Recap/Review – Ringer – “I’m The Good Twin” – 4/17/12

Hi, guys. Welcome to my official last recap/review of Ringer. The fate of the show is still up in the air, but I’d much prefer to watch this show than review it. Jenny was aware of this fact, but I thought I’d share it with you guys, as well. As an extra, I’ll give you some stray thoughts on this season as a whole.


The episode starts with a dream by Bridget about the vow renewal with Andrew, and Macawi is present. After she wakes up and goes to an NA meeting, she tells the group she’s going to tell her family the truth. While driving Bridget back home, Solomon advises her not to go through with it.

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When Bridget arrives at Martin/Charles, she walks in on a meeting between Andrew and Tim. Andrew thanks Tim for saving the company, and Andrew tells Tim about the vow renewal.

Henry tells Siobhan that they can take their two girls home, and they’re thinking of baby names. And he tells her he wants to move to Chicago, especially since he got his boys back. He wants to move on, so she has to move on from her revenge plot.

When Bridget gets home, she finds Jimmy Kemper at home. He wants to stop being Macawi’s bitch, so he wants her to pay him. Like last time. In a flashback, we see John Delario meeting Jimmy and probing him for information. They persuade Jimmy to scare Bridget into running to Siobhan, paying him triple what Macawi does. Bridget doesn’t want to pay Jimmy, but he forces her hand by threatening to tell Macawi “Siobhan” is actually Bridget.

Machado is invited back to the FBI, but he’s off the Macawi case. Or he’ll be fired. Another officer updates Machado about a body that was found – it could be Malcolm – and that Jimmy Kemper escaped from prison.

Siobhan tells Henry that she’ll leave New York with him. Henry mentions a listing he couldn’t afford, and Siobhan proposes to pay for it together. So they can be a family.

At dinner, Bridget is preparing to tell Andrew and Juliet her secret, but Juliet is preoccupied with her phone, and Andrew takes this chance to read his vows. Bridget loves his vows but is unable to give him her vows.

Jimmy is packing his bags and preparing to leave when he finds Macawi outside his door. He tries to convince Macawi he wasn’t running, but Macawi stabs him. Jimmy does manage to mention Siobhan Martin’s name.

Bridget and Solomon are talking about Jimmy, and about Siobhan and John talking to him. Solomon is retracing some of Siobhan’s and John’s steps and gives Bridget his gun for protection.

Siobhan opens the paternity test and asks Henry what happened. Henry voices his doubt about Tyler, but Siobhan tells him he’s the father. When she unfolds the letter, we see Siobhan lied.

As Andrew is leaving the office, Tim tells him about Siobhan and Henry’s affair. Andrew races home and confronts Bridget in front of all the guests of their party. He tells her the vow renewal is off.

Siobhan learns her bank account has been drained and asks Henry if he made a down payment on the house. He tells Siobhan he already knew the results of the test before she opened the letter, so he took her money as revenge. Henry tells Siobhan he doesn’t love her anymore and wants her out of his life. Siobhan doesn’t know what to do, because she doesn’t have any money.

After the guests have cleared out, Bridget sees the news and how Jimmy Kemper was found dead. She calls Machado and tells him about Jimmy’s visit and how Macawi must be in New York. Machado explains how he can’t take the case because he could get fired, and he wants to transfer the call to someone else as Andrew walks in.

Bridget tells Andrew that she loves him and how her life changed since they met seven months ago. Andrew corrects months for years, but she tells him she’s Bridget. She explains how she didn’t have the affair with Henry and that she pretended to be Siobhan to protect herself. Andrew tells her he loves her, but everything they have is based on lies. Bridget explains what she saw Macawi do and that she really does love him and Juliet. But Andrew asks her to leave.

Bridget visits Juliet to tell her the truth about who she really is. But like Andrew, she can’t forgive her. She compares Bridget to Catherine, but at least Catherine really is sick and Bridget has no excuse.

Andrew visits Henry, hits him in the face, and tells Henry he’s wanted to do that since he met him.

