Recap/Review – Teen Wolf – “Venomous” – 6/25/12

We begin the episode by revisiting the tape of human-Jackson from the full moon. He tosses and turns in his sleep, then sits up in bed and looks at the camera with yellow eyes before transforming into the Kanima for the first time. Warning, if you have an aversion to the half-naked male form, you probably shouldn’t watch this episode.

We then see the first blatantly obvious advertisement of the night, as Danny pauses the video on his AT&T Samsung tablet and then sends an email to Jackson. He tells him that the video is finished, and he didn’t watch, though it appears to me that he did.

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On the dramatically-lit streets of Beacon County, Derek chases Jackson in Kanima form (we’ll call him the Jacks-ima), leaping over tall chain link fences in a single bound. PARKOUR! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Derek continues his pursuit of the Jacks-ima when Stiles drives up. Scott leaps out of the passenger seat and joins the Parkour fun. By this point, Derek and the Jacks-ima are duking it out, creature vs. creature. Then, out of nowhere, Chris Argent appears and shoots Jackson, who comes back to life shortly thereafter. Of course, Derek has disappeared. Chris is out of bullets and fears for his life until Gerard gets out of the hunter-mobile and we discover that he’s sort of a Kanima-whisperer. Scott, still in human form, catches up to them and tackles it. Did he know Scott was a wolf before this? If not, then he probably does now.

Later that night, Scott loses the Jacks-ima because he can’t track his scent, which is odd because I always imagined Jackson smelling like the inside of a Hollister store. Scott and Stiles catch their breath outside Jungle, a nightclub, where they coincidentally “smell” Danny go in the front door and sees the Jacks-ima slink in through a second story window. It sure beats using a fake ID. Scott and Stiles also discuss the venom test, which still paralyzed Jackson, but only in human form.

Despite also having fake IDs, Scott and Stiles break into the club and find Danny, who’s dancing with a new guy to get over an ex-boyfriend that we’re just now learning about. They also spot Jackson up in the club, not shaking his groove thing but slinking along the ceiling instead.

Meanwhile, we find Lydia in her back yard with the ultimate status symbol of teen queendom, a tiny dog with a ridiculous name. She gets worried when Prada doesn’t come trotting back to her right away, and like any pretty girl in a horror film, she goes to find her. Instead of getting slashed, her knight in shining armor carries the dog back to Lydia. If you didn’t see the episode, I’m referring to the guy she met outside the counselor’s office in “Abomination,” who still doesn’t have a name. Lydia plays hard to get when he tries to hold her hand and kiss her, but accepts a flower (possibly wolfsbane?) and a promise not to throw it away when she gets inside. Though he says he’ll talk to her tomorrow, this is the last we fans see of him this week.

When we jump back to the nightclub, the Jacks-ima makes it to the floor undetected with the aid of a fog machine and starts slicing everyone’s necks, including Danny, who is human-Jackson’s best friend. This is a Kanima’s method of treating victims with its venom, which paralyzes them.

Derek then appears and throws a punch at the Jacks-ima. Suddenly, they both disappear, until Scott follows a trail of blood outside the club and finds human-Jackson (we’ll just call him Jackson when he’s “himself” again) at the end of it. He and Stiles stash him in the back seat of the jeep, and Scott talks to Danny, but he didn’t see what paralyzed him. Scott, Stiles, and Jackson are about to make their getaway when Sheriff Stilinski pulls up. While Scott does everything he can to keep Jackson hidden, including punching him out, Stiles jumps out of the car and tells his dad that they were at the scene of yet another crime because they were helping Danny through a breakup, and he buys it.

As the Jeep pulls away, we see Chris Argent walking back to the hunter-mobile, where Gramps is waiting. Argent Jr. reports that the Kanima paralyzed seven victims, but the cops think they’re on drugs, so they don’t believe them when they admit to seeing a “demonic monster.” Chris asks Gerard why the Kanima didn’t attack him. He gives a vague answer and starts popping pills, which could be significant to the story or just mean that he’s getting old. He tells Chris that they can use the Kanima to lead them to and even kill Derek for them. They also mention Isaac, and I assume that he’s the only other wolf they know about.

Scott and Stiles decide to stash Jackson in a magic prison transport van that somehow looks much bigger from the inside. Stiles explains to Jackson that they need to keep him locked up so that he doesn’t kill anyone, and that his parents won’t think he’s missing because Stiles has been texting them from Jackson’s phone. We learn that this backfires, because Mr. Whittemore tells the sheriff that Jackson texted that he loves him, which he hasn’t said in over a decade.

Back at the van, where Jackson is still gratuitously shirtless, Stiles tells him about what he becomes when he transforms into the Kanima. He also explains that he’s offed a few people and tried to kill Danny the night before. After getting polygraphed by Gerard and talking to her mother, Allison finds them and tells Stiles that the police know that Jackson is missing. Stiles then flips on the radio and discovers that the cops are coming to the preserve. They take off in the van, leaving Jackson’s phone behind in their not-so-smart hiding spot.

At the hospital, Scott asks Danny if Jackson is angry with him, and he tells him he shouldn’t be because Danny was helping him with the video. He tells Scott that he can’t tell him Scott what’s on it, even though he already promised Jackson that he didn’t watch. He does so helpfully tell him exactly where the video is, but by the time Scott gets to Danny’s car, someone’s already broken in and stolen the tablet.

In the woods, Scott, Stiles, and Allison try to figure out who stole the tablet and what the Jacks-ima is after. Stiles reminds them that Kanimas traditionally hunt other killers, and Scott explains that Jackson was probably defending Stiles and Derek from a murderer by trapping them in the pool. Jackson overhears this conversation, including the part where Scott explains that there isn’t another Kanima to help Jackson learn about who he is, and Jackson sheds a single tear.

After another shameless advertisement for Toyota and its Entune system, featuring Pandora, Scott and Allison talk about how Peter told Stiles that a bite from an Alpha can either turn you into a werewolf or kill you. This makes me wonder if that statement is actually false or if Lydia will eventually die. They discuss the other option, that Lydia could be immune to the bite, which also makes me consider the possibility of her curing Scott, as he tells Allison he wants to be normal again. She agrees that it would make it easier for them to be together forever, as every sophomore girl thinks will happen with her first boyfriend.

As Allison and Scott get physical in slow motion, Jackson also begins to transform, an overly cheesy process in which his head shakes violently and his skin shimmers and glows as he grows scales. They did, however, manage to make Jackson’s sprouting alien fangs look awesomely scary. Finally, we see him break out of his handcuffs.

Stiles interrupts the cuddle session and alerts them that Jackson has freed himself from his mini-prison. Allison and Stiles tell Scott that they both have to tell their dads, and he agrees. Scott decides that he’ll have to show Sheriff Stillinski that he’s a werewolf in order to convince him that Jackson is also a monster, but when they get to the police station, Jackson and his father are already there. Jackson may or may not remember turning into the Kanima again, but he does remember being held captive against his will, which means Scott and Stiles are in major trouble.

Allison returns home to find Lydia in her bedroom. Lydia explains that she needs to talk, but Allison instead has her translate the bestiary. She’s a genius, remember? As Lydia decifers the book, she explains that the Kanima “seeks a master,” not a friend. Possible masters include Ms. Morrell (who translated the bestiary incorrectly, perhaps on purpose), Gerard (he’s able to tame the Kanima somehow), and Mr. Harris (remember the Einstein bumper sticker?). Another far-fetched guess is Sheriff Stilinski, who could be just playing dumb when he’s actually using Jackson to hunt bad guys, though his actions endanger a lot of innocent lives.

I’m a little disappointed at the lack of wolf in this episode, but what I do find interesting is that both Scott and Lydia were bitten by Peter when he was an Alpha, turning Scott into a werewolf and doing nothing to Lydia besides giving her PTSD, as far as we can tell. Jackson was bitten by Derek immediately after Peter’s death and didn’t become a wolf or die (yet). Could Derek have still been transitioning into the Alpha, causing Jackson to turn into the Kanima, or was it something within Jackson that made his transformation different? What do you think, fellow fans?

– Rae

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2 Responses to Recap/Review – Teen Wolf – “Venomous” – 6/25/12

  1. Great review 🙂

    I have a theory about Jackson and Lydia’s predicament. I may or may not have told you this on tumblr before but here it is:
    We can, i guess, safely assume that Lydia has had a very strong immune system and after Peter’s bite, that immunity came into play and somehow held off her transformation. Since she and Jackson had been a couple in the past and shared each other’s DNA through kissing and such, that immunity was most likely shared with Jackson as well. When her DNA mixed with Jacksons, and later with Derek’s bite, something could have mutated inside him and made him what he is.
    This is my best guess but I think i’m just thinking too hard.

  2. Rae says:

    Thanks for reading! Going back to ‘Abomination,’ I think Jackson’s transformation into something other than a wolf was a result of his personality. Because he was adopted, he seeks approval and validation that he feels he doesn’t get from his parents, which fits the Kanima’s description, because it has a master to which it answers. I’m not entirely convinced that there is a second Kanima, but I do think that the controller was the person Jackson approached in the car in ‘Venomous’ (last week’s episode, not this one, the title for this article is a typo). I’d love for Lydia to become a werewolf or Kanima, but I think the bloody hand/broken mirror was another result of her PTSD, which caused her to see Peter’s reflection in her sleep. I really hope they give us a flashback to show us what happened in that moment, and also debunk all of our theories about why Jackson is a Kanima!