Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “The Dream Team” – 4/29/12

Diane and Will try to fight both Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning in their current suit. Kalinda’s past demons come back to haunt her when Alicia mistakenly tries to collect old funds.


We pick up exactly where last week’s episode ended, in the bar. (Alicia’s a little hammered.) The IRS offered a compromise on Kalinda’s case; she only has to pay a penalty. In response, Kalinda tells Alicia that she’s flexible, not gay. Responding to a two-year-old question must’ve seemed appropriate at the time. Okay.

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It’s the following morning, and Judge Wynter is presiding over the Veriscene case. He decides in favor of the plaintiff for $25 million. The defendant, makers of the acne drug, is represented by Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox).

Now back at the office, Alicia gathers Kalinda’s case file and finds an uncashed check for $21,000 from F & E Construction. Looking to replace the funds for Kalinda, Alicia calls the number on the check. The man that answers is reluctant to give out any information but instead wants to know more about Alicia and the check number. Alicia, sensing the unsavory nature of this mysterious man, quickly ends the call, saying she’ll return the call later.

Canning is going to appeal but first has an offer for L&G for $0. Of course, Diane refuses this “offer.” Canning is waiting for his lawyer, who’s in the waiting room changing her daughter’s diaper. It’s Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton)! They’re now suing L&G for $50 million for harassment and accusing Will of judicial bribery. Is there any judge Will HASN’T played basketball with?!

Eli visits Jackie in the hospital and tells her that if she wants Peter to win, she must leave Alicia alone AND apologize.

Kalinda and Will are the first witnesses, and they do their best to evade all questions.

F&E Construction returns Alicia’s call. Apparently, she took too long to call back. The mysterious man wants finish their conversation.

Once Canning brings up the grand jury testimony, Diane moves to take them to a judge to dismiss this line of questioning.

In chambers, once Canning sees that the judge is wheelchair-bound, he goes into his spiel about living with a disability, but this judge, thankfully, wants to move on. The judge won’t stop the suit because there’s no evidence that any of the grand jury testimony was leaked.

Now, Diane and Will offer to drop their suit if Canning and Nyholm do the same. But that offer is off the table. They’ve been hired solely to destroy L&G; it’s payback for the last 4 lawsuits against the drug company.

Kalinda follows Nyholm to the park and finds her with Andrew Wiley. According to Cary, Wiley won’t play dirty, so they don’t have much to worry about.

He must’ve spoken too soon, because now they’re back in chambers. Cary accuses Wiley of leaking information on the grand jury proceedings. While Wiley was allowed to give information on his testimony, everything else had to be confidential. Luckily, the honest investigator folds, realizing his error. Looking for another way into the the grand jury proceedings, Canning calls Alicia as his next witness.

When Alicia asks Kalinda about the uncashed check, she brushes it off as a something personal until Alicia mentions the phone call; Kalinda suddenly worries but says she’ll take care of it. And by take care if it, she means buying a sledgehammer to remove several guns and cash from behind the wall in her apartment and pack them in a duffle bag.

Meanwhile, Alicia’s at home with the kids, when she receives a phone call from Mysterious F&E man, on her home phone. Creepy.

Nyholm questions Alicia on her personal relationship with Judge Wynter, of which Alicia says she has none. But her husband, Peter, met with him three times during their case. Alicia was without knowledge of their meetings, so they’ll subpoena Peter next.

Peter arrives at L&G, meeting none other than Will in the elevator. Yay! There’s lots of lovely awkward tension until finally, they’re relieved when the elevator opens, where Alicia is waiting, very puzzled. While she’s standing between the two of them, along comes Eli, bewildered at this scene. Along comes Cary, having to say a hello to both former and current bosses. The level of awkwardness is rising! There’s only one person missing – Kalinda – and she steps off the elevator, to which Eli says “We planned a surprise party for you!” It was all too perfect.

Kalinda asks Will for money. (The stacks of cash in the wall weren’t enough?!) Even though the firm’s in a difficult place at the moment, he can provide some funds for her journey to who-knows-where.

Nyholm and Canning inquire as to the nature of Peter’s meetings with Judge Wynter. He denies discussing the lawsuit with Wynter. Why? Because he and his wife are separated.

Alicia tells Kalinda about the earlier phone call to her house. After she’s pushed to reveal the identity of the caller, Kalinda tells Alicia that it’s her husband. WHAT?!

The point of the suit was actually to steal L&G’s top client, Patrick Edelstein.

Kalinda heads home and unpacks her duffle bag, moves a chair in front of the door, and keeps a gun by her side.

Peter, Alicia, and the kids are now at the old house, but Alicia isn’t staying. She’s not exactly rushing out the house, either. Peter and the kids urge her to stay.

There are three knocks on Kalinda’s door. *cue dramatic music*

Two things saved this episode from being a total bummer: one – the elevator scene with Peter, Will, and then eventually, practically everyone else. It was awesomely hilarious; two – the badass Kalinda montage. She needs no lines. And staying to protect Alicia! Aw.

It seems as if they’re setting up Season 4 with a familiar Season 1 vibe; Cary and Alicia will, at some point, be at odds, Eli is covering Peter’s campaign, and they’re even back in the old house. Hopefully, this will bring back that amazingness that Seasons 1 & 2 had. Season 3 wasn’t horrible, but it suffered with weird, uninteresting storylines (Eli, in his new capacity at L&G, Grace and her tutor and on-and-off spirituality quest, etc) And this last episode brought back two of the greatest “villians” in Fox and Plimpton, for, honestly, the most lackluster case EVER. The big twist was that they lost their largest client?! Sad, yes, but not enthralling. Maybe Kalinda’s (crazy?) husband will liven things up.

– Lindsay

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