Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 Contestants – 6/1/12

Hell’s Kitchen is premiering on Monday, June 4, with its tenth season, and there is a whole new batch of crazy contestants to watch. We’ve all had the chance to watch the premiere. It is intense, and there is so much to say – but I’ll behave. 😉

In the meantime, until you get to see the full episode, I’ve decided to give you a rundown of the contestants and my view on them. This way as you’re watching the first episode, you’ll have an idea of who is worthy of your adoration and who you are allowed to hate… Well, just my opinion, though. 🙂

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Red Team
Barbie Marshall: She doesn't make a huge impression in the first episode for me except that she runs her mouth a lot. So far, her cooking skills seem to back up her attitude, but we all know that usually doesn't last. Also, what kind of name is Barbie?
Briana Swanson: Right off the bat, she seemed more concerned with her appearance than cooking. Don't like her.
Christina Wilson: She had a great signature dish, but I'm concerned about her ability to perform under the pressure of the kitchen.
Dana Cohen: Overall, pretty much down the middle. She has a decent personality and hasn't made me happy or angry yet. Good news for her. 🙂
Danielle Rimmer: I don't have any feelings towards her. She wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree, but she seems nice enough. Time will tell if her intelligence becomes an issue for me...which it will.
Kimmie Willis: I so wanted her to be sweet and kind to offset her angry appearance. Alas, no such luck. She is the poster child for redneck attitude, and I think she's going to be at the centre of so many battles this season. Kimmie is overconfident without the skills to back it up. Dislike her already.
Robyn Almodovar: I really admire her quirky, off-kilter nature, and her cooking skills are pretty good. She is hard working and confident in the kitchen. I think she's going to be one of my favorites, especially because she stands up for herself and is basically super cool.
Roshni Gurnani: She's a little firecracker in the beginning but fizzles out during service. The stress of service might prove too much for this one. We shall see.
Tiffany Johnson: She was incredibly annoying to me right from the start. Unfortunately for her, she had one of those voices that make me want to switch to closed captioning.
Blue Team
Brian Merel: So far, I don't hate him or love him. He was pretty down the middle for me. If he stays as under the radar as he is in the premiere, he'll probably be here for a while.
Chris Carrero: He was loud, but not as loud as I was expecting because he's from Queens, NY. He is in the middle of the pack for me.
Clemenza Caserta: First, I would just like to say that his name sounds like an STD... Just saying. Second, there is a coughing scene in the beginning that had my stomach turning. He seems to be a decent cook, but now, every time I see him cook, I'll think of the coughing scene.
Don Savage: It would appear this year that most of the men made stronger impressions on me to start with. Don was incredibly creepy. I'm not sure how else to describe him except really odd and not overly talented. He was just lurking around the kitchen like a criminal. I don't like him at all.
Guy Vaknin: Guy is incredibly cocky without the chops to back it up. Anyone's signature dish that combines chocolate with fish isn't worth my time.
Justin Antiorio: First, he's pleasant to look at. I mean, look at that smile and those eyes... Yum. The nice thing is besides the fact that he is adorable, he seems genuinely talented and nice. He had a mess up during service, but it was due to another chef's incompetence, not his.
Patrick Cassata: Patrick flew under the radar for most the episode and seems so far to be a decent human being. Let's hope that's the case, because this season is running short on decent anything.
Royce Wagner: Royce, Royce, Royce... I wanted to like you. He was pompous and cocky, but his signature dish was really well done so I thought he had the skills to back up his attitude. Cue service, where he is as dumb as a wet noodle. In fact, a wet noodle may have more skills. He's going to get on my last nerve if he doesn't start working harder instead of relying on whatever “special talents” his mommy told him he had.
Tavon Hubbard: I knew from the moment he had on white skinny jeans in the kitchen that we were going to have issues. Then we hear he's an executive chef at 22, and I think maybe he's awesome. No such luck. I think he's an executive chef for a dog hotel, because looking at his signature dish, that's what it resembled: dog food. In service, he was as reliable as a dollar store condom. Actually, the condom might be more reliable.

There you have it… My humble opinion. Read them, remember them, and then come back after the premiere and tell us how right I was. 🙂

Tune in to FOX at 8/7c Monday, June 4 to see the 10th season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen, followed by a 2nd new episode on Tuesday, June 5.

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