Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Drifting Back” – 5/8/12

Amelia, Sheldon, and Violet work together to help a husband and father with his sudden hypersexual behavior. Pete and Sam disagree on the usefulness of hospital protocol when the partner of a patient isn’t allowed to make decisions about his care.


Amelia attends an AA meeting and can’t bring herself to talk about the fate of her unborn baby after people congratulate her.

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Violet is putting the house up for sale; she’s ready for a change. Pete, clearly disinterested in anything she has to say, shrugs the news off.

Sheldon’s back! And Violet is already putting him to work; he’s seeing the parents of her patient. He’s happy to see Amelia, but she doesn’t share the sentiment. He’s the only one who doesn’t know about the baby.

Troy, Sam’s patient that suffers from cardiomyopathy, enters the ER. He needs to be put on a ventilator, but his partner, Roger, refuses; he says they decided that he wouldn’t live on machines. While he’s saying goodbye, Troy’s father walks in, demanding that Roger stay away from Troy. Troy didn’t have a directive or a will so, legally, only Troy’s father, Carl, can determine the care Troy receives.

Sheldon meets with the couple and finds that they’ve been having a problem because of the husband’s sudden increased sex drive. Whitney, their daughter, tells Violet that her father has been making her feel uncomfortable. He admits to having sexual feelings for his daughter and is scared that he’ll act on them. Upon hearing this, his wife screams, and he then starts seizing.

Pete is on Roger’s side and wants to go ahead and take Troy off the ventilator. Fortunately, Charlotte is there to stop him.

Sheldon lends his sympathy to Amelia, but she’s not interested. She’s hurt, and when Amelia hurts, she lashes out.

Violet, Sheldon, and Amelia all disagree on how to proceed after speaking to Whitney and her parents. Violet wants Richard arrested, but Sheldon points out that nothing actually happened. Amelia wants to remove the lesion that’s pressing on Richard’s temporal lobe and possibly causing his hypersexual activity.

Pete finds Roger by Tony’s bedside, and even though, legally, he doesn’t belong there, Pete isn’t going to ask him to leave. Surprisingly, Roger initiated contact with Carl, telling him about Tony’s condition, hoping that he’d honor Tony’s wishes.

Sheldon voices his concerns about Amelia to Addison, but Addison has resolved to let Jake handle everything, leaving Shedlon unsatisfied.

As Jake checks on Amelia’s unborn baby, he notices her playing with her AA chip and asks if she’s planning to slip because his wife would do the same before she started using again. Amelia, clearly dodging the question, asks about Jake’s wife. Again, Jake asks, and again, Amelia avoids the question. This continues until Jake tells Amelia that using will damage her baby’s organs and leaves it at that.

Violet wants to be an adult and talk about selling the house, but Pete doesn’t care and blames Vi for not being able to sleep in the house or see his son as much as he wants to. He seems to have forgotten his little stunt last week, where he said he was leaving the country.

Sheldon asks Jake about Amelia, but he won’t discuss it due to doctor-patient confidentially. Sheldon says he fears for Amelia’s safety since she’s shutting everyone out as she did before, but Jake only tells him to back off.

Sheldon, not one to back down without a fight, confronts Amelia before she heads into surgery, but she’s a pro at compartmentalizing and has performed numerous surgeries since he’s been away.

Violet, seeking relationship advice from Cooper, asks if she’s somehow repellant as she notices that Pete is always in the ER; Cooper’s hesitation in answering worries her more.

Addison is enjoying motherhood and thinks Jake will enjoying hearing how great Sam has been since Henry’s arrival. She thought wrong.

Amelia explains the possible benefits and risks of the procedure; removing the lesion should stop the seizures and his hypersexual behavior.

Troy has shown no improvement and can only be kept alive on a ventilator. Carl isn’t sure that Roger could truly know what his son wants, and while Sam tries to reassure him of their love and commitment, Carl still insists on keeping Troy alive.

Charlotte’s upset because Pete is constantly in the ER. I know why Violet would be upset about that, but Charlotte? And she’s taking out her frustration on Cooper, but in the really good way.

Amelia approaches Sheldon for help, but not the talking kind. She wants to use Sheldon for the night instead of getting high, but he refuses.

Jake semi-congratulates Sam on his new family, fully knowing that Sam will retaliate AND accuse Jake of being jealous. All of the adults are regressing…

Roger printed out Troy’s journal in hopes that it would help him have a say in his treatment. Pete desperately wants to help him, but a journal isn’t a legal document, so he can there’s nothing he can do.

Violet talks to Whitney during her father’s surgery; while Whitney hopes it goes well, she can’t help but fear what’ll happen after the surgery. Violet assures her that these feelings are completely normal.

Violet goes on an incomprehensible rant, disagreeing with Cooper, saying she’ll fight for Pete.

After talking with Roger, Pete approaches Sam, hoping he’ll do something for Roger and Troy. Sam refuses to go against the hospital protocol, even if he feels that it isn’t the right thing.

While he’s on the operating table, before Amelia starts the surgery, Richard tells Amelia to kill him if she can’t remove the lesion.

The surgery was a success, but they’ll all have to continue going to therapy. Whitney leaves the room after her father promises to try to earn back her trust.

Jake continues his passive aggressive behavior and asks about Henry. Of course, Sam is babysitting again. He congratulates Addison on having the family she always wanted.

Pete invites Roger into Troy’s room so that he can share his last moments when Troy’s ventilator is removed. Soon after, Carl finds out his son has died and goes after Pete.

Jake finds Amelia staring at the drugs in the locked cabinet and tells her about his wife. He saw the signs of her relapses many times but ignored them and would clean her up, until one day, he couldn’t revive her. He wanted to die but stayed alive for their daughter; right now, Amelia has a choice.

Addison comes home to a happy baby and an ex-lover who’s currently taken with Henry. But Addison knows that this won’t last and tells Sam he can’t stay and give her false hope.

Violet confronts Pete and demands that they work on their marriage. Before he can protest, Charlotte interrupts along with two policemen; they’re here to arrest Pete for the murder of Troy.

Jake apologizes to Addison for shutting everyone out of Amelia’s recovery. Apparently, all is forgiven as she sits in his lap and plants a kiss on him.

The family suffering with the hypersexual husband deserved an episode of its own. It felt rushed, taking a back seat to the problems of the doctors and the Troy/Roger story.

I like this show for its realistic representations of relationships and its ups and downs. But there are so few “ups!” Violet said she’s finally going to get rid of her house; she needs to get rid of Pete, as well. You can’t force someone to want to be with you. Well, you can, but that’s illegal. It’s probably very wrong, but I was elated to see Pete get arrested! I understood his motivation behind backing Roger. He’s all for everyone else’s cause, but not in his own life. Why, Pete?! And can Amelia have some happiness, sometime, somehow, please?

Finally, Addison came to her senses! I sense trouble, though, like a Jake & Sam fight brawl. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

– Lindsay

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