Suits Season 1 DVD & $200 MR PORTER Gift Card Giveaway! ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

Congratulations to Erik, who won the Suits giveaway! Check your email! 🙂

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21 Responses to Suits Season 1 DVD & $200 MR PORTER Gift Card Giveaway! ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

  1. bill norris says:

    I like the fact that theyre getting away with the fact that he isnt nearly qualified educationally speaking to be doing what he’s doing. I hate the fact one of the two girls he’s seeing is going to be hurt. And from the previews ive been seeing, all hells about to break lose.

  2. Esther K says:

    Suits has the best style ever! Harvey is so slick and charming (and Gabriel is SOOOOO hot!), but Mike continues to impress with his sense and knowledge, even if he’s not from the same educational background as the rest. And Donna… I just love her so much. She’s awesome at manipulation, but she’s also so loyal and trustworthy too. Can’t wait for it to come back into my life!!!

  3. tina krauss says:

    this was one of the pilots i really liked, because of its originality. the cast clicks, and while harvey is trying to train mike on a sense of style and professionalism, he stays true to his character.

  4. bn100 says:

    I like how smart Harvey is and his conversations with Donna.

  5. Beth T. says:

    I think one of the ways Suits stands apart–and shows its style–is how distinct the characters are within the show. That gives them a lot of room to grow and to develop complex storylines in the future.

  6. Melissa T says:

    Huge SUITS fan, have always been a fan of the character’s wardrobe, so the collaboration with Mr. Porter is brillian! What a perfect fit! I how well-written thought out characters whom all have their own individual sense of style, you can’t help but like all the character for one quirk or another. My favorite aspect of Suits Style is how they divide men style into uptown (Harvey) / downtown (Mike Ross) great products in both, but more geared towards your own personal taste. Excited for the new season!

  7. Kerry says:

    I like how Mike Ross is trying to keep up with the more experienced lawyers in the firm.

  8. Jeremy says:

    The girlfriend and I love watching Suits for the drama, comedy, and style of the cast. Love the collaboration with Mr. Porter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Lauren Peterson says:

    I like seeing how much he can put past people. It’s impressive!

  10. Daniel M says:

    hmm, seemed to have missed this show, will have to check it out

  11. NDespo says:

    It’s not only the man in the suit but the suit the man in the suit. More and more you are seeing Ross wearing a clean cut black closer cut suit. Harvey was always there with the styles for the suits but changed his hair style and changed the cut on his suit to a little bit slimmer. Even Rachel gained a little stardom and completely changed her attitude and swag.. Wearing pencil skirts and all. My roommate and I love the show and can not wait to see what it has in store for season 2!

  12. JD Blosser says:

    I like that he is getting to do what he wants and is able to do without having to pay some college 100s of grand for the privilege, that is pretty awesome.

  13. Pat Matczak says:

    I find it fascinating how Harvey and Rick fight over Mike and the set-ups. These are some of the best USA characters yet. The show holds your attention, is clever and interesting.

  14. ErikMorales says:

    As a recent law school graduate who loves Suits, I need this! Legal dramas are some of my favorite television shows (RIP: Outlaw & The Whole Truth) and Suits does a great job of staying true to the life and duties of an attorney. Although the show is obviously made more sexy for the general audience, I’ve yet to be outraged by any of their actions (e.g., thinking to myself “Harvey can’t ask that question!”). Apart from that, though, the writers have done a great job of crafting amazing, well-rounded characters and for keeping the stories interesting, and even though they’ve only had one season, I look forward to many, many more.

    My favorite aspect of Suits’ style is how they tailor (no pun intended) the wardrobes of their characters (particularly Mike and Harvey’s), to reflect their individual styles. I’ll use Mike and Harvey as examples. Harvey is an experienced, (presumably) well-off attorney, and that’s why he’s always impeccably dressed – wearing what looks to be custom-made suits or his ever-dashing three-piece suits, and he’s hardly ever without his pocket square. On the inside of his suit, he’s always got the clean & pressed dress shirts with spread collars (expensive) and he’s usually sporting a double windsor knot on his tie.

    For Mike, they split his wardrobe between business and casual, but both really show who the character is. On the business side, Mike has worn suits that were just a little too big for him (which means an off-the-rack suit like many of us younger associates wear), but he brings his own style by wearing slim ties. He also takes off his suit jacket more than Harvey, loosens his top button & tie, or altogether ditches the tie (all for more relaxed looks). On the casual side, I’ll just say that he wears good-looking clothes that normal people actually wear (i.e., t-shirt and jeans), and for both looks, he uses his messenger bag which exudes more of a younger, non-professional look.

    This subtle attention to wardrobe detail is what I like about Suits’ style and I would absolutely love to make my wardrobe a little more like theirs with the Mr. Porter gift card. 🙂

  15. Laura D says:

    i like the banter between harvey and mike 🙂 so excited to watch the new season coming up!!!

  16. Noosha says:

    2 days!

  17. Brett says:

    I actually completely missed the first season of this show, so I would love to win to catch up for Season 2.

  18. Melanie says:

    I love the dynamic between all the characters, but especially Harvey and Donna. And I just love a man in a three piece suit. Just love it when Harvey wears them.

  19. Joel says:

    in a time were most shows try to prove that the only way to win is to be physically strong “SUITS” proves that superior brains is always better than superior muscles

  20. Lacy says:

    Love the friendship between Harvey and Mike. They’re so sweet together. Wish that they’d get away from the Mike/Rachel tension because I think they are horrible for each other and that Mike needs a love interest that’s more of an equal (like a Donna type but not our Donna, as that might be odd.). Such a good show!

  21. Carmen S. says:

    From the moment I saw the first preview for this show, I could tell it had something special and different about it. There are a ton of lawyer shows out there, and it really takes something unique to catch my interest. I love seeing the relationships between the character’s and how that has developed over last season and how it will continue to develop this season.