Recap/Review – Community – “Curriculum Unavailable” – 5/10/12

This is definitely one of the best episodes – if not the best – Community has done in the whole series. And we’re getting a fourth season of at least 13 episodes, yay! But NBC is changing the time slot to Fridays at 8:30/7:30c after Whitney and before Grimm (opposite Shark Tank, CSI: NY, Touch, and probably Nikita).


When Abed is arrested after sniffing around the Greendale campus, he is forced to see a psychiatrist. The whole group joins him for therapy, and the groups shares their experience with Abed’s insanity and their own weird qualities.

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The psychiatrist tells the group that Abed should be institutionalized in a mental hospital. The group remembers all the insanities they encountered at Greendale but also all the love and support the dean has shown them. The doctor explains that Greendale was a shared delusion and they were actually in an asylum.

As the group contemplates this option, we see some of their adventures in the setting of an asylum, with the dean and Garret as their doctors. They decide this can’t be true and find the psychiatrist trying to escape. The group decides to question him, and they learn Chang has taken over Greendale and instituted an impostor dean. They think back to all the insane things Chang has done since becoming a campus cop, so it must be true. The Greendale 7 decide to try to find the dean and release him from Chang’s clutches.

Oh my Lord, this episode was hilarious and combined a lot of things I love about the show. Abed’s obsession with Inspector Spacetime, crazy stories of everyone in our group, crazy classes (ladders? advanced breath holding?), Britta trying to hard at everything, a reference to four-year community college programs, and the tie in of the asylum to some of the stories we’ve seen during the show. Seriously, my review would just include practically every scene in this episode.

So I’m just going to continue some of my praise for this episode. What I liked most about the episode is how every clip highlighted the craziest personality trait of the people in it. Especially Shirley’s parenting technique and Britta’s hair after using peyote had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

And the scenes in the asylum were all kinds of coolcoolcool. The trampoline incident was just Troy and Jeff jumping on a mattress, Britta and Jeff pretending to play paintball, Troy and Abed singing like they are in the glee club, Pierce mentioning having sex with Eartha Kitt, and finally Garrett suggesting taking one of their pens to see what would happen.

Next Thursday, we get three episodes – including the season finale – of Community at 8/7c, 9/8c, and 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

Were you all as psyched with this episode, as well?

– JJ

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