Recap/Review – Community – “Basic Lupine Urology” – 4/26/12

I have to admit, I’ve never watched a full episode of Law & Order, but I’ll do my best with this review.


When the study group’s Biology experiment, growing a yam, gets sabotaged, they try their best to find out what happened. Abed and Troy ask around on campus to find out who was the last one to be in the room with the yam still alive.

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Star-Burns and Todd are the main suspects, and when Jeff and Annie are ready to accuse Todd, Todd’s uncle, a lawyer, walks in to defend him.The dean and Professor Kane decide to have a trial in the Biology class, with Professor Kane as the judge and the class as a jury.

Annie manages to crack Todd, and he confesses. But Todd mentions that the glass that held the yam burnt him, so during a sidebar, Jeff asks Professor Kane for a mistrial. Back in the classroom, Jeff has closing arguments and proves that Neil attempted to throw off the grading curve by pouring boiling water over the yams. Neil admits it was an attempt to prevent Vicky from having to go to summer school so they can finally have sex.

During a victory toast in the dean’s office, Kane answers the phone, and we learn Star-Burns has been rear-ended, which blew up the meth lab in his car and killed him.

For an episode that hardly made me laugh out loud, I really liked it. As I mentioned, I haven’t really watched an episode of Law & Order, but I got the feel of the episode and how they made fun of some of the more general cop-show stereotypes.

Shirley mentioned she watches a lot of cop shows when she’s bored, and I loved how she gave Troy and Abed their assignment to find out who was the last to see the yam alive. And Troy and Abed switching their good-cop, bad-cop routine was good for some laughs.

Finally, we saw a lot of extras in this episode. It was nice to see all the faces back, and with the rumor/spoiler running around that a human being would be dying this season (and later this episode), that did add to the situation. It turned out to be Star-Burns, and while I won’t necessarily miss him, I loved how he died. He mentioned a Breaking Bad deal with Kane at the start of the season, and with the supplies he was stealing for his meth lab, it payed off nicely.

Not a lot of Britta, Pierce, and Chang this episode, but Britta and Chang both had a very funny line.

Next Thursday, on “Course Listing Unavailable,” the study group tries to come to terms with Star-Burns’ death. Jeff adjust easily, while Britta acts as grief counselor. When the memorial service disintegrates into a riot, Chang seizes the opportunity to take more control over campus security. It’s on at 8/7c on NBC.

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– JJ

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