Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “A New Hope” – 7/23/12

Hi! My name is Charlotte. I’m 27 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. Currently, I am trying to get my bachelor of social work but have been stalling forever now.

I don’t think I had an obvious start of when my tv addiction began, but I do remember wanting to watch every episode of Charmed and Gilmore Girls, and I still love them both to this day. It kicked into really high gear after I met JJ (you are all familiar with him) a couple of years ago, discovering a lot of new shows and loving too much of them.

Now, jump with me to check out my recap/review of the Warehouse 13 season premiere. You can read more about me at the end. 🙂


We start seconds after the blast in the season 3 finale. Myka, Pete, and Artie have just seen the warehouse and H.G. Wells blown to pieces while they were protected by the bubble H.G. had put up. (Quick reminder: Steve had previously died a few episodes before, and because of the warehouse that was blown up, Mrs. Frederic has passed away, as well.)

Standing there looking at the ruins, Pete recalls a memory with Myka and Mrs Potter’s tea set, Myka a memory with H.G. saving her life. Artie thinks back to when he first showed Pete and Myka the warehouse.

Then Pete suddenly asks why Artie just said “not yet” and why he is holding that watch. Artie says he doesn’t know how to use it and that all he knows is it’s some kind of key.

When they start to feel really sad, Artie has a realization and runs off to where the Ytterbium Chamber used to be (which held Pandora’s Box). It has completely vanished, and Artie tells them that they have to go to Leena’s because he will know more if he can get to a TV.

They arrive at Leena’s, finding Leena and Claudia sad because Mrs. F had just died in front of them. They start filling each other in on the events that had just happened in both places. Everyone seems broken about it until Pete tries them to get thinking again, saying they might resolve everything.

A discussion rises about the pros and cons of using the watch. They don’t know any side effects that might occur, which is definitely something to think about.

Artie remembers that he was there to find something out, and he turns the TV on. They see complete chaos; the financial market has gone to hell, and there are numerous suicides going on everywhere. Basically, the whole world has seemed to go to hell.

Myka: “And in the bottom of Pandora’s box, all that remained was hope.”
Claudia: “So when the warehouse was destroyed…”
Artie: “The world lost hope.”

They start examining the watch more carefully now that they realize they have to do something, and there is writing in Portuguese on it, which Myka translates to “push the button.” Of course, they all look at her in surprise, and she responds “Really?? This is still a surprise to you?” Artie pushes the button, and the watch transforms into a stopwatch, which is counting down from 24 hours. They open up the back and find black diamonds, which according to Myka is extremely odd since watchmakers never use them.

Artie summons the “football” that collects data from all artifacts all over the world and sends that information to the warehouse. After some searching, they find out that the watch has ties with the Knights of the Templar: The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond. Claudia has the last word by showing Artie that the internet knows more than enough.

They call in Mr. Keeler, a regent, to help Leena do research on how to dismantle the bomb when they get back to that point in time.

With 22 hours left on the clock, they start to leave for France when Claudia says that she’s not coming since she can’t save Steve anyway and she wants to find out a way to get him back. They all talk her back in to the plan. Just before they leave, she stops Artie and tells him that it is not over and nothing will stop her from doing what she has to do.

Arriving in the village in France, they are all freezing. Artie explains that’s because of the loss of hope. The brain now makes less endorphins, which makes everything colder, weaker, darker, and so on. Upon arrival, two guys start following them. Pete tries to make a point of it, but they continue their journey nonetheless.

Leena and Keeler are trying to find a solution for the bomb, and they figure that something that contains pure peace should do the trick; they just don’t know what yet. In the taxi, they try to come up with ideas until Pete comes up with a stupid thought, and the cab driver makes a snarky comment.

They arrive at the coventry and see about 7 men standing in front of the door they believe leads to the device they need to make the watch work. Pete and Myka volunteer to distract those men so Claudia and Artie can go in there.

Pete sets his “plan” in motion, which consists of just talking to them as if Myka and he were married and looking for something, and then he hits the biggest guy in the head.

Myka: “Really? That was the plan? Hit the big guy?”

Of course, this results in a fight between the men and Pete & Myka.

Claudia and Artie in the meantime find a stack of odd barrels and figure out how to move them to discover a hole (closed off, of course) in the wall. They open it up, and Artie tries to go through it. (Cue Claudia: “Hey, Pooh Bear. Want me to do that?”) Claudia climbs through and finds the artifact they were looking for, but the astrolabe is missing the alidade. Claudia goes back in to search for it, when Brother Adrian shows up and locks Claudia up by triggering a gate coming down in the entrance of the hole. He doesn’t want them taking the astrolabe. Then Pete and Myka come save the day but can’t get Claudia out.

Claudia reminds them that they have to find the missing piece, and they start looking at the watch again, which is now again a watch and set to 4:18, which they know to be a clue. They check coordinates, dates, and when Pete suggest maybe it’s military time, 1618, which leads Myka to realize it is chapter and verse in the bible. Claudia tells them what it is either Mark or Matthew 16:18. Leena quotes from Mark, and it’s about snake poison, which Pete says he hopes they don’t have to drink snake poison but that he would if he had to. Keeler quotes from Mark, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” They realize they have to get to the vatican. Claudia tells them to go, and after some hesitation, they leave her behind.

