Recap/Review – Smash – “Tech” – 4/30/12

This review took some time because I’m in tech, but here it is.


“Bombshell” is moving to Boston for tech (making sure the light cues, sound effects, and microphones etc. work as planned) and the first out of town performances.

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After arriving in the theater, Rebecca is having a hard time adjusting to the new stage, and Derek tries to comfort her. But when Ted, who plays DiMaggio, quits two days before the first performance, things quickly go south. Rebecca isn’t too happy to learn her leading man quit in front of the ensemble and calls Derek out on it. He tells her to do some fittings at wardrobe and asks Ivy to stand in for her. When Derek is comforting Rebecca in her dressing room that night, Ivy stands outside listening in. When Ellis walks in on her, he tells her nothing is going on between Derek and Rebecca.

Derek asks his assistant for Michael Swift’s availability, and Tom protests. Derek and Eileen urge Tom to convince Julia, but when he calls Julia, he neglects to tell her about Michael. Eileen promises to tell Julia because she plans on going to New York anyway.

Dev calls Karen to ask if he can come by, but Karen mentions that she hardly has any time. Karen tells Jessica about Dev, and she tells a story about her ex who didn’t understand what the business is all about.

When Julia visits Eileen’s office, she freaks out after learning they’re planning Michael’s return. Julia mentions some actors that could learn the part in two days and be great at it and warns Eileen that she won’t accept Michael’s return.

RJ visits Dev at home, and they end up kissing. Dev breaks it off before things go further.

Back in tech, Derek asks Tom for an extra scene because Rebecca needs more time for a costume change. Tom uses this opportunity to add another song. When the extra time still turns out to be insufficient, Derek tells Ivy and Karen that they’ll both take off one of Rebecca’s gloves to ease the transition.

Julia calls Tom to persuade him not to accept Michael, and Derek raises his voice so Julia will overhear that she’ll just have to accept the return of Michael.

When tech continues, the stage turns dark except for a single spot. Rebecca sings “Happy Birthday” to Derek and brings in cake. Ivy sees Rebecca flirting with Derek, and she tries to interrupt by asking for some cake.

Eileen visits Julia at home and tells her that Michael will be coming in. Eileen explains that millions of dollars are on the line, and Tom is already on board. Julia blames Eileen for moving things forward way too quickly. Eileen leaves as Frank and Leo walk in. Julia calls Tom to tell him she’ll quit if Michael is coming back.

That night, Dev and Karen are out for dinner, and Dev proposes to her. Karen responds by saying she’s in tech. Dev asks what it means, and Karen tries to explain that it isn’t a yes or no, but just that she’s under a lot of pressure.

Derek visits Rebecca in her dressing room, and he compliments her on her Marilyn. Rebecca thanks him for the compliment, and they kiss. Outside the theater, Ivy is waiting to take Derek out to dinner for his birthday. When she looks for him inside, Rebecca’s assistant tells Ivy to leave, and she hears Derek’s voice coming from the dressing room.

Wanting to talk to someone, Karen goes by Jessica’s room and finds a party. Ivy tells Karen she’s mad at Karen for not telling her that Derek is having an affair. Karen tries to explain she didn’t know, but Bobby interferes by deciding Ivy and Karen should have a sing off. Ivy sings “I’m Going Down” while thinking about everything that happened on her time at “Bombshell.” Karen doesn’t sing because Dev walks by, and she follows him outside. They’re fighting over the proposal when Dev tells her about kissing RJ. Karen tells him she won’t marry a cheater while storming off.

Frank and Leo pack for Julia and tell her to go to Boston. Frank tells Julia she’s never been good at separating work and her private life, and she’s needed there.

Ivy and Dev run into each other at a bar, and Dev buys Ivy a drink. Ivy thanks him by introducing himself, and they find out they know each other.
In other storylines:

Tom invites himself to meet Sam’s family. At dinner, Sam’s father voices his doubts about Sam’s career, and Tom agrees. Outside after dinner, Sam tells Tom that he chose this career with all the negatives that are attached to it and decided to dance because he loves it. Tom apologizes, and they kiss.

I mostly loved this episode, because there was another nice balance between the personal drama and the creation of “Bombshell.” And most of the drama was related to the show, but I’ll get to it.

First of all, I want to mention my biggest issue with the episode. I know Derek has always been a flirt, especially in choosing between Karen and Ivy. But suddenly, this week, he ends up kissing Rebecca? Last week, he told her off in public, and I didn’t see any flirting between them. Maybe there was some other reason, but to me, it came as a surprise.

And the other storyline I didn’t really care for was Dev and Karen’s. I don’t understand why Dev would propose to Karen while they’re clearly not on the best of terms. And asking your girlfriend to marry you only a few days after you kissed another woman is all kinds of wrong. Karen was trying to explain why this wasn’t the best time for her to answer the question, and with the state of their relationship, I can understand not wanting to deal with it at that particular time.

But both stories did end with a bang – Ivy and Dev meeting each other for the first time while both mad at their partners and seeing a way to get back at them/their enemy? It has the potential to create some major drama.

And I was really annoyed at Julia this week. I was really glad that Frank, Leo, and Eileen told her she’s not good at separating her private life and her work. No one forced Julia to have an affair with Michael, and while I can understand her having a hard time cooperating with Michael, she shouldn’t let the show suffer for her mistake.
Some minor observations:

  • I have to take back what I said about the “Bombshell” poster last week… I loved the bigger version.
  • Julia was eating peanut butter out of the jar with banana. Eew.
  • Ellis wasn’t all that annoying with his “that’s usually my spot,” but now Rebecca’s assistant is getting on my nerves when he’s just in the shot.
  • That scene Tom wrote was just plain awful.
    This week, on “Previews,” the penultimate episode of this season, “Bombshell” faces its first audience while a crisis hits Rebecca, Tom and Julia scramble to fix the show, Frank must adjust to the return of Michael Swift, and Dev seeks reconciliation with Karen, while explosive information about Ivy lurks in the shadows. It’s on at 10/9c on NBC.

    – JJ

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