Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “Out of Sight” – 7/5/12

Last week, we learned Shahir was gay, confirmed our suspicions of Gavin’s crush on Maggie, saw some cute Joel/Alex moments, and saw Charlie force himself to fight his illness (and win).

First Medical Case:

A man who lost both his hands in a work injury is coming to the Hope-Zion for reattachment. With a team for both hands and a short timeframe on which to complete the reattachment, this looks to be quite the operation. As none of these double hand reattachment surgeries have successfully been done in over a decade in the area, this is the biggest news in the hospital in a long while. When Chief of Surgery Dana Kinney tells Joel that Prina will be in the surgery instead of Alex, Joel gets upset and makes a stand by going to Alex’s house and persuading her to come in anyway. During the surgery, Alex succeeds in connecting arteries where the other doctor does not (and then corrects his mistake), showing Dana that she has brought her A game. After being the hero of the surgery, Alex is expected to have a party for everybody at her apartment in celebration.

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Second Medical Case:

A homeless John Doe comes in bloody and raving after being beaten and left for dead. While Maggie was pining for the double hand reattachment surgery, she came across this John Doe with the wrong diagnosis. Her conviction in her diagnosis is shown as he starts to code, and she immediately goes to work fixing it. She is such a gutsy girl, which is why I love her character so much. She knew what it was that was wrong with the patient and didn’t wait for anyone’s assistance, she just went for it. Afterward, in the break room, she’s telling everybody what she did while Gavin is standing beside her like a proud boyfriend or something, correcting her story whenever she goes wrong (Star Wars vs. Star Trek).
Charlie Drama:

A man, Scott, who has been in a coma for over 27 years shows up after a flu outbreak in the nursing home he was housed in. Finally getting to meet somebody who knows more about this coma situation than Charlie really doesn’t seem to suit him. Scott’s happiness at being in a coma is so strange. Just like Charlie, I don’t understand how he can be so accepting of it. Scott’s ex-wife shows up and tells the doctors not to revive him. In such a short time with so little dialogue (and while disliking Scott for the most part), I was surprised by how emotional I got by seeing his ex-wife. As they take Scott off life support and announce time of death, his wife admits how much she loves him and couldn’t see him die. Scott’s stories of how everybody he loved stopped caring resulted in Charlie’s worry that Alex would forget about him and move on to someone else as well.
Hope-Zion Drama:

After Alex fell asleep during a briefing lecture, she returns to her and Charlie’s apartment, where it appears she has spent no time since the accident. I don’t understand how she hasn’t been back there in a month, though. Where does she keep getting new clothes? And I’m sure she isn’t just sleeping in Charlie’s bed. Joel shows up at Alex’s apartment after he hears the CoS say Alex may not be in her position for much longer. Later, Shahir acts all concerned for Alex, which is one of the sweetest things. He always seems so…impersonal. But he is really curious and making an effort here, and it just tugs at my heartstrings.

The party at Alex’s had a lot going on. I didn’t realize that Shahir and Victor were known around the hospital, but I guess – with the displays of affection they show – they must be. When Alex explained that Shahir doesn’t share his food (as Joel kept pestering him about it), Shahir gave her such an exceptional smile, as if to show that at least somebody understands him. Shahir may be one of my favourites of the show because he reminds me of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. The similarity comes from both Spencer and Shahir being incredibly smart and fascinated by knowledge with a little less people skills than everybody else.

My emotions can’t take all the looks that Joel and Alex are sharing, though. What is going on with them?!? With everybody all relatively drunk and swapping stories, we get to see a playful side as they interact that is so rare on this show. As everybody is laughing, Alex starts crying and runs off with Joel chasing after her. Immediately as she started crying, I knew that Joel would be the one to comfort her, and I love that I’m right on occasions such as this because any other way, and I wouldn’t like the characters. Her revelation that she forgot about Charlie for a few minutes during the party begins to show what Charlie was afraid of – his loved ones disappearing from his life. Although I don’t actually think this is going to happen.

