Interview with Geno Segers from Pair of Kings

Disney always puts out quality programming, and Pair of Kings is no exception to the rule. This quirky comedy follows Brady and Boomer, a pair of fraternal twins who live a normal existence as they are raised by their aunt and uncle in Chicago. However, they are whisked off to the island of Kinkow, where they learn they are heirs to the throne of the island, and they try to rule with bravery. In the third season, Brady is lost in a storm, and Boz (Adam Hicks) joins as the long lost third king.

Recently, Geno Segers took some time to chat with me about playing the fearless Royal Advisor, Mason, his dream guest stars, and so much more. Jump ahead to read more.

When asked what he loved most about playing the overly-protective and strong Royal Advisor, Mason, Geno said that, “the best things about being Mason is the fact that there are a lot of things we share.” He is right in his belief that the character “didn’t exist before” he put a lot of himself in Mason. That’s often the case with characters. They are a skelton, but the actor’s personal qualities fill in the flesh.

Speaking of characters, this third season promises to be “intensely funny and interesting because of the addition of Adam Hicks. His physical comedy is really funny. His insatiable urge to eat bananas with his feet” really adds to the character.

Geno is no stranger to physical work on the show because his “most rewarding and fun moment that [he’s] had on set was performing a stunt once and it being perfect.”

When he’s not filming Pair of Kings, Geno enjoys working with the “Hold It on the Road Foundation, helping kids make good life decisions.” Giving back to the community is a great characteristic, especially for someone who is quickly becoming a role model to children.

In closing with this amusing fellow, I grilled him with a few random questions.

  • Favorite TV Show? – Sanford and Sons
  • If he could guest star on any show? – CSI or Modern Family
  • His TV Crush? – Thelma from Good Times or J-Lo from In Living Color
  • Guilty Pleasure? – Pizza
    Be sure to catch Geno Segers as Mason on Pair of Kings on Disney XD. Check your local guide for listings.

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