Recap/Review – Smash – “Publicity” – 4/23/12

After a couple of acceptable episodes, I’m afraid this episode disappointed me again. So let’s dive right in.

When Derek compliments Karen on her portrayal of Marilyn before rehearsal, Ellis and Ivy witness it. Rebecca is late to the rehearsal of Mr. and Mrs. Smith but asks to rehearse another scene because she wants to talk to Tom and Julia to make some changes to the scene.

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Tom and Julia confront Derek in Eileen’s office on his inability in controlling Rebecca. They blame Derek for not being in control of the rehearsal room.

After rehearsal, Rebecca invites Karen to go out that night. They go to a club where Rebecca urges Karen to sing a song. She decides to sing “Run” by Snow Patrol. Afterwards, Rebecca tells Karen she’s a star.

The next day, rehearsal on the new song “Second Hand White Baby Grand” starts. It’s about how Marilyn felt unwanted as a child. Out of worry that Rebecca can’t sing the song, they give the song to Marilyn’s shadow-selves, and Rebecca asks if Karen can sing the song.

Back at home, Karen receives some clothes Rebecca got after shooting some commercials when Rebecca sees the picture of Dev. She mentions boyfriends can be a problem on the way up. When Karen gets back after a night of clubbing with Rebecca, she finds Dev sitting on the bed with a lot of pictures of her and Rebecca.

Derek learns that Rebecca stole his stage manager to make smoothies and asks Eileen to talk to Rebecca. Eileen gets Ellis to take over smoothie-duty. When Ellis walks in with all the equipment, he finds Ivy sitting outside the room where Karen is practicing the new song. They both agree Ivy should be singing that song.

Karen, Dev, and Rebecca all go out for dinner at an Indian restaurant. Rebecca asks if the food is without peanuts, due to her allergies, and Dev explains there aren’t any peanuts in the Indian kitchen. This gets Dev and Rebecca fighting over Karen like she isn’t there, and Karen tunes out when she sees a Bollywood-number on the television and pictures her and Dev singing “1000 and One Nights.”

The next day, Karen and Rebecca go out during a five-minute break to get the right potato chips. Ellis borrows a phone from someone and texts Karen that she isn’t needed for rehearsal the rest of the day. When Derek learns that Rebecca stepped out, he goes downstairs and tells her off for leaving during a five-minute break and how she is acting like a child with power issues. Back upstairs, Derek hands Ivy the song because Karen isn’t around. After the song, Rebecca suggests that she could sing the song.
In other storylines:

Leo is playing both his parents and staying with his friend Mason. When Frank and Julia go looking for Leo, Mason lies about him not being there. But after Julia confronts Mason at school, Leo decides to go home. He apologizes for what he did and explains how he did it because he’s worried his family was falling apart. During the search, Julia misses all the rehearsal.

Eileen and Nick run into Jerry with his young, blonde “girlfriend.” Afterwards, Eileen explains that Nick is completely different from Jerry and that worries her sometimes.

I got annoyed at several of the characters this week. First of all, Karen was being way too naive this week. She gets told she doesn’t have to come to rehearsal when she’s downstairs—and from someone not related to the production. Why wouldn’t she just go upstairs and check? Especially since everybody keeps telling her it’s such a tough business.

Dev and Karen still aren’t communicating all that well, and it keeps felling like Karen is trying harder than Dev, especially with the things we see Dev and RJ talking about. And why did Dev have such a problem with Karen going out with Rebecca? It felt very immature.

And the Bollywood-number was all kinds of wrong. I understood how Karen wanted to go to a happy place when a friend and your boyfriend are fighting over you like you aren’t there. But apart from that, the clip of the song was just all kinds of wrong. And I thought Raza Jaffrey got lost in the dancing, while Katherine McPhee did a terrific job.

Some stray observations… Michael’s replacement didn’t sound that good. Was Leo having a moment with someone other than Sam while on the phone? Derek didn’t choose the best poster. And it really felt like Rebecca was overacting a lot of “Bombshell” scenes.

I did love the humor throughout the episode. With Tom snapping a pencil after Rebecca had another suggestion, the ensemble running after Derek when he’s confronting Rebecca, and the blonde bimbo that thought Nick was actually cute. More of that, please, because it really helps an episode.

Finally, Leo got back to Frank and Julia, and it appeared their family might even be on the road to getting a little better. It felt very forced for Julia to threaten Mason outside of the school, but I can understand a desperate mother is willing to do anything. And Mason and Leo really are a great combination. They both radiate an awesome amount of dullness.

This week on “Tech,” “Bombshell” moves to Boston, Ivy faces trouble with Derek as he moves closer to Rebecca, Karen much choose between Dev and “Bombshell,” and Eileen clashes with Julia over the return of Michael Swift. It’s on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

– JJ

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One Response to Recap/Review – Smash – “Publicity” – 4/23/12

  1. Megan says:

    What pissed me off the most about the Karen going home thing because of the text, was that Derek didn’t question it at all. He was just like here you go Ivy you damn viper, wonder how she knew all the lyrics– convienient. I hope she gets her just desserts this week!