Recap/Review – Community – “Virtual Systems Analysis” – 4/19/12

Last week, we got the promised Community episode that prominently featured the dreamatorium. The episode didn’t disappoint, so let’s take a look at it.


The group is learning their latest biology class when the dean walks in to tell them the class is cancelled. Jeff, Shirley, and Pierce decide to get lunch on the other side of town. Annie manages to get Troy and Britta to lunch together and takes Abed home to find out how the dreamatorium works.

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Abed tries to get Annie to “play” Dr. Spacetime, but Annie doesn’t get the character right, so Abed stops the simulation. Abed blames Annie for her attempt to match Troy and Britta, because it will change the dynamic of their group. Abed shows her the “technology” behind the dreamatorium, and she walks out because she doesn’t agree with Abed’s simulation. Troy calls Annie to ask if Abed is all right, and Annie goes back in to resume the simulation. But before they do, she changes the technology to force Abed to think about what he does and how that changes the people around him. Abed screams and falls down.

After Abed gets back up, he starts a new simulation, where he pretends to be Jeff in the Greendale hospital school. Annie wants to find Abed to talk to him and has to wrestle through Abed’s simulation of our study group. She finally finds Abed in a locker, and she learns that Abed is worried he won’t get anywhere in life. Especially if people around him form relations and he’ll end up alone. But Annie explains that everyone has their insecurities, and they both need to find a way to cope with their controlling personalities and accept life continuing around them.

Through the episode, we see the dean dressed as both a man (his left side) and a woman (his right side). He was worried this getup might be a little too much because he had to get to the bank, but everybody loved it.

This episode, we got a look into Abed’s brain and his fears through the dreamatorium. And it was a very entertaining and fun episode. Abed has always been said to be studying the human character, and that resulted in him portraying all the characters of our study group in a very accurate way.

He was shipping Jeff and Annie together, tried to show why Troy and Britta wouldn’t work (including some very awkward but hilarious kissing), and didn’t like it when Annie was able to portray him. And it was a very fun touch for Abed to say he could portray “a half accurate Chang.”

We also saw some nice continuity in Abed’s knowledge about Troy. When Annie injected Troy with truth serum, we got another full list of facts about Troy, not unlike this list Abed leaked during the pillow- and blanket-war with things that will distract Troy.

I personally loved that this episode put Annie and Abed together. Annie said she was controlling, just like Abed is, and when Annie got a hang of Abed’s simulation, she was even able to turn it around against him. But not before running into a wall because she forgot to let the hallway move. And they really had a nice moment when Annie explained that Abed really isn’t alone in his fears of ending up alone.

And the clothes the dean was wearing, oh my. My jaw dropped to the floor when he walked into the library, and I didn’t know if I should laugh or gasp. But Jim Rash is able to sell it, especially when he voiced his doubt if he’d gone too far.

The next episode, which already aired, was the Law & Order-themed episode, and I’ll do my best to get it to you this weekend. What did you all think of this episode?

– JJ

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