Recap/Review – Castle – “Headhunters” – 4/16/12

Castle teams up with Detective Slaughter, aka The Widowmaker, on an unusual homicide case: the victim was found with three severed heads.


A homeless man discovers not only a dead body, but a duffle bag next to the body with three severed heads.

Castle is trying to cope with unrequited love as most adults do – by playing with a Barbie doll. He’s in desperate need of inspiration, when suddenly, he hears of the severed heads. Oh happy day! But it’s not Beckett’s case; it’s Detective Ethan Slaughter’s case. Aha! The inspiration for a new character!

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Castle heads to the precinct to make nice with Slaughter. After Castle attempts to charm and bribe his way onto the case, he finally uses the M-word and gets his way.

The first stop on this new ride-along – Glitch’s (the victim) father, Brian, of the Westies. Slaughter needs to work on how he notifies families. They then tail Brian to a bar, and since they’re without backup, Slaughter sends a gun-wielding Castle through the front. Castle apprehends/tires out one of the suspects. Very gracefully, too. Castle displays his conquest, quite proudly, in front of the detectives, leaving Ryan a little jealous and Beckett, annoyed.

Slaughter interrogates/terrorizes the suspect and finds that he didn’t kill Glitch but has a feeling that a rival gang is responsible for his death.

And in fact, the severed heads are former members of the rival Jamaican gang.

Slaughter brings Castle along to meet his informant, and while Castle waits outside, he hears two shots and sees Slaughter sprint outside. Now regretting his “fun” ride-along, Castle seeks Esposito out for help, but Slaughter isn’t letting writer-boy out of his sight.

Fortunately for Castle, Slaughter isn’t that much of a psycho; the informant, Marc Gibson, is very much alive – and a cop, to boot. Gibson heard that Maxi (what an unfortunate nickname), of the rival gang, shot Glitch.

Slaughter shows off his savvy interrogation skills by threatening to crush Maxi in a garbage truck. Maxi pins Glitch’s murder on the new Mexican gang that had recently moved to the neighborhood. He was at the cemetery at the time and provides the two with a partial license plate.

The plate is matched to a Cesar Valez, who just happens to be a suspect in about a dozen homicides. Slaughter and Castle pay a visit to Valez, alone. And just when you’re ready to plan their funeral, Esposito, Ryan and a host of other cops show up to save the day!

The foolish confrontation was a ploy to find the weakest member of the group and interrogate him, Slaughter-style. After the joyride in the trunk, Gilbert Mendozo agrees to make a statement. But an official statement needs to be made at the precinct, not inside a trunk, so Mendozo confesses to the events that happened that night, with lots of coaching from Slaughter. A coached statement is the last straw for Castle, and he seeks help from Beckett, but she’s not too eager to intervene on another cop’s case. Lies! She has a traffic camera photo of Valez’s car, giving him an alibi for the murder. Beckett and Castle revisit the crime scene looking for clues, where they’re met by an unhappy Slaughter. He’s going to report Beckett for actually trying to solve his case. How terrible of her!

Once Slaughter leaves, Beckett and Castle figure out why Glitch stayed on the underpass – he must’ve called for help. Once they track the phone calls from that night, they’re lead to Brian. He killed his son because he was tired of the kid screwing up. Father of the Year.
In other storylines:

Alexis gets accepted to every college on the planet, including Stanford. Yay!

Beckett talks to her therapist about her frustrating relationship with Castle.

Now, I haven’t watched any Firefly episodes. For shame, I know. So, I didn’t catch any of the cool references made to the short-lived show. Still, I loved this episode. Slaughter was cocky, annoying, and slightly psychotic, but watching Castle fumble without his “crew” was priceless.

The next new episode, “Undead Again,” which features zombies, airs Monday, April 30, on ABC at 10/9c.

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