Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Gone Baby Gone” – 5/15/12


Addison’s announced that she’s ready to end her therapy sessions; she has everything she could want.

Sam catches his ex-girlfriend making out with Jake. That can’t be fun!

Amelia’s in labor! She refuses any drugs and wants the baby taken away as soon as he’s born. Jake takes this time to tell the rest of the doctors Amelia’s plan to donate her son’s organs. Charlotte can’t sign off on that procedure until she speaks with the hospital’s lawyers, and Sam is completely against the procedure, as he sees it as killing the baby. Jake advises that only those who support Amelia’s decision go and see her.

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Pete fails at being a good defendant when he openly states in court that he’s not sorry for taking his client off the ventilator.

Sheldon is the first to visit Amelia and proceeds to question the choices she’s making. Did he not hear what Jake said?!

Jake tries and fails to convince Sam to harvest the baby’s heart and somehow thinks that Addison will be able to convince him.

Prison has changed Pete; now he loves Violet. No. Wait. He’s criticized her for not telling Lucas the truth about Daddy being in jail. She urges him to cooperate with his lawyer and not shout out unapologetic guilty pleas before the court.

Addison takes Jake’s advice and talks to Sam about harvesting the heart but of course, it turns into a conversation about their relationship. Sam’s more upset over Addison’s ultimatum and quick-started relationship with Jake.

Cooper and Charlotte find out that there was a “mothers lunch” at Mason’s school when he comes home in a terrible mood. Charlotte is overwhelmed by her affection for this little boy.

Cooper wisely uses Erica’s story to try to knock some sense into Pete; she would’ve given anything to have more time with her son, and all Pete has to do is keep his mouth shut.

When Sam tries to explain to Amelia why he can’t do the harvest, she stops him; it’s a horrible act, to disassemble her baby for parts. What’s helped her, though, is finding other children who could live healthy lives if they had the small organs that he can provide. After that speech, how could Sam say no?

After hours of labor, Amelia is finally ready and screaming in agony. Addison can no longer wait outside, and Amelia’s in no position to protest.

Pete finally listened! He’s been granted bail and is free to go home.

Amelia has changed her mind; she wants to hold her baby boy. The lawyers didn’t sign off on the surgery, but Charlotte’s allowing it to go on anyway.

After a physically and emotionally exhausting day, Addison and Jake get it on in an on-call room.

While showing Mason the sick babies in the nursery, Mason suggests that he call Charlotte Mama from now on. Aww!

Addison comes home to find Sam with Henry…again. He says he’s going to fight for her as he gets down on one knee and proposes.

Well, I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. It’s like Addison is a toy that Sam didn’t want until he saw someone else playing with her. He was right about one thing – as soon as he didn’t have an answer for her, she leapt into Jake’s arms.

And Pete. Has he grown because he went to prison…for a day or two?

The Charlotte and Mason scenes are always my favorites.

There’s a rumor going around that next year will be PP’s last year. Now, usually, I’d have started the grieving process by now, but I would be satisfied with one last year, at least to see Pete and Sam grow up.

– Lindsay

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