When Alex returns to the hospital to visit Charlie, we are able to see that she won’t forget about him. She admits that she saw what her life could be like if she moved on, but then she vowed not to do that. This is what makes my Joel/Alex preference so difficult. I don’t want her to break her Charlie-love, but I would also love to see what could happen with Joel and Alex. We shall see what the writers have in store for us (more sexual tension, I assume).
More Of My Thoughts:

Maggie and Joel are still getting all relationship-y, and I really don’t know if that’s what Joel is wanting or if he even realizes that’s what is starting to happen. I love the massive smile that forms on his face sometimes, though. If I were on the show, I’d be a serious victim to his charm. Of course, when I see him starting to freak out about the Alex drama, I know immediately that he’ll forget about Maggie, which he proceeds to do. I love that he’s completely honest to Maggie about why he forgot (fighting for Alex), but I feel that the way he said it may have been a bit too honest (“she has the skills I need”). I’m not sure whether Maggie was mad at Joel or not, though, because we never saw them together again after she was barred from the hand surgery.

I think it’s so incredibly sweet that Joel goes to warn Alex of what is going on behind her back. His immediate response to go to Alex and tell her what’s happening (which makes him forget about Maggie’s hope to be in the surgery) shows that he cares about Alex, and I just can’t stop from hoping they get together. The fact that he is also able to talk sense into her is so great. I love their camaraderie against the CoS. After the surgery, Joel and Alex share another moment and there’s such a weird vibe between them, I really don’t know where Alex’s head is.

The juxtaposition between coma-ghost Scott and the “real” (old) people was done very well. Through the entire episode, Scott appears uncaring about his old life with living people, and then his wife shows up and makes the decision that it seems he has wanted for years, and it’s like a dam has broken. He’s emotional, and everything he said before has changed. She’s had a full life, and he’s angry that he didn’t get to partake. I love that they are able to bring these characters into the show for an episode at a time that are such rounded people.

Even with my love for the Joel/Alex moments, my favourite scene of the episode was the Charlie/Alex conversation. With Alex coming in and asking how Charlie’s day was, him standing behind her and giving responses, and her answering only after he has finished… I love seeing the connection between them (I still want them together, even though I also like Joel). The way she leaves seems like she’s adapted to this portion of her life, making Charlie wonder if she’ll suddenly disappear from his coma-life.
Next Episode:

With the preview for next episode, many things seem to be happening.

– A hypnotist living in the “real” world rather than the coma world can see Charlie. That should be a really interesting new development. I’m curious if this “Great Randall” will bring any messages to Alex from Charlie. That seems too easy, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t.

– Joel and Maggie seem to be having issues. At one point, their kissing and everything is fine, but then Joel is asking Alex for advice, and Maggie isn’t calling him. Has she realized she has more feelings for him than she should? Has he realized what is going on between them? I’m not sure if they’ve become relationship-y in the past few episodes or if she has just gained some entitlement.

– Apparently, Alex may be pregnant, as well, which is an interesting turn of events. Although I would be totally happy for her in normal occasions, right now, I wouldn’t be. With Charlie in a coma, I would hate for her to deal with all of that alone. Especially as he wishes to be there so badly.
What did you think of the episode?
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– Lauren

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2 Responses to Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “Out of Sight” – 7/5/12

  1. Taylor D says:

    This show is creeping up on me as a favorite. Like most I was skeptical about the storylines and characters but it’s really developing something here. I just hope that NBC decides to keep the show. The show is on right now and I’m still at work so a co-worker at Dish suggested that I try the remote access app for my iPad. It allows me to stream live TV or what I’ve already recorded through my Sling Adapter which works great with my Hopper. I downloaded the app and I’m anxious to try it on my lunch break so I can catch up with what’s happened this week. I think you know how I’m going to be spending my breaks from now on: watching TV! I do love Michael Shanks’ role in the show but I wonder if Charlie is destined to wander that place of in between for the reminder of the series. I hope not especially with Alex being as upset as she is. Let’s face it, we all want them to be together.

    • Lauren says:

      I’m glad you’re also enjoying the show and can still keep up with through work. I’m glad I’m in Canada because the show won’t be canceled here if NBC cancels it. I’ve been wondering the same thing about Charlie’s place in the show, and so I’ll be touching on that in my next review. I definitely have to say I do want them to be together, even though I also want her with Joel.
      Thanks for checking out the review!