Recap/Review – Community – “Course Listing Unavailable” – 5/3/12


Our study group tries to come to grips with Star-Burns’ death. Jeff is over it quickly, but Britta offers her services as a psychology student to help the group. As a result of Star-Burns’ death, professor Kane quit, so the dean tells the group that they’ll have to finish the class over the summer. The news that they’ll lose their summer vacation breaks Jeff down, and the group decides to have a memorial for Star-Burns.

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When Jeff takes the stage at the memorial, he voices his irritation at Greendale stealing his summer. When Annie continues this negativity, the dean decides to give Chang more power, including pepper spray and riot gear for his army. Shirley, Troy, Abed, and Pierce also add to the fire, and Greendale decides to riot. Chang’s army storms in and breaks up the riot.

Afterwards, the dean tells the study group that the board needs someone to take the blame for the damages, and they want to blame the “Greendale 7.” Pierce suggest blaming Chang, because of his army, and the dean loves the idea. When the dean tries to fire Chang, Chang introduces his replacement dean (from the party a few weeks back) and shoots the real dean.

With the “Greendale 7” in front of the board, they try to blame Chang for everything that happened. Chang breaks in and sucks up to the board, and the replacement dean tells the board to expel the “Greendale 7,” which they do.

The episode ends with our group at Troy and Abed’s apartment, deciding they will be fine because they are together.

I loved this episode because of all the continuity with earlier episodes this season. We saw the return of the imposter dean, and Abed mentioned the timelines, including the same pizza delivery guy that was flirting with Britta.

My biggest laugh came from Garret singing “Ave Maria.” There is something about singing out of tune that just breaks me down, and Erik Charles Nielsen did it with such conviction. And the second biggest came from the “subtitles” Jeff applied to what Britta was saying about offering her services as a grief counselor.

And I was pleasantly surprised to get a look at the dean’s outfit closet in his office. He really does keep a lot of options open. And the costume he put on to tell the group about their summer was just hilarious.

I’m curious to find out what Chang will do to Greendale and how our group (minus the study) will try to get back into Greendale.

“As a psychologist [STUDENT], I hereby offer my licensed [UNLICENSED] services as a grief counselor [GRIEF CAUSER]. If anyone needs to talk, the doctor [NOT EVEN CLOSE] is in.” – Jeff interrupting Britta

“Star-Burns, or Alex as he liked to be called, was a human being.” – Annie

“Wait, there are other timelines?” – The pizza delivery guy

This Thursday, on “Curriculum Unavailable,” Abed becomes convinced the dean has been replaced. When Abed is apprehended sneaking around on campus, he is required to see a therapist or risk being sent to jail.

– JJ

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