Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “The Penalty Box” – 4/22/12

Diane and Will seek to hire a new litigator to the firm; Diane defends a judge facing criminal charges on an overturned case.


Howard joins a meeting of the name partners, not because he’s asked, of course, just very observant. They’re thinking of taking on a criminal judge as a client and hiring a new litigator – some guy named Cary Agos. Finally!

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But Will isn’t all too thrilled, seeing as how Cary was a part of the investigation against him. Will and Diane ask the normal interview questions, but Howard wants to know who Cary would bring to a deserted island.

Diane is ready to hire Cary, but Will is mich more hesitant. Howard couldn’t understand why Cary didn’t want any women on the island; maybe he’s gay! We can always count on Howard to make important observations!

Their meeting with the criminal judge has been oddly scheduled at the same time as Lemond Bishop’s. They’ll have lots to discuss in the waiting room!

Eli and Peter continue their usual bickering when Eli, oh so wisely, asks about Peter’s firing of Cary, because he saw him at L&G. Peter is, of course, taken aback by the question.

The judge was barred from the bench because of the turnout of an twenty-year-old case that he prosecuted. Patrick Rooney spent twenty years in prison for murdering his wife. As it turns out, he didn’t do it; DNA testing freed him. In their first meeting with Judge Cuesta, he is obviously annoyed at the charges; he feels he did nothing wrong. He is to face Court of Inquiry to determine his role, if any, in the false imprisonment of Rooney.

Will’s suspension doesn’t bother Bishop; he’s actually glad to have a lawyer with some dirt on him. There’s just one problem, and for that, he must meet with Kalinda, alone.

Bishop was approached by that annoying FBI agent, Lana Delaney, over some tax issues regarding Kalinda’s employment. He’s not too happy. That’s why she couldn’t say the name!

A very casual, small-town Judge Wicks is presiding over Cuesta’s Court of Inquiry. He introduces himself to the court and even gives them a short bio. Sweet.

Diane’s next interviewee is Callie Simko. She’s the lawyer from their last case, who’s doubling as Will’s new love interest. Grrr. She’s very open about her previous cocaine habit and eventual suspension from her previous firm. She then gushes over Diane. Blech! She even picks Howard-approved choices for her hypothetical deserted island! It seems as if she’s got it in the bag, but once she tells Will of her successful interview, he gets all weirded out and leaves her, half-dressed and all.

First on the stand is Lynn Cuesta, daughter of the defendant. Judge Wicks takes over for the prosecutor and asks his own questions. Lynn dated one of the jurors on her father’s case for a year; they talked about the case, but her father didn’t know about the relationship.

Kalinda pays a visit to Delaney. And um…tries to convince her to stop talking to Bishop, but it doesn’t work; Delaney refuses to stop pursuing him.

Peter confronts and then fires Cary.

Frank Peel, Rooney’s cellmate, is next on the stand. He claims that he was paid by Cuesta to say that Rooney confessed. But he’s also being “paid” by the prosecutor in this case, in exchange for his testimony.

Will tells Diane of his recent rendezvous with Callie, to which she responds, “Could you please keep your pants zipped?”

Eli is trying to woo Howard into joining the dark side and vote Will out. Don’t do it, Howard!

The jury foreman is next on the stand, and she’s bonded with Judge Wicks over their shared smoking problem. She was the holdout until she “accidentally” saw some excluded evidence photos in the smoking area. She points out Cuesta as the person she saw placing the evidence in the smoking area.

Diane and company are scrambling for a scapegoat. They decide on Lloyd Bullock, the ASA on the case who just happened to favor Cuesta twenty years ago. Cuesta, however, believes that Bullock is completely innocent and doesn’t want to pin anything on him. Without anything else substantial, it’s really their only choice.

When questioned, Bullock adamantly denies any jury tampering. Judge Wicks asks Cuesta directly if Bullock could have moved the evidence. Cuesta won’t lie about it and says that Bullock never left his side. There goes their defense!

Alicia explains Kalinda’s tax errors with the FBI as an accounting error. She was doing work for L&G. These are smart people, yes? Why didn’t he pay her through L&G to begin with? Silly criminals!

Howard has even bigger plans for the firm. He tells an already annoyed Eli that they should vote Diane out, too. Is he serious or just mocking him? Either way, it’s hilarious.

Kalinda meets the fifty-year-old version of herself in Laura Stils, Cuesta’s investigator. Stils offers Kalinda two things: evidence that bothered her from the beginning and advice on ending her current career, ASAP. There were four new charges on Terri’s credit card, some made after Rooney was in custody. Cuesta claims he was overwhelmed with evidence and doesn’t recall seeing these charges.

Callie accepted a job at another firm. Will is all too happy.

Apparently, they only interviewed two lawyers, and with Callie out of the running, Cary is given a nice offer. His first task: to confer with Howard. Fun!

Bullock is on the stand once again, and this time, he’s asked about his drug addiction and the credit card receipts in evidence. He admits to the addiction but denies any prior knowledge of the evidence. Again, Wicks questions Cuesta; he didn’t know of Bullock’s dependency problem, and Bullock was in charge of the financial documents in evidence.

While sharing a drink with Cary, Alicia spots Kalinda at the bar and turns an open seat in her direction. Say it with me: Awwww!

Was that the sweetest ending or what? While I’m completely thrilled that Cary is back, since when did Eli even know that Cary existed? Maybe I missed it, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t crossed paths. I’ll just say that Eli is all-knowing and leave it at that.

The Bishop/Kalinda/Delaney story finally makes sense! Kalinda needs a Kalinda to get her out of this mess!

– Lindsay

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