Recap/Review – Private Practice – “True Colors” – 5/1/12

Addison becomes a working mom, making Sam the go-to sitter, a role he doesn’t really enjoy. Cooper’s patient needs help convincing her parents that her feelings about being in the wrong body are real.


Pete wants to have a dinner date instead of going to therapy. Violet, while reluctant, agrees to it.

Addison’s starting work and needs a last-minute sitter. Oh, look! Sam’s next door and now on baby duty.

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Cooper may regret Mason’s return to verbal communication, as he’s only speaking to tell Cooper off.

Addison’s emergency patient is Reina Reyes, 35-weeks and vomiting. She took a tablet that’s supposed to induce labor, not vomiting. Reina is going to be deported soon and wants her son to be a US citizen. Immigration wants to put her on a plane tomorrow, and Pete wants to help induce labor before she leaves. Addison is against inducing, as it’s not medically necessary, but Pete’s worried about the lack of medical care available in El Salvador.

Addison wants to chat with Sam over cute baby Henry, but he’s not all too thrilled to discuss it.

Melody, one seemingly rude child, is Cooper’s patient. Lucky him! She doesn’t have any of the symptoms her parents mentioned earlier, and Cooper senses an ulterior motive for this visit. She’s frustrated with her parents because they don’t believe that she’s a boy.

Violet believes it’s a possible case of Gender Identity Disorder and thinks encouraging her to display her internal identity externally would help. Sam and Amelia aren’t as quick to agree with Violet, pointing out that her brain isn’t fully developed and the fact that she’ll face an enormous amount of ridicule for dressing as a boy. Cooper’s next plan of action: Violet, say hello to your new patient, Melody.

Violet’s going to use dinner to convince Pete to restart therapy. Like he won’t see that coming!

Sam is so cute when he’s half mad at Addison and half in love with Henry. So cute. Pete agrees and won’t listen to him ramble on about Addison.

Addison wants to find a way to keep Reina here, but she’s exhausted all of her options.

Cooper and Violet sit down with Melody’s parents to discuss her feelings; they attribute it to Melody’s obsession with make-believe.

When Melody’s dad mentions a cure for the GID, Cooper wisely mentions delaying puberty to give Melody time to decide. That immediately enrages Melody’s mom, and they’re kicked out.

Violet’s idea of dinner motivating therapy possibly worked if therapy meant sex.

Immigration is ready to take Reina, and Addison is ready to induce labor.

Melody skipped school to see Cooper, and he wants to hand her off to Violet, but she’s not so enthusiastic about it. It doesn’t take too much convincing, though, because she IS Violet. Melody heard her parents arguing and thinks these drugs will turn her into a boy. In her dreams, she is a boy, but all that stops once she’s awake and sees the girl clothes that her mom has laid out for her; it’s a constant fight.

Mason and Charlotte interrupt them, and he invites Melody to play.

Reina gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, and Addison is able to buy her some time with her son.

Pam and Michael come to collect Melody, and while it takes some (a lot of) convincing, they tearfully agree to help Melody become who she wants to be.

While Pete is planning their second honeymoon, Violet can’t shake the feeling that she and Pete will end up right back where they were if they don’t address what went wrong.

In response to this, Pete volunteers to run away and help Reina start a life in El Salvador. Annnnd I’m back to hating Pete. But Reina and the baby are already gone.

Addison comes home to an empty house and starts freaking out. Just when you’re ready to scream at Shonda for having another baby kidnapped in this show, she finds Sam singing softly to Henry. Phew!

I give up on Pete. He’s a childish prick, and while I appreciate the consistency in his character, every time he appears in a scene, I want to slap him. Violet deserves SO much better! The only person that seems to be happy is Addison!

There are only two episodes left in the season, and I don’t see much happiness for these characters in sight. Prove me wrong, please!

– Lindsay

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