Recap/Review – Smash – “The Movie Star” – 4/16/12

It appears as if the show is finding its footing. Another episode that didn’t feature any frustrations, and its main story focused on the musical. Let’s take a look at the first episode that featured our star, Rebecca Duvall.


Rebecca walks in to the rehearsal space with Eileen and Derek, and they start with Rebeca singing “Let Me Be Your Star.” Rebecca fails to deliver, and afterward, Eileen asks Tom, Julia, and Derek to find a workable solution for Rebecca’s inability to sing. Derek suggests bringing back Ivy, and they decide to invite her back to the ensemble.

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The next day, Derek tells Karen that he won’t be needing her help as Marilyn, since Rebecca has arrived. Derek daydreams about Karen, dressed as Marilyn, singing “Our Day Will Come.”

Rebecca uses a sidebar to talk to Derek about the show. She says the scenes are too short and how the show doesn’t delve into Marilyn’s psyche. And as Tom walks by, she says the songs aren’t that much fun.

The next day, rehearsal starts on a new scene at the actors guild before singing “Dig Deep.” But before diving into the song, Rebecca voices some of her concerns about how the scene progresses. Derek pauses the rehearsal.

Julia gets tasked with working on Rebecca’s notes, to expand the scene. When Rebecca reads the pages, she asks Eileen to get the gang together to work on the rest of the show.

Eileen meets with Tom, Julia, and Derek. They agree to not further indulge Rebecca on her whims. Rebecca shows up late to this meeting, but there doesn’t seem to be any issue with the story or the songs. Rebecca suggests lowering the key of the songs, adding more support from the ensemble, and hiring a vocal coach.

After a few days of rehearsal, Eileen walks into the rehearsal space, and the ensemble and Rebecca show the new song “Dig Deep.” Everyone is happy, but afterward, Rebecca tells Eileen she has “lots more ideas.”

In other storylines:

Julia forces Tom and Sam to go on a date because she is sick of them flirting. They don’t go to the restaurant but have their date at home. Tom starts kissing Sam, but Sam stops him because he wants things to move slower. Sam leaves but does want to resume exploring a potential relationship between them.

Dev still hasn’t told Karen about being passed over for the promotion, but when she visits city hall, she finds out the truth. And when she finds Dev, RJ is sitting at his desk. Karen and Dev fight about what happened with his job and about their relationship. She invites Dev to a screening of Rebecca’s new movie, but Dev doesn’t show.

Ivy connects with Karen over their mutual hatred for Rebecca and their love for the show. The conversation switches to Karen’s relationship with “Mister Perfect,” and Ivy says someone might be cheering him up. This strikes a nerve, and Karen goes home. She doesn’t find Dev at home, and we see him having drinks with RJ.

Leo has been failing in classes he used to be excelling at. Julia uses this as an attempt to have a conversation with Frank, but it turns into another conversation about their relationship. At the guidance counselor’s office, Frank tries to lie about the problems at home, but Julia comes clean. Back at home, Frank and Julia talk to Leo, and they want to help him through everything that’s happening.

When Eileen urges Ellis to stay connected to Rebecca’s assistant, he tries to. But this turns south when Ellis is talking to Rebecca’s assistant on the phone and he fails to properly pick up a waiting call and says Rebecca’s assistant is a loser. Later, Ellis tries to apologize, but the assistant doesn’t want to hear it.

Eileen decides to read the dossier Ellis compiled on Nick, and it turns out Nick is a crook. Eileen tries to end the thing they have together, but Nick doesn’t want to hear it. They have a drink, and she comes clean about the information she learned. Nick asks her what she wants. She says she’s been through a lot, but they end up kissing.

There is an incident at the rehearsal space with one of Rebecca’s ex-boyfriends.

This must have been the funniest episode to date. Especially the first fifteen minutes had a very high joke-density. When Julia was tasked with expanding the scene, Derek was hilarious, and Eileen’s face at the end of the episode when Rebecca suggested lots more changes was hilarious.

Rebecca is rubbing me in all the wrong ways. She’s not that good and is really playing a game with the whole musical. On one hand, she has a lot of ideas that could have an impact on the show, but when the creators, producer, and director sit down with her, she seems up for any notes they might have. But this attitude only lasts for a few days. There’s going to be a lot of drama.

It seems like Frank and Julia are over, with all the (righteous) anger that Frank is directing at her. But I didn’t understand why he was trying to lie to the guidance counselor, because that doesn’t help anyone.

And talking about relationships; Dev and Karen really appear to be heading down a bad path. I must say I have to agree with Karen in her fight with Dev, although I can understand why he wasn’t top happy with her. But blowing Karen off for drinks with RJ was definitely crossing a boundary.

I didn’t really love either “Our Day Will Come” or “Dig Deep.” As far as “Our Day” is concerned, I’m very curious to find out what these daydreams Derek is having are about. It appears like he is warming up to the idea of Karen playing Marilyn. And “Dig Deep” really didn’t make any lasting impression.

Next Monday, on “Publicity,” Karen gets seduced by the glamorous life of Rebecca, but she’s unsure if Rebecca can be trusted. Rebecca might manage to drive Derek insane. Eileen introduces Nick to ex-husband Jerry, and Leo goes missing.

You can catch this episode at and “Dig Deep” is available from

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