Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “The Fight” – 6/28/12

Hey! My name is Lauren, and this is my first review for TV Is My Pacifier. Since finishing my first year at university (for those who care, I’m 18), I’ve gotten into a new summer drama, Saving Hope, that I’ll be reviewing here, and a bunch of the dating shows (The Bachelorette, Take Me Out, The Choice). During the fall season, I’m big on procedurals, such as Criminal Minds and CSI, but I also like to take in a few of the comedies and dramas. Looking back on my TV watching history, Boy Meets World was definitely one of my favourite shows growing up.

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Even though I’m Canadian, normally I can’t say I’m any better on watching the homegrown shows, but for this summer, I can! I’m enjoying watching this show set in Toronto, and I’m getting to learn more about some Canadian actors whom I’m liking so far.

By now, my senses have completely assimilated to the lens flares that occur during the coma state, and it’s useful to know when they’re in the coma state and when they aren’t.

Joel and Maggie have started dating, making their relationship a bit more public than it seems Joel was wanting. He didn’t seem too pleased when she kissed him in the hospital. We knew from earlier episodes that Maggie wanted a relationship with him, while he only wanted some casual sex, if anything at all, so I’m expecting some shaky moments ahead for them. With Jackson witnessing this kiss and their flirty behaviour, we can be assured everyone will know very soon, no matter what he might have said to Joel. I’m not sure how I feel about their relationship if it does progress. I definitely like him, but I think she would be better off with somebody else…

Although Maggie only seems to see Gavin as a friend, he clearly has more serious feelings for her. I like the idea of a relationship between them much more than Joel and Maggie (could this be because I want Joel? Perhaps…), but she keeps brushing off Gavin. It’s not clear whether she just doesn’t notice him continually pursuing her or if she’s pointedly ignoring it, but I think it’s the former, and I’d love to see them have a go. I hope he doesn’t get hurt by her, because he is one of my favourite characters. He seems like a lovable guy. It’s just so bad because she tells him he can buy her a drink, and he definitely looks too excited for just a friend. After getting teased about her possible relationship with Joel, Maggie takes Gavin out for a dance, and I can’t handle how adorable he is.

Alex is constantly overworking herself with too many shifts. She says it is to pay for Charlie’s therapy, but it definitely has more to do with her not being able to handle him being in a coma away from her. It seems that she also gets very antsy anytime that Charlie’s ghost is near her or reaching out to her. She walks away directly out of his touch almost every time that he is deciding to touch her. I like that Joel cares about how Alex is overworked, and because I blatantly look for signs that he’s still in love with her, this definitely fits that bill.

A new patient entered into the hospital with a knife wound codes while on the table. The patient, Eddie Marks, yells at his body to fight and wake up, and right in front of Charlie’s eyes, the guy does. This is definitely a new way to wake up, making Charlie start contemplating how to force himself to wake up, as well. In the ER waiting room are Eddie’s drug-dealing friends and the new competition who knifed him. He seems like a real peach. Charlie ends up having a good time running through the hospital with Eddie, and once again, Eddie’s yelling at his coma self wakes him up. If only Charlie could do that…

Alex’s second patient of the episode is a popular hockey player, Todd Fahey, with girlfriend Amanda. He has a gash on his head and pain in his ribs. A fight breaks out in the next bed, and he breaks it up by sticking himself in the middle and quickly knocking them out. After refusing concussion testing, Alex comes back with a blood test she says will check for infection that really checks for concussion. After both Amanda and Alex ask him to stay, he still decides to leave, but not before someone with a gun shoots up the waiting room. After the gun show, Todd is forced to stay to give a statement, leaving enough time for the blood work to come through confirming Alex’s suspicions that he has a concussion, but once he says his sad story, she rethinks her position. Unfortunately, Alex’s decision to wait leads to Todd having a seizure and passing out in the ER. Luckily for Shahir, he is able to come back so he can operate on Todd’s three aneurisms. Todd is awake but realizes some awful information that will end his hockey career.

The gunman is with Eddie’s group, leaving two wounded (and one coding). Joel is paged, forcing him to quickly leave the birthday party and attend to the victims. Joel immediately wants to operate before the woman stabilizes, going against Zach’s better wishes, leading to a pissing competition. Joel’s explanation of the surgery definitely sounds scary. So much chance of death, but he’s been successful with it before. That would be such a difficult decision to make as the husband. Joel and Alex get in an argument about the surgery, with him angry at the husband for not letting him to the surgery and Alex trying to show him that he just wants to show off. It leads back to her thinking about Charlie, which gives Joel something to think about. I like that Joel was affected by Alex’s words and he ended up not performing the risky surgery first intended.

With Charlie developing pneumonia, this seems all too bad for his survival as the producers (and doctors) keep making it clear that getting sick while in a coma is difficult to fight off, making it less likely he will wake up. Charlie’s “fighting words” are funny. Everyone has their own ways of fighting, and Charlie’s not with yelling and vicious words. Clearly it worked because his fever broke and he’s recovering.

As Alex and Zach are working throughout the night, Shahir’s birthday brings Gavin, Joel, Maggie, Victor, and Tom to a gay bar to celebrate. Shahir seems incredibly awkward about the entire gay bar scene, apologizing to everyone for it while they’re laughing and drinking and having fun. Shahir’s awkwardness at this situation seems to be for a reason other than him being uncomfortable with gay people, but the atmosphere or maybe who he is with. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I have the feeling he’ll be coming out as gay by the end of this. Gavin leads the way for them to enter the best butt competition. I’m saddened that Joel was forced to leave the birthday party for a while, but it was so adorable when Shahir hoped for some brain injuries. Shahir and Victor are in an argument about the venue where it’s revealed that they are dating, so I guess my prediction was right. I feel so bad for Shahir because it doesn’t seem as though anybody knows he is gay. Although apparently that wasn’t the problem, either. As he explains, he gets anxiety over groups of people, making this a terrible setting for a surprise party for him. I’m curious as to when this relationship will come to light for everyone in the hospital. I’m not concerned about the reaction he will get from colleagues, because apart from one person, everyone will probably be very agreeable. It seems every show needs at least one gay character and at least one homophobic bully.

I really enjoy the flashbacks they have of cute Charlie and Alex moments. But when she sees Charlie and then Joel shows up ruining that moment… It’s just so unfortunate. I just want to shout “you’re not crazy!” to her because that definitely seems to be crossing her mind. The adorable-meter for Joel went way up when he tucked a blanket around her and said he’d wake her up in an hour… Why do I have to want her with Charlie and Joel?

Tune in next Thursday, July 5, on NBC at 9/8c for the next new episode, “Out of Sight.”

– Lauren

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