In an attempt to get away from everything, Andrew and Juliet decide to got to the beach. As they leave, Siobhan goes to the apartment to steal some of her own jewelry back. She hears a sound, and Macawi attacks her. Siobhan manages to free herself from Macawi and runs to the balcony.

Bridget is just getting home and sees the doorman’s dead body. She tells Solomon to call 9-1-1 and races upstairs. As she gets to the apartment, she thinks she sees Juliet running away and uses Solomon’s gun to shoot Macawi, with a little distraction from Machado. Bridget learns Juliet was already gone, so she doesn’t know who Macawi was chasing.

Siobhan is at the hospital, vowing to get her own life back.

Back at home, Solomon shows Bridget a video that shows Siobhan and John walking out of the marina after the accident.

Bridget visits Henry, and she asks where Siobhan is. Henry explains he kicked Siobhan out, and Bridget understands that Macawi was chasing Siobhan. She asks Henry why Siobhan lied about dying. He tells Bridget that Siobhan knew somebody was out to kill her, and she wanted Bridget to take her place as revenge for Sean.

Finally, Bridget learns that Siobhan has been alive all this time. But how did that revelation come in silent shock and not with a lot of swearing and cursing? She’s been convinced Siobhan was dead for the last seven months, and now she learns it was all a lie. But at least Bridget showed some initiative and talked to Henry to find out about Siobhan’s motives.

And Bridget gathered the courage to tell Andrew and Juliet the truth, but it didn’t have the result she’d hoped for. It looked like Andrew would be able to get past it, but he told her to get out anyway. And Juliet was quite harsh, too, by saying she was even worse than Catherine. But on the other hand, it’s quite shocking to learn the woman who lived in your house for seven months was actually her twin sister.

But unfortunately, the episode wasn’t perfect. First, we got the idiot-proof flashback of Tim threatening to expose Henry’s secret. That happened last week, and the episode continued plots that’ve been featured all season long. And all of a sudden, Henry mentions he got his children back. It felt like they needed to resolve that plot to add some urgency behind asking Siobhan to move to Chicago with him and taking revenge on her later.

Finally, the story of Macawi has been concluded, and Bridget actually managed to kill him. And I think we got a glimpse of where season 2 might be headed when Siobhan said she wanted her old life back. With Andrew and Juliet in the loop on everything she did, I’m curious to see how she’ll try to mastermind that idea. Malcolm appears to have been found dead, but on this show, I tend to disbelieve anything they don’t explicitly show.
My thoughts on this season and the show:

As I mentioned, this’ll be my last recap/review for Ringer. The show is a witch to recap, with all the plots and twins playing each other and walking around in the same town and sleeping with the same men. The show is a guilty pleasure, even though it has its obvious faults, and I will continue to watch it should it be renewed.

My best guess on the show returning is about 50/50. It isn’t pulling good rating, not even for The CW standards. So it will depend on the pitch for the second season and other pilots The CW might have in the pipeline, especially with the reduced hours of programming The CW schedules on a weekly basis.

Honestly, I got interested in the show because of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and she hasn’t disappointed playing these two roles. After getting to know Bridget and Siobhan, it was always obvious which sister she was playing. And the premise, and getting a double dose of SMG in her first big part after Buffy, was interesting. And the rest of the cast was great, as well. No one has disappointed – especially Andrea Roth as Catherine was amazing.

But the show did feel crowded at times. When Malcolm was still around, John Delario was playing his games with Bridget, Siobhan was in New York and messing with Tyler, Henry on the fringe of almost every relation, and the whole plot with Mr. Carpenter and Tessa. This resulted in some episodes without Machado, but Nestor Carbonell always was a welcome addition to the show (and how would he stay relevant for season two?).

They were episodes where they tried to put to many stories in, and that sometimes resulted in weird twists and turns, or sometimes the twists were a little too predictable. And somewhere around the middle of the season, it started feeling a little repetitive. It took some episodes for the show to get back to its exciting storytelling, and maybe that was too little too late?

I hope anyone who read these recaps had a good time, and be sure to catch some of my other contributions to the site!

– JJ

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