Recap/Review – Rizzoli & Isles – “This Is How A Heart Breaks” – 6/19/12

Jane and Maura investigate the death of a homeless army veteran; Maura makes a date with a man she met under very unusual circumstances.


The sound of massive gunfire send a young man in army gear running, but it’s all in his head. As he turns around, reeling from the nightmare, someone wields a hammer-like weapon at the young veteran.

After teasing Maura over her new “art,” Jane and company arrive at the crime scene, and it’s plastered with graffiti. The victim’s name is Bernard Avery, and he has multiple chop and puncture wounds.

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An old friend approaches the detectives; he’s looking for Vanilla! It’s Rondo! His C.I., Lance Corporal Justin Moore has information on the murder. The classified intel is…a keyboard.

Now in the morgue, Maura and Jane try to determine the weapon or weapons that made the various gashes on the body. Jane settles on the possibility of a tomahawk right before another body is wheeled into the morgue. Dennis Rockmand (Eddie Cibrian) collapsed in a cab. As Maura starts to inspect the body, she notices movement on the lower part of the bag. After reaching in the bag to find the source of the movement, Maura exclaims, “His penis has a pulse.” What?!

After the commercial break, Maura and Jane scramble to save Dennis; Maura isn’t used to working on live patients but is able to save Dennis!

Back to cases of actual dead folks, the detectives find a clean military record along with pictures of his military squad. In one of those pics? Lance Corporal Justin Moore, and he just happens to be carrying a tomahawk.

Before they interrogate their first suspect, Jane and Korsak speak to Avery’s wife. She recognizes Justin, as he and Avery were very close. She put her husband in a center specializing in PTSD in army vets, but he was kicked out and came home with a tomahawk.

Dr. Bacal, head of the center, explains to the detectives that Avery was thrown out because of an altercation with another vet, Tyler Moore. On their way out, Jane and Korsak spot Casey sitting behind a desk. Apparently, he’s been back for months and acts awfully distant upon seeing Jane.

Tyler Moore blamed Avery for the deaths of the men they lost and admits to the altercation but couldn’t have committed the murder, as he is paralyzed.

Once they’re ready to interrogate Justin Moore, they find him dead in the same alley, possibly at the hand of the same killer, as his wounds resemble those of Avery’s. When comparing their lungs, however, Maura notices evidence of War Lung in Bernard but not in Justin.

After sending her orchids, Dennis shows up to thank both Maura and Jane in person and asks Maura out to dinner.

While Maura is busy with her new boytoy, Rondo has another C.I. for Jane. This one claims that Pope John Paul, member of the Neighborhood Watch, murdered Justin Moore. While Jane chastises Rondo for wasting her time, Angela recognizes him! Not as Rondo, but as Raymond Washington, a svelte singer. But Rondo refuses to speak on the matter.

Frost and Korsak check to see if any of the members of the Neighborhood Watch favor the Pope, and sure enough, Jeff Miller matches the description! (I didn’t really see the resemblance, but ok.)

After spilling the beans about Casey and Jane to Angela, Maura heads out on her date with the charming Dennis. He’s up for doing something adventurous – you’d think spending time in a body bag/morgue would be enough adventure for one week – he pulls out a can of spray paint and encourages Maura to join him. Two seconds into their little adventure, they’re caught by an officer. Officer Frank Rizzoli, that is.

Frost and Korsak find Jeff Miller in the alley, harassing and assaulting Rondo, forcing the detectives to bring him to the station.

Maura confesses her love of living on the edge and worries about her future in an orange jumpsuit while alerting Jane to the the spray paint, NOT War Lung, in Avery’s lungs.

Frankie confesses to setting up Maura’s bogus arrest and relies on Jane to tell the good doctor the news.

Maybe the murderer was a rival tagger. As the three detectives wade through illegible graffiti, they find Blister, aka Steve Bogart. Bogart was the victim of an assault and battery, with Avery listed as the assailant. When Frankie and Frost visit Bogart, they find him dead, too – in the jacuzzi. Eww.

Before attending to the new body on her slab, Maura spends the night with a nude Dennis for art purposes. Yeah, right.

Bogart was likely killed with a tomahawk, but he was the first victim, killed three days ago. Jane can’t hold onto the news much longer and tells Maura of the bogus arrest. Relieved, she promises to never tag again or blab about Jane’s love life.

After hitting a dead end (pun intended) with every lead in the case, Jane looks over Rondo’s evidence and finds a memory card hidden in the back of the keyboard.

The detectives attend the art show, play what’s on the card for all to see, revealing the “witness” of the murder, the artist, as the actual murderer. To top that off, the art on display was Avery’s; the artist stole it and claimed it as his own.

Jane attempts to talk to Casey once more, but once again, he shuts her down. After she leaves, we see the reason for his sudden coldness: he’s been injured, badly.

Rondo stole the show, as he usually does, and I’m pleasantly surprised that he was given a backstory. I want to know more about Raymond Washington!

I didn’t really care about the murder of the week. Rondo was too entertaining. I actually got lost in the middle of the episode. Why wasn’t the murderer given a name?

I could have done without Eddie Cibrian’s Dennis in this episode, but Maura’s worries over incarceration were very entertaining.

– Lindsay

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