Recap/Review – Teen Wolf – “Fury” – 7/30/12

Is it just me, or did this episode end really abruptly? Here I am, sitting in my office chair waiting for someone to get killed, when they just cut us off and cue the teaser trailer for next week. Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the first of a million flashbacks going on it Matt’s head this week.

The first is a throwback to when Matt lent his camera to Jackson on the night of his first full moon. When he gets back to his car, he connects to his camera remotely in true stalker form. When he sees Jackson climb into bed, he thinks his sex tape suspicions have been confirmed when Jackson unexpectedly morphs into the Kanima. At this point, it doesn’t look as though Matt has become the controller, but when Jackson approaches the car and places his hand on Matt’s through the window, Matt sees Mr. Lahey’s murder.

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At the Stilinski residence, Stiles and Scott tell the former sheriff that Matt is definitely the Kanima’s controller, though the police still suspect Harris and rack their brains for his motive. The trio storms the police station, where Sheriff Stilinski (he’ll always be the boss in my heart) sweet talks a female officer into letting them get their hands on the evidence. Even though they already know that the murder was committed by the controller, they review the hospital security tape, where they see Matt talking to Mrs. McCall. When Scott calls her and sends her Matt’s photo, she admits to griping at him over making muddy footprints in the hallway. Among the evidence, they also find that Matt happened to be present at each crime scene mere hours before the victims were killed by Jackson, though the police don’t suspect him at all. Stilinski tells Scott to call his mother back so that she can confirm Matt’s identity, but when Stiles goes to the front of the station to let her in, he finds the female officer dead and Matt pointing a gun at him.

At the Hale house, Derek wakes up from a trance induced by Deaton, who has a pen that emits a high frequency noise. This seems to be some sort of training exercise, not a punishment, as Deaton confesses to being at the end of a long line of advisors to supernatural creatures. He assures Derek that he’s still the Alpha and that Peter will use mind games to try to persuade Derek that they’ll need to work together to fight Gerard. He tells him that instead, he needs to gain Scott’s trust to stop the hunters.

The next we see of Matt is him leading Stiles into the office where Scott and Stilinski wait. He confiscates their phones and has Stiles handcuff his father to a wall in a jail cell. When the teenagers return to the front of the station, they find three more officers dead, which Matt reveals he ordered Jackson to do. He watches as Scott and Stiles destroy the case evidence when a car pulls up. They return to the front, thinking it’s Mrs. McCall, but find Derek, who collapses over the threshold at Jackson’s hand.

We then find Allison alone in her bedroom until Gerard enters with a letter from her mother, explaining the truth behind her suicide. He manipulates her into reading it, telling her that the letter should make her seek bloodshed against Derek and the pack for their actions. He also makes her promise to destroy it after reading and tells her that he read it, though it’s still sealed when he gives it to Allison. We never find out what the letter says, but we know it must have made her angry, as the next shots of Allison are of her burning the letter and throwing away all things girly in her bedroom. Don’t you know that stuff costs money, woman? She then changes into jeans and a black hoodie with the curtains wide open and breaks out her crossbow so we know she means business.

Back at the station, Matt taunts Stiles for being normal, and Jackson paralyzes him when he mouths off, causing him to fall on Derek in the first of many gratuitous “Sterek” moments in which the writers try to please fans. When Mrs. McCall arrives, Matt has Jackson take Stiles and Scott in the back, and he shoots Scott in front of his mother. Matt locks her up in the cell next to Stilinski where she begs him to let her help Scott, and Matt realizes that neither of the adults know he’s a werewolf. He pushes Scott into the office, where Stiles and Derek are still paralyzed, and tells him that he needs to get his hands on the bestiary to explain the patch of Kanima skin growing on his rather undefined torso. I know you’re busy killing everyone and can’t find time to work out, but lacrosse players are supposed to be hot. Later, Derek explains to Stiles that Matt is turning into a Kanima because he’s shedding innocent blood, like that of the fallen officers.

At the Argents’ underground lair, the family gears up to avenge Victoria when Allison gets a text from Scott’s phone about the bestiary and immediately knows that someone else sent it. The message also reveals that he’s at the police station and Derek is with them, and they assume that the Kanima and its master are present, as well. When Gerard explains that Allison is now their leader, Chris objects. Gerard insists that she’s mature enough to leave emotion out of her decisions, but the crazy in her eyes suggests otherwise as she orders her OLD-iers, I mean soldiers, to kill Derek and anyone who gets in their way.

When Matt and Scott are alone again, Matt tells them the sad story about how he was at Isaac’s house trading comic books while the swim team was drinking by the pool celebrating a victory. He explains that Camden Lahey tossed him in the pool, and we see a flashback of the beefiest ten-year-old ever drowning. The next thing he remembers is waking up next to the pool, and Lahey barking at him to keep it a secret. He reveals that as he was creeping on Allison at Kate’s funeral, he accidentally took a photo of Lahey, and he realizes that his anger at that moment manifested into Lahey’s death. He compares Jackson to the mythological Furies, who were actually female, and tells Scott that when he takes photos of people, Jackson kills them. This soliloquy does nothing to explain how Camden died or why Allison hasn’t dropped dead yet.

As Stiles and Derek regain movement in their extremities, the alarm goes off, and the Argents open fire on the station. Gerard then annoys us once again with a quote from Shakespeare before tossing a smoke bomb inside, which does nothing to slow down the creatures as Scott pushes Jackson aside to grab Stiles. As the scaly Jackson chases after them on foot, Scott needlessly runs through and locks several doors before he finds one that will stop Jackson. Scott leaves Stiles in this makeshift barricade and runs into Allison, who tells him to leave her alone in her quest to hunt Derek. As she and Chris slink around the dark station, Jackson, who’s now fully transformed into the Kanima, attacks Chris. Allison shoots him and quickly learns that he can’t be stopped by arrows. She proceeds to run away from the now very pissed off Kanima and hide behind a desk, clutching a dagger.

Eventually, the Kanima finds her, and she is quickly paralyzed. The next thing she sees is Matt in her face, repeating the line about nobody having her if he can’t. Twice. When Matt hears a noise, he leