next Thursday on “Virtual Systems Analysis,” the Biology final exam is postponed, and Jeff encourages everyone to join him for a three-hour lunch, but Annie convinces Abed to spend time in a dreamatorium and Annie learns a little about what makes Abed tick. It’s on at 8/7c on NBC.

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