Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Pants On Fire” – 4/15/12

Mike Kresteva tries to tarnish Alicia’s good name in his bid for governor; Alicia confronts Jackie about her purchase of their old home.


We get to relive (YAY!) and continue Alicia’s interruption of Jackie’s hair appointment. Alicia doesn’t beat around the bush and questions Jackie as to why she’s buying the house. Jackie says it’s a gift for Peter and her grandkids. Sure. Alicia’s going to find some way to stop her. Watch out!

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Lindsay, Megan, and Pamela have spent the last five years in prison for the brutal murder of Rosa, a fellow camper. The Illinois crime lab screwed up the DNA results, forcing the judge to overturn several cases. Cary argues that the physical evidence in this case is enough to keep these girls in jail, but the judge disagrees. She overturns the case, but Cary is pursuing a retrial, therefore keeping the three in jail.

Cary meets with Peter to discuss their strategy going forward, and he encourages Cary to offer the Alford plea.

Alicia tells Peter about his scheming mother, and he assures her that he’ll speak to Jackie.

Upon arriving to her office, Alicia finds Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) offering her the opportunity to write a minority report on the blue ribbon panel. She declines.

Eli continues to work on Vanessa’s campaign. His advice: stop sleeping with other people. Profound. If she wants to win, she’s going to need to be more traditional.

Diane and Alicia take the Alford plea to their client, Lindsay. It’s a form of the guilty plea, but they’ll get out for time served. Lindsay is anxious to get out, but Diane presents the alternative: rejecting the plea, taking a chance at trial, and suing for around $10 million. Why? Just last year, Lockhart won a case with similar circumstances. Wow, how money-hungry are they? Lindsay has 72 hours to decide.

Alicia arrives back at the office just in time to watch Kresteva’s press conference. He’s in the running for governor AND he announces the results of the blue ribbon panel – a coverup in the State’s Attorney’s office and that Alicia only agreed to sign the report if Peter was excluded. What?!

Both Alicia and Eli are fuming over this “news.” He catches the conference and Kresteva’s interview while in bed with Vanessa. Now he’ll check “making Vanessa more traditional” off his to-do list!

Of the three girls, one wants to accept the plea, one goes for the suit, and still the other, Lindsay, is undecided.

After examining the crime scene photos, Kalinda finds an unexplained mark on Rosa’s ankle.

Alicia makes sure to tell Eli that Kresteva is a liar. As if he didn’t know! He advises her to just let it go; it’ll blow over. “People lie. And politicians are people.”

Kalinda figures out that Rosa’s mark came from a bicycle clip, but no bike was found near the scene. Lindsay says that only the camp counselors were allowed to have bikes, and one was reported stolen around the time of the murder.

Alicia ignores Eli’s advice and tries to get Kresteva to admit to lying. She even forbids him from lying! Well, she tries.

The stolen bike was found lying against a tree by some of the counselors’ homes. Kalinda is able to talk to one of the counselors, Justin Varney, about the camp murder. He shows her a photo of the group, in which he has his arm around Rosa.

Alicia seeks Eli’s advice once again after botching her meeting with Kresteva. Alicia is open to doing anything at this point. To help Peter? Or just destroy Kresteva?

Peter calls Jackie into his office and demands that she not buy the house.

Two years after Rosa’s murder, Varney was accused of sexual harassment, making him their prime suspect. Presumably, Rosa “borrowed” the bike to get to Varney’s, and he killed her to avoid any accusations.

Frank interrupts Eli and Vanessa’s newfound tranquility and gives Eli an ultimatum – drop Vanessa’s campaign or the democratic committee won’t support Peter.

Kalinda finds photos of Varney at a bar at the same time of Rosa’s murder. Now that he’s no longer a viable suspect, they need someone else to pin the murder on. Upon further inspection of the photo, Kalinda notices something that only Kalinda would notice: Varney is wearing the same bracelet as Megan in the group photo. It’s possible that she acted alone. (Especially since she’s not their client. How convenient.)

Jackie has suffered a stroke, but Alicia’s not overcome with much sympathy.

Peter tries to establish a rule for their competing campaigns – no families – but Kresteva’s only interest is in burying Alicia. Bring it, Mike!

Eli informs Vanessa of his change of plans. She’s not too happy with him.

Diane and Alicia blackmail Megan’s lawyer into accepting the plea.

Peter and Alicia show a united front at his press conference announcing his entrance into the race for governor.

In other unrelated storylines… Will attends a suspended lawyers support group with Megan’s lawyer, Callie.

I’m going to enjoy hating Kresteva. He’s awesomely evil! One thing I didn’t understand… Alicia is a lawyer AND married to a politician. Why the complete shock over Kresteva’s lie? It seems a little out of character. But that’s mostly forgiven because of that scene in Kresteva’s office. “Stop lying!” She sounded like an angry toddler. Hilarious.

Angry, cornered Peter is my favorite kind of Peter. Telling Jackie off (before her well-timed stroke) and the elevator scene with Kresteva. It’s just Chris Noth at his best.

The season is almost over. 🙁

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