Interview with Carter MacIntyre from Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is one of those shows that always has me laughing and tearing up in the same episode. It’s going to be a change of pace with a new guardian angel in town, but Carter MacIntyre, who plays Luke, is very worth your time.

Recently, he took some time to chat with us about his character, the show, and himself in general, so let’s see what this talented guy had to say.

On how Luke compares to Fred

Carter: I would say in a very kind of general way they’re almost polar opposites. I think Fred was naïve and kind of overwhelmed at times by the ways of earth and what it takes to kind of be a human, whereas Luke jumps ahead full force and goes after what he wants, isn’t afraid to speak his mind, has a lot of confidence, and just really enjoys everything that life has to offer. He’s kind of hedonistic in a weird way, which is pretty much the opposite, I think, of Fred, who was kind of more like a lost boy. I think Luke is just a man who’s trying to milk life for everything that it’s worth.
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On how Luke and Jane relate

Carter: Well I think Luke and Jane are both surprised with each other’s resolve. I think Jane obviously she has herself together by this point, she’s kind of gone through the ups and downs of, well while she’s still figuring it out, she kind of has a boyfriend now and she’s kind of trying to move forward with her life. And I think Luke comes in there making sure she’s keeping with the plan and keeping to move forward with Jane and becoming Jane and being Jane, and Jane, as the character Jane, wants to kind of make sure she’s staying true to who she feels like she is.

So each have really strong points-of-view and they’re both I think surprised where Jane can’t push Luke over and kind of impose her will and Luke’s shocked and surprised at not getting his way as he’s so used to easily kind of getting his way and getting people to do what he wants. So they’re both kind of at a standstill and trying to figure out how to handle each other moving forward, which is fun. It’s fun to have these bantering conversations back and forth and the give and take.

And then Brooke is so amazing and so good with surprising you as an actor and throwing you things you don’t expect and finding new depths in the character. So it’s been fun to, as an actor, play with her and find out who these characters are in their relationship, really discover the nuances of their relationship.

Why he took this role

Carter: Just off the bat of talking to Josh and reading the material and talking with him it’s the idea that you’re playing a guardian angel who’s like a devilish guardian angel, and so you know you don’t get many chances to play a character with those kind of polar opposites at play, a hedonistic angel. And it’s also playing, it seems to be, fertile ground for endless possibilities as a character, because there’s that magical side to being an angel where anything is possible and it seems limitless, boundless opportunity to take it in different directions and in a way the confines of being a human keeping you from doing countless different things and taking the story in different directions. So that was to me really attractive.

As well as the cool thing about the show is this dramedy tone of it, which is so hard to pull off, I think, in TV nowadays to have those comedic elements balanced with a nice dramatic storyline, and the way that this show is able to do that so well really attracted me to the role and that I would be able to play both those type of moments in the scenes. So both of those things were really attractive.

Why people are drawn to Drop Dead Diva

Carter: You know I think it’s that one of the other cool things, you had asked me what attracted me to the show, is just the show has such a great message for people. It’s all about acceptance in the end and about being who you are and that you can kind of have all these different things in your life and to have confidence and pride with who you are. That’s something that I think is really important, and I think that’s a message that resonates with the audience of the show as well, where especially in these times where we kind of can be somewhat image obsessed and putting the stress on the wrong things in our lives that this show celebrates that individualism and what really matters is more who you are as a person. And I think that’s really one of the main reasons it resonates with an audience is those personal stories that people feel like they can really connect with these characters, particularly Brooke’s character, and see maybe a glimpse of themselves in those characters, and it’s inspiring to see a character that could be an underdog succeed in such a compelling and interesting and sometimes funny way.

Three things people don’t know about him

Carter: Three things about myself that—okay let’s see. I love the game of wiffle ball, and I played wiffle ball for literally hours and hours every day growing up in both Cape Cod and Atlanta, Georgia, and it got to the point where it was maybe I was forgetting some of my studies in lieu of playing a little wiffle ball. Let’s see there’s that. What else? I enjoy Battlefield Bad Company; it’s a videogame. I enjoy that, and people might not expect. Let’s see- it’s always hard when you know yourself but you don’t know how other people might. I’m kind of a weird guy, so I kind of have a lot of weird interests. I’m trying to think of one that might be interesting. I read a lot of psychology kind of sociological psychology books; I’m really fascinated. I was one class away from a minor in psychology, and so I’m still kind of pursuing that. I’m really fascinated with learning how people are and why people are and how they are, obviously that’s why I’m an actor, but not only from the actor’s point-of-view but also from a scientific point-of-view. So in that way I’m kind of a science nerd I guess, which could be unexpected I guess.

On how Luke changes the dynamics of the office

Carter: It’s interesting you see everyone up there, you’re shooting it, and to actually see the whole thing come together it’s really cool. It’s obviously my first episode, and it was really cool, the premiere. I was really happy to see that.

No, but as far as being at work, yes he comes in and I think Luke considers himself basically the boss when he comes in. So complete opposite from Fred, Luke’s coming in there assuming that he’s in charge and he’s the boss. I think it creates a little friction with Parker and Cam at times, because obviously Parker considers himself. So there’s a little tension there, and it creates some funny moments.

For Jane I think it’s I’m always there. She’s having trouble getting away from me, even though she might want to, because we’ll find in going forward that we have slightly different agendas and there’s a little conflict between—I don’t want to reveal too much—but there’s going to be some conflict there between Jane and Luke with how they want her to kind of proceed going forward with her life. And there’s some tension there with Jane because Luke is always there and he’s very capable, he’s a very capable guardian angel, so he’s always going to figure out a way, unless she can outsmart him, to be there watching over her and pushing his own agenda with her. And being there in the office just it’s almost too easy, as far as Jane’s concerned, because he’s there at every step of the way watching her.

And then, like I say, also it’s fun also to be finding these different relationships with the other characters in the office as he tries to navigate all these characters, which I think he probably underestimated the will and the strength of all these other characters he’s going to have to deal with, so that’s been fun as well.
I’ve enjoyed Carter’s addition to the cast so far, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for the rest of the season.

Tune in to Lifetime on Sundays at 9/8c to watch this hilarious and heart-warming show.

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