Arriving in Rome, the city is in complete chaos. They try to get into a restaurant, but it has changed owners, and they can’t get in. After they go outside again, Artie explains that there is a tunnel in the basement that will lead to the Vatican. Myka decides to distract the people of the restaurant by throwing a chair through the window, and they chase her into the hands of the cops. She yells to Artie and Pete that they have to go!

Pete and Artie walk trough the tunnel looking for an elevator to bring them to where they need to start looking (or at least think that). Pete is having good and bad vibes all at once and doesn’t know what to make of it. When they find the elevator, the button seems to be broken, but Artie still has some tricks up his sleeves and fixes it. Pete has a big vibe when the elevator opens, and they find the alidade inside. But then Brother Adrian shows up with one other brother. They fight, and Pete succeeds in stabbing Brother Adrian, but not before he has been stabbed, as well. He does have the alidade, but it’s too late. While Pete is dying, he asks Artie if he will remember dying once they turned back the time. Artie tells him that he won’t remember a thing, but after Pete dies, he says that he himself will.

Artie calls Leena and explains what has happened and that he had all the parts now. Leena tells him that they figured out that Ghandi’s cloth should stop the bomb that was fueled by hate in the warehouse.

Adrian wakes up one last time, and asks Artie why he is doing this. He then warns him that he must never tell anyone about all of it or else they will be in grave danger and that Artie, by doing this, will make an evil of his own making that will live with him for the rest of his life.

Artie turns the switch anyway, and time goes back to just before the bomb went off.

We now see Artie at the warehouse with Myka and H.G. He has a hard time trying to get them to do what is needed without telling them anything about what has happened and why he knows what he now knows. He explains that there is a bomb and that Ghandi’s cloth should be able to stop it. When they put the cloth over the bomb, it doesn’t work. They realize they have to put it over Walter Sykes himself, since it is his pure hate that is fueling the bomb. They hurry to stop Pete from throwing Walter through a portal and closing it. They throw the cloth over him, and luckily the bomb stops ticking.

Walter has one last moment in which he says he is sorry before he dies.

Mrs. Frederic and regent Adwin Kosan fight with Artie over H.G. They are surprised that he is now fighting in her favor, and they don’t get it and don’t agree with setting her free again. Artie can’t explain why he has changed his mind but is convincing enough to make them go back and discuss the issue with the other regents.

Mrs. F. is sure Artie is hiding something, but he keeps denying it so she leaves.

Leena sees Claudia leaving the house in the middle of the night and has a horrible vision of things to come, mainly Claudia hunting Artie and killing him. She calls Artie and tells him the news of Claudia.

End of episode.

First of all, I am really happy it’s back. It takes too long between seasons!

It was a really exciting episode which had me captivated for the entire time (I tend to do other stuff while watching TV, but not now…) even when I watched it a second time. It’s a brilliant start to what I am sure a really thrilling 4th season.

One thing I did kind of dislike but do understand was Artie sitting by Pete when he was dying. All I was thinking (next to it being really sad) was hurry up! He might not even have to die if you turn that switch RIGHT NOW!

I loved the quick making up of plans by Pete and Myka, especially Myka throwing the chair through the window and running, giving Pete and Artie a chance to go and save the world.

I am really looking forward to the next episode, although at this moment, I don’t know what to make of Claudia going evil instead of being on the team, but if any one of them had to go evil, I think Claudia would make the most interesting “villain,” partly because I would absolutely hate it if they’d broke up the duo of Myka and Pete. And I am really happy if H.G. comes to strengthen the team again. I liked the dynamics between everyone when she is around.

Oh, and the writer who comes up with the one liners that Pete, Myka, and Claudia bring us so brilliantly should get a raise. I really like this show’s writing. It’s witty and fun.

All in all, I can’t wait to see the next episode.
Next episode:
The reprecussions of Artie’s time revision cause Claudia to go on an Artifact spree to bring back Jinx. Artifacts from Artie’s past return and are on the loose once again. H. G. Wells is being considered (again) for re-instatement.
Now, for more about me… 😀

My absolute favourite dramas that air right now are Castle, Warehouse 13, Game of Thrones, White Collar, Downton Abbey, and a couple of comedies like The Big Bang Theory, Happy Endings, Cougar Town, and Parks and Recreation. And some reality shows like America’s Next Top Model (although I never seem to agree with the chosen winner) and So You Think You Can Dance.

I do want to be honest with you guys, and that is that I have a weakness; I love MTV’s The Challenge. Can’t help it. I have seen every season since season 12, I think. (Since they aired Cutthroat, I caught up on them), and because of it, I watch The Real World, mostly to check them out for when they appear on The Challenge.) Don’t judge. I also love good TV, I promise!.

Further about me: I love (musical) theatre, and partly because of that, I love going to London (or NYC for that matter) and tend to see a show/play every night when I’m there. Also, I love to go to the cinema quite often, as well. Basically, almost anything in which people act out amazing and wonderfull stories to me.

I discovered the site through JJ, and after reading on it this year, I decided I would like to do something, as well. So I hope you like my recap of the season premiere of Warehouse 13. I hope to continue to recap it for you guys.

– Charlotte

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