Recap/Review – Castle – “Undead Again” – 4/30/12

The evidence in the latest murder investigation leads to one suspect: a zombie – leaving Castle giddy and Beckett scrambling for a real, live suspect.


Alexis has to have a talk with Castle about growing up. That means no more laser tag. Poor Castle.

After that depressing talk with Alexis, Martha hopes a call from Beckett and an exciting crime scene will cheer him up, but Castle dismisses the call. He seems to come to his senses and changes his mind but says that this will be his last case. Noooo!

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David Locke was found dead in a garage by his boss at 7am. There’s a large bite mark on his arm, and a piece of a lace cuff was found by his body.

Mike Matthews, David’s boss, has nothing but good things to say about him. There was only one conflict. (Isn’t there always?) Someone keyed David’s car, and he believed it was Charlie Coleman, his coworker who lost a promotion to David. Matthews also notices Coleman’s car in the garage, even though he never showed up for work this morning.

They find Coleman in his apartment, screaming and asking for Beckett to shoot him. Well, that’s new. He admits to arriving at the garage with David in the morning but says it was a zombie that attacked them. He called 9-1-1, but no one believed him.

While Castle is thrilled at the prospect of a zombie killer, Beckett isn’t so inclined to believe Coleman. However, the bite marks on Coleman and David match, and they weren’t made by Charlie’s teeth. Castle is enjoying this too much.

Beckett is still looking for a reasonable explanation for all of this, and Ryan doesn’t help. He found security footage by the garage, and on it…a man with lace cuffs AND the face of a zombie.

Ryan shows the photo to Charlie, and while he’s relieved that he’s no longer a suspect, he refuses to leave the cell until the zombie is caught.

Beckett isn’t convinced that its a real zombie, just someone who is/knows a really great makeup artist!

There’s a gap in the timeline: the doorman said David left his apartment at 2am, and he arrived at work at 4am. After sifting through his belongings, they find a text to a Greta Mastriani. She says she and David broke up last week because her fiancé, Tom Williams, found their emails. When asked about his whereabouts last night, Greta admits he wasn’t home after 2:30am.

Tom, of course, denies any involvement. He says he was at the library at the time of murder.

Once Tom’s alibi checks out, they’re left without any other suspects. Castle suggests checking on recently deceased friends and coworkers. Beckett is not amused.

The chemical found on the bottom of David’s shoes leads the team to an abandoned factory. When they go check it out, they encounter a hoard of zombies. Not to worry, they’re only zombie walking. It’s like a supernatural game of tag, except instead of being “it,” you become a zombie. The zombies are brought down to the station, and none of them match the zombie on the security tape. They do recognize the zombie as Kyle Jennings. Esposito and Ryan find a lifeless Kyle in his apartment.

After bringing Kyle to autopsy, he’s laid out on the table and sits straight up. Beckett draws her gun, but that doesn’t stop a stunned Kyle, who runs out.

They’re able to catch Kyle, and he’s admitted to the hospital. He doesn’t recognize David or have any memory of the zombie walk.

Castle thinks he remembers, but Beckett says that he would remember a major event; it might just be too much for him to deal with. Maybe we’re not talking about zombies anymore.

Someone drugged Kyle and sent him after David. He was given what’s known as the “zombie drug,” normally used for motion sickness. An overdose of it puts a person in a catatonic state, and they do as they’re told.

Paul, one of the (high) zombies interviewed earlier, admits to using the zombie drug and receiving it from a man whose description sounds like Tom Williams.

When they confront Tom, he is overly confident about the lack of evidence they have on him and admits nothing. Everything points to Kyle; it’s the perfect crime.

They try convincing Greta to help with their case, but she’s stubborn and refuses.

Esposito arrives with the news that Kyle has been released. And it just so happens that they can no longer hold Tom. He threatens to sue if he’s not given protection.

Esposito escorts Tom back to the apartment. Out of nowhere, a zombie attacks Esposito and threatens Tom, who immediately spills his guts and apologizes. Lovely makeup, Castle!

Beckett tells Castle she’ll soon be able to accept EVERYTHING that happened that day. I guess it won’t be Castle’s last case after all!

Castle makes good use of the zombie makeup and frightens Alexis.

This episode was hilarious! “Is there a police code for zombie on the loose?” Probably one of my favorite lines!

Who knew that it would take a bunch of zombies to get Castle and Beckett to talk about their relationship…in the abstract? We’re inching closer and closer!

– Lindsay

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