Recap/Review – Rizzoli & Isles – “What Doesn’t Kill You” – 6/5/12

Jane and Maura must deal with the aftermath of Paddy’s shooting in addition to another murder that may be Paddy-related.


As a newsman relays the recent events over the air, Maura, alongside her injured father, glaringly passes Jane. How do you go about apologizing for shooting your best friend’s dad? But Jane’s not quite ready for that step, as she defends her actions; Paddy, being very anti-cops, was aiming to shoot them. Maura disagrees; Paddy was only there to protect her!

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Maura leaves Jane, thinking back to earlier that day; Maura was SO excited for her first undercover operation!

The captain interrupts her thoughts and instructs Jane to go back to the station to be interviewed by Connors, the head of Internal Affairs.

Meanwhile, in a different part of Boston, a gunman rushes into a grocery store, killing both the customer and clerk.

Connors asks Jane about her knowledge of Maura’s gangster heritage and her sexual relationship with a certain FBI Agent. This isn’t going well…

The customer in the grocery store was a cop, allowing Jane to take her leave from all the fun she was having with Connors. On her way out, she’s approached by a limping Agent Dean. She doesn’t want to hear what he has to say since he lied to her about using her to find Paddy.

At the crime scene, the detectives find that the cop was veteran officer Walter Wheaty. Since Maura is at the hospital, they have the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Pike’s fine skills as an M.E. But he doesn’t want the detectives around his body…unless you’re willing to nauseatingly stroke his ego, like Jane. The security camera caught the footage of the murders; the gunman panicked after shooting both men, making it look like a botched robbery. Korsak urges Jane to speak to Maura before Connors gets to her, as Maura is known to tell the whole truth and nothing but. She’s able to reach Maura moments before Connors arrives, but Maura isn’t all too happy that the first words her friend utters are those asking for help and not apologies.

Maura is unable to practice her skills of deceit as the doctor interrupts to inform Maura of Paddy’s current condition. They follow her into Paddy’s room, where, in his groggy state, Paddy grabs hold of Connors’ arm.

Jane pays a visit to her mom at Maura’s house and isn’t in the mood for Angela’s dose of cheering up. She notices a rather odd painting of a woman by a tombstone. Angela comments that it was a gift given to Constance by one of her students.

Angela suggests couples counseling as it (sort of) worked for her and Jane’s father. Jane reminds Angela that she and Maura aren’t a couple. (That horrid sound you hear are a thousand ‘Rizzles’ shippers’ hearts breaking.) Angela pretends not to hear and suggests they follow the therapist’s advice and tell her about the first time they met. Threatened with affection, Jane relents and shares the story. She was working undercover as a hooker and didn’t have money on her at Stanley’s shop. After exchanging insults, Maura kindly offered money to pay for the streetwalker’s food. Jane wasn’t ever so grateful for the pity party and let Maura know just that.

Just as they’re laughing over the first encounter, Maura walks in, unamused. Jane makes her mother choose between her and Maura, forcing Mama Rizzoli to yell out (as most parents do) Jane’s full name, Jane Clementine Rizzoli. Ouch. Angela eventually chooses Jane but not before assuring Maura of her place in Angela’s heart.

After waking up next to her mother and finding her brother in her kitchen, Jane is greeted by Dean with a bouquet and an apology. He’s been ordered back to Washington but wants to make up for the past week with inside info; Paddy has someone on the inside, and he’s moving in for a takeover while trying to frame Jane as the dirty cop.

Jane must again charm her way into Dr. Pike’s heart in order to obtain the bullet for ballistics. Out of the corner of her eye, Jane spots Maura sifting through her office. As they trade insults, Pike backs himself into a corner, alerting security to the “rapidly escalating assault and battery.” As a consequence of the “battery,” Jane is transferred to evidence management, while Maura has taken it upon herself to resign. She comes home to find her house trashed. As the detectives comb over her home, looking for clues, Korsak assures Maura that Jane didn’t know of Dean’s plan to follow them.

Jane and Frost take advantage of her new post in BPD by test-firing a few guns. It just so happens that the bullet from the first gun is an exact match to the bullet found in Officer Wheaty. The killer has to be someone in BPD! After alerting the captain, they head over to Wally’s home to find unexplainable large stacks of cash; he was on Paddy’s payroll, too.

As they search for further evidence, they find Connors’ partner, Cliff, stuffed into a container. Connors instructs them to keep him there until the murderer comes to light.

Turns out their stash of guns were hidden in Paddy’s case file along with survelliance photos, one in particular that bears an uncanny resemblance to Maura’s painting. Jane takes it to Constance, looking for an explanation. It is a photo of Maura’s biological mother; they’d meet by the cemetery. Paddy told her Maura had died during childbirth.

The tombstone in the photo is Maura’s. That little black book that everyone’s been dying to find? Jane finds it hidden by the tombstone, with a picture. Jane goes back to the hospital and hands Connors a book, along with the picture; he’s the dirty cop. He’s pretty brave, threatening to shoot Jane inside the hospital, but aha! She removed the firing pin. Once he’s in custody, Maura asks Paddy if he would’ve shot Jane, to which he responds “Hell, yeah.” Not what you expected, huh, Maura?

Jane takes Maura to her gravesite (super creepy), and while she still refuses any comfort, she does want her chair back from Pike. You go girl!

This episode was pretty great, with the exception the oh so obvious murderer; he practically screamed “I did it!!” More importantly, it didn’t feel rushed, considering all that had to be covered in 45 minutes: arguments between Maura & Jane, flashbacks, Dean/Jane, solving a murder, finding a corrupt cop, discussion of Maura’s biological mom, tossed with some Frost/Korsak banter and Angela’s words of wisdom!

And I’m beyond glad that the girls didn’t completely make up in the first episode. Yay for realism!

Til next week!

– Lindsay

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