Recap/Review – Castle – “Always” – 5/7/12

The murder of an ex-gang member in an alley may bring Beckett closer to finding her shooter, making it exceedingly difficult for Castle to keep her off her mother’s case.


Beckett’s hanging from a ledge and calling for Castle. We then flash back to three days earlier. Alexis is having trouble with her valedictorian speech. Before Castle is able to share his words of wisdom, he’s called to a crime scene.

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Orlando, a Hispanic male in his late 20s, was found shot, execution-style in an alley. They find lock picks hidden in his shoe. He’s a known thief with a record and previous involvement with the Cazadores gang. In recent years, though, he turned his life around, becoming an MP in the military stationed in Germany.

Marisol, Orlando’s girlfriend, is brought into the precinct and admits to noticing his absence in the middle of the night but adamantly denies any possible involvement with old life and the Cazadores.

Detectives find Orlando’s car two blocks away from the alley. The address last entered on his GPS is Roy Montgomery’s home. They arrive there to find his wife. She understandably now sleeps with a 357. She found Orlando rifling through files and Roy’s old computer. She shot him in his shoulder, and he ran.

Beckett’s worried they’ll come after her again, and Castle, the chivalrous man that he is, says he won’t let that happen. Aww.

Witnesses saw a man with a large “C”-shaped tattoo flee the scene at the time of the murder. The car belongs to Vincente Delgado, Orlando’s cousin.

Delgado, caught with the same gun that killed Orlando, denies even being in the alley and says that the guns won’t match. Turns out he’s right; not only is his gun not a match, but the DNA found under Orlando’s nails isn’t a match, either. Ballistics did match the bullet to another unsolved shooting: Beckett’s shooting.

Castle tries to convince Beckett to hand the case off, but this IS Beckett we’re talking to, yes? She’s not handing off anything.

Ryan pleads with Esposito to tell Gates of the turn in the case, but Esposito is on Beckett’s side.

As if on cue, Castle receives a call from the Mysterious-Man-That’s-Keeping-Beckett-Safe; he reminds Castle that Beckett’s safety is only promised if she drops the investigation.

Beckett holds a private meeting with Delgado in lock-up. He admits to being in the alley but only because of Orlando’s phone call for protection. By the time he found Orlando, he was already dead. He saw a 6-ft Caucasian male leave the scene. (Ever notice that hit-men are never short?)

Orlando recently deposited $10,000 into his bank account, and Marisol just withdrew ALL of it. They’re able to catch up with her before she cuts out.

Since Marisol isn’t very forthcoming with answers, Beckett speeds things up by threatening her with the possible loss of her son. All of a sudden, Marisol’s an open book! It was supposed to be an easy job for someone in the service, even though all of their meeting places were in code. (Always a red flag!) She did see them meet at a nearby church.

Fortunately for Beckett, some of the churchgoers are part-time thieves, prompting the installation of a security camera. Orlando’s meeting with the Invisible Man is on tape, but he wisely avoids the camera until he gets up to leave; they get a clear shot of his face! Esposito wants to run it through the Army’s database, but Beckett doesn’t want to set off any alarms. They’ll have to search for him without it.

After several viewings of the footage, Esposito recognizes the keychain the man is holding; it’s from Eastway Car Rentals.

Castle heads to Beckett’s apartment to plead with her to get off the case. In desperation, he tells her about the package and the calls from the Mysterious Man. Beckett can’t understand why he would lie to her. Why? Because he loves you, silly woman! But Beckett’s not ready to melt in his arms just yet; she’s still peeved. Castle refuses to watch her head toward certain death and leaves. Nooooo!

Beckett visits her mother’s grave. Inscribed on her headstone: “Vincit omnia veritas,” or truth conquers all.

Esposito’s found a possible match on Eastway’s database – a Cole Maddox. Once he’s tracked the car to the lower east side, he and Beckett are ready to head down there, but Ryan wants to follow protocol and send a team with them. Beckett’s too worried about corrupt cops spooking their guy.

Ryan tries to reach out to Castle for help, but he ignores the call.

Esposito and Beckett go out on their own, find Maddox’s room and Montogomery’s files inside. For some reason, these seasoned cops have their backs to the door, giving Maddox the opportunity to blindside both of them. Once she’s back on her feet, Beckett follows Maddox to the roof, where after some (impressive) hand-to-hand combat, Maddox leaves her hanging off the side of the roof.

Close to slipping off the side of the roof, all Beckett can do is scream for Castle. He grabs her hand, just in time, but it’s not Castle; it’s Ryan who comes to her aid.

Atop the roof awaits, to put it mildly, an unhappy Gates. She reprimands and suspends both Esposito and Beckett. Beckett is extending her suspension indefinitely.

Alexis’s graduation speech plays over as we watch Esposito and Beckett pack up their desks.

At home, Castle deletes Beckett’s mother’s case file from his computer and ignores a phone call from Beckett, only to find her at his front door. She only wants him. The music plays over the sweetest love scene.

Cole Maddox finds the mysterious man, who we now know as Mr. Smith. He wants the incriminating package on his boss and then vows to get rid of Beckett once and for all.

Everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts. As an avid Caskett shipper, I squealed during most of this episode. Yes, squealed. The hand-holding, the profession of love, and the end!

Why is September so far away?!

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