Recap/Review – Private Practice – “It Was Inevitable” – 4/17/12

Cooper and Charlotte help Mason come to terms with Erica’s worsening condition; Sheldon treats Jake’s former patient, a mother imprisoned for murdering her two young children.


Violet seeks Addison’s advice about her love life. She broke up with Scott, loves Pete, doesn’t want to tell Pete. Same old Violet.

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Sam is overwhelmed with caring for Corinne but just won’t admit it. Even overwhelmed, he does have time for gossip! He tells Pete that he’s heard that Scott and Violet are no longer lovers. Oh, the smile on Pete’s face!

Sheldon meets with his new and very pregnant patient in jail. She murdered her two children.

Amelia is making it a point to avoid getting an ultrasound, but she can’t put it off much longer.

Mason wants to go to school, but Cooper wants to spend a fun day together. Role reversal?

Elise’s husband, Curt, confronts Jake about her care; he doesnt want anyone to help defend her case.

Jake asks Sheldon to stop treating Elise, but Sheldon won’t oblige. He thinks she suffered a possible psychotic episode after a bout with postpartum depression, and he’ll defend her in court if need be.

Curt and Elise came to Jake 3 years ago. Jake thought something was off about Elise but continued to give her fertility treatments. He blames himself for her actions; Addison assures him there was no way to predict this.

Mason doesn’t believe that his mom is dying; he’s making plans for when she’ll be brought home.

Elise relays the events of that that terrible night. After a week of restless kids, Elise was exhausted and and put the kids in the car, turned it on, and left them. When Sheldon expresses his desire to help her, she screams of her unworthiness and seizes.

Violet encourages Cooper to take Mason to the hospital so that he can accept his mom’s fate.

Addison will deliver Elise’s baby tomorrow. Once she recovers, she’ll go back to prison.

Pete and Violet plan for a lunch date. Pete leans in for a goodbye kiss, but Violet leaves him cold. Doesn’t feel so nice, does it, Pete?

Addison prepared the nursery for Amelia’s little one. Aww! But it’s a little overwhelming to a frightened Amelia.

Grasping at anything to save his mom, Mason asks his dad about prayer.

Addison invites Amelia to watch her deliver a beautiful baby boy. She’s ready for that ultrasound now! She’s so happy about it. She tells Sam about the beauty of birth AND about Addison’s new choice – to not have a baby.

Elise goes into labor, and Curt threatens to sue if her conviction is overturned. After he sees his new baby girl, he’s calmer and even brings her to see her mother.

Mason is able to see his mom one last time before she passes.

Amelia invites Sheldon out to celebrate, but he declines; he has to see his ex-wife. What?!

Addison comforts Jake a little too much, resulting in a kiss!!! But that’s all. It’s too soon for her.

Pete shows up on Violet’s doorstep, trying to get in that earlier kiss, but Violet stops him; they have to work on their marriage first.

Now that he knows about a baby-free Addison, Sam wants to pick up where they left off. A phone call interrupts his play for her affection, sending Addison to the hospital. Once there, she’s met by Ms. Clemons, the social worker. A woman chose Addison today. It’s Judi! Addison just delivered her baby earlier that day!

Again, tears. I’m starting to think there are no uplifting episodes of PP! Though, watching Amelia and Addison light up over their babies…that was adorable.

An ex-wife for Sheldon?! I’m curious, seeing as how he’s been “in love” with Violet, Charlotte, and Amelia. Maybe she’s like a mixture of the three of them. But PLEASE don’t have her come and die! Speaking of death – oy, Erica. It’s probably become clear that I cry over everything, but really how could you not? “Our son needs you.”

I had so many mixed feelings about the case of the week, Elise and Curt. The ending was a little too neat for me. If it had been a continuing story, it might’ve overshadowed Erica’s storyline, but it also might have made it a little more realistic.

All in all, I can’t wait for next week’s episode! And remember, it’s now on Tuesdays on ABC at 10/9c.

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