Recap/Review – Ringer – “It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!” – 4/10/12

Last week’s episode focused mainly on a hostage situation with the Martins, and it might’ve been one of the most thrilling episodes to date.


We pick up right after previous episode with Bridget on the floor and Catherine is writing her suicide note. She puts Bridget in the bathtub and turns the water on as she goes and leaves a note saying she’s out. The water is slowly drowning Bridget as we see Machado trying to call her. But before he can reach her, the FBI takes him.

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Flashback: Siobhan tells Catherine that they’re selling the house in Miami that Catherine’s living in. Siobhan is very condescending towards Catherine when she learns Siobhan put Juliet in boarding school.

Before catching a taxi, Catherine finds out she lost the phone and has to go back to get it. She can’t find it but has to stop looking when Andrew gets home. He asks where his wife is, and Catherine says she’s out. He tries to call her and tell Bridget about the curious deal Tim made him. Andrew has to switch his tie, and Catherine tries to prevent him from going to his bedroom. Andrew hears the bath running, and Catherine lies about wanting to take a bath. When the conversation takes too long, the bath starts to overflow. Andrew runs in and rescues Bridget, and as she wakes up, Catherine is pointing a gun at them.

Flashback: Catherine is calling the broker and finds out “Siobhan” killed the guy he hired.

Andrew tires to urge Catherine to put the gun down, but she refuses. When Bridget mentions Juliet, it only adds to Catherine’s fury. Catherine calls Juliet and tells her to spend some more time shopping.

Machado has a meeting with Torrance, the officer that threw him out of the FBI, and Torrance asks him what he was doing at the broker’s house. He explains he was looking around and didn’t expect to find a body. Torrance hands him a ticket back to Wyoming, and Machado promises to go if Torrance will send an agent to the apartment to check up on the Martins.

Catherine is forcing Andrew and Bridget to pack a bag. Bridget asks why, and Catherine explains that she wants the situation to look like she found Catherine and Andrew together, killed Andrew, shot Catherine, and committed suicide. The phone rings, and it’s the doorman telling Andrew there’s two FBI agents coming up.

Andrew explains to the agents that Catherine took off to the airport and is planning on leaving for Mexico. The agents apologize for the inconvenience and ask for Bridget’s number to check if she’s all right. They call Bridget, and although the officer gives her a signal to use to tell them if she’s not safe, she doesn’t use it.

When Juliet gets back home, she finds Catherine aiming the gun at Andrew and Bridget. When Catherine wants to comfort Juliet, Juliet tells her mother that she only thinks of herself. Catherine calls Olivia to ask her for help because she made a mess of everything. Olivia asks why Catherine took matters into her own hands, because now it can be traced back to them.

Torrance calls Machado to tell him the Martins are fine and how Catherine booked two tickets to Mexico for her and Andrew. Machado is worried something is wrong.

The phone call between Catherine and Olivia isn’t going smoothly. Olivia tells Catherine she’s on her own. The Martins learn that Catherine loves Olivia. While Catherine is distracted on the phone, Bridget asks Juliet to grab the phone from under the chair. Bridget manages to call Machado with the phone before putting it away in the couch, and she and Andrew make sure Machado knows what’s happening. They use Catherine to find out where Olivia is hiding. It’s at a property that’s owned by Catherine’s sister.

Flashback: We see how Catherine and Olivia got together a few weeks ago, after Andrew threw Catherine out, and how Olivia puts the moves on Catherine. We also see how Olivia and Catherine confided their secrets in each other, about the Ponzi scheme and the hit on Siobhan.

Catherine tries to reach Olivia again, but she can’t get ahold of her. Andrew tells Bridget and Juliet that he loves them and tries to get Catherine to go into another room with him so he can try to incapacitate her. Catherine is telling Andrew to sit down, threatening to shoot him as her phone rings, and Olivia is on the other end. Catherine tells her everything will be ok, because she will kill Siobhan tonight. Juliet begs Catherine not to, and Olivia says she shouldn’t, either. Bridget tells Catherine to take her hostage, because that’s the only way she can be sure that Andrew and Juliet are safe. Catherine asks Juliet to cut Bridget loose, and Catherine tells Olivia they’re on their way. It turns out Machado was with Olivia all the time.

Olivia asks Machado why he didn’t send agents to the apartment, and Machado explains that hostage situations tend to end in at least someone getting shot. Catherine arrives with Bridget, and Olivia steps outside to greet them. As they get inside, Machado tells Catherine to drop her gun, and in the confusion, Bridget manages to wrestle Catherine to the ground and grab her gun. Catherine tries to run away, and Bridget runs after her. Machado manages to arrest Catherine.

While being arrested, Catherine blames Bridget for trying to steal her life and says “Whose life is so pathetic that they’d have to live someone else’s to be happy?”
The only other storyline this week:

Siobhan is setting the maid up to get arrested, to save Henry. While she is visiting the maid, Siobhan learns she’s an escort. When a client arrives, the maid puts Siobhan in a closet, but the maid dies of an overdose. While stuck in the closet, Siobhan starts having contractions. When Henry finally arrives at the hospital, he asks for a paternity test without Siobhan knowing it.

This was a very solid hour of storytelling. It focused on just two storylines and ended with a bang, because that look on Bridget’s face is a strong hint at her wanting to come clean about who she really is.

This story continued the trend from last week’s episode in providing some long-needed answers to the story that is Ringer so far. The flashbacks gave some insight into the animosity between Catherine and Siobhan and how it developed. They have really been feeding on their mutual hatred.

And Catherine and Olivia have been hooking up for a while. And with the way Catherine was acting while talking to Olivia, it really appeared like she loved her. But Olivia was acting a little more detached; it begs the question if she was just using Catherine for information.

Andrea Roth was amazing as Catherine this week. In her desperation, she was capable of anything, and that made this episode so much more exciting. She wasn’t going to kill Juliet, but Andrew and Bridget both were a target. And it’s the end of the season, so it could’ve happened.

Some words about the story with Siobhan… Of course it was awfully convenient for the maid to die of an overdose. But at least Henry had the sense to ask for a paternity test.

The season finale, titled “I’m the Good Twin,” has already aired and features Bridget coming clean about who she really is. I’m attempting to get that post up quicker than this one.

– JJ

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