If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/23/12

It’s the start of another work and school week, which means whole lot of hectic days, but at the end of today you can kick back and chill watching some fabulous TV. That’s the thing about TV it’s the best way to unwind after a crazy Monday, so let’s see what’s on the menu to help you dissolve that stress tonight.

Megan’s Choice

Hart of Dixie has been delivering to the extreme with its storylines lately. I admire the writers for not allowing the Lemon/Lavone affair plot go on the whole season; I did feel terrible for George, though. When George told Zoe they weren’t friends anymore, a little piece of my heart broke. It’s true I want Zoe with Wade, but to have her heart wounded by George was sad – brought out the teenage girl in me. Hopefully, we will see a real relationship between Zoe and Wade before the season is up, but I won’t be holding my breath.

On tonight’s episode, “Destiny and Denial,” after a wild night of partying, Wade wakes up with a massive hangover, an uninvited houseguest, and no memory of what happened the night before. Meanwhile, George takes an unplanned road trip to New Orleans, and Lemon finally confesses her troubles to her father, Brick. In the episode, Scotty McCreery (last season’s American Idol winner) performs “The Trouble With Girls” during a pivotal scene between Zoe and George, and Scott Porter performs “Jambalaya.”

To see if sparks fly on the dance floor, tune in to The CW at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Hart of Dixie @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching The Voice, Smash, Bones, Eureka, and Make it or Break it.
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Jenny’s Choice

I’m still a very happy camper this season because Bones has managed to combine some huge new personal elements (a real relationship, moving in to a new house together, saying “I love you,” and having a baby!) with the great cases we have always loved. Last week was awesome because there were blue birds falling dead out of the sky. Then the body? Ick to the extreme. lol And I just have to say, the guy scalping the victim and KEEPING THE HAIR WITH SKIN STILL OBVIOUSLY ATTACHED was one of the grossest things I’ve seen to date on that show. Blech. haha So you combine that great case with the Booth/Bones stuff, especially the end, and the show is simply perfection. I’m SO freakin excited, because FINALLY, we get family! Parker is back and seeing his new half-sister for the first time in tonight’s episode. Yay!

On tonight’s episode, “The Warrior in the Wuss,” the corpse of a truck company employee is found in the middle of the woods. After the victim’s son is questioned, Booth and Brennan visit his karate class in search of a motive. Back at the lab, Hodgins is going overboard purchasing lab equipment. Then, Booth’s son Parker returns from England, and Brennan is apprehensive about how he’ll react to his new baby sister.

Don’t miss it tonight on FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/DVRing Eureka, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, & Pawn Star$.

Kyle’s Choice

Things were really shaken up on last week’s Eureka! It had been four years since the Astraeus ship went missing, and the search had been called off a long time ago. GD was now being run by SARAH and policed by an army of Andys. Meanwhile, Jo and Carter had moved on and started a relationship together. So when the Astraeus was found, neither was anxious to reveal this to Allison or Zane. At the end of the episode, we discovered that this new Eureka was all an elaborate Matrix-style world created by Beverly Barlowe, who kidnapped the Astraeus passengers to use them for her own financial gain.

I’m sure the shippers were yelling at their screens at the sight of Jo and Carter together but rejoiced at the end of the episode when they discovered it wasn’t real. In this season opener, we still didn’t get a glimpse of the real Eureka and what’s going on there. How long has the Astraeus really been missing? Due to Allison’s unexpected appearance on the ship, Beverly’s computer program was having some glitches trying to maintain the fake world. Will this allow one of the Astraeus crew to figure out what’s really going on? The real Eureka may be missing many of its top minds, but will someone there be able to figure out what happened to the ship?! This is a really exciting start to the season, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

In tonight’s episode, “The Real Thing,” Carter and Andy are jailed for trying to steal a piece of equipment to complete a device that Kevin has assembled to search for the Astraeus crew. Meanwhile, Holly comes up with a dangerous theory.

Check it out tonight on Syfy at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Eureka @ Clicker.

Tonight, on this unusually light Monday, I’ll also be watching Smash, Bones, House, and Hart of Dixie.

Lisa’s Choice

Smash is taking over Monday nights in a BIG way. The constant struggle of who will be Marilyn has fans transfixed to their television sets weekly. Now, with Uma Thurman’s character in the mix, the struggle continues and fires are fueled even more. Last week, Rebecca’s (Uma Thurman) arrival turned “Bombshell” upside down. Both Ivy and Karen worked together to try to overcome their catty history and focused their efforts to unite against a common enemy. Also, Sam and Tom’s romance started to spark.

Tonight, on “Publicity,” Karen is seduced by Rebecca’s glamorous lifestyle. Meanwhile, Eileen’s ex-husband meets her handsome new boyfriend, and Julia panics when her son suddenly disappears.

Tune in to NBC at 10/9c and devour every delicious moment of all the drama! Learn where to find episodes online of Smash @ Clicker.

Tonight, I am also watching the live performances on The Voice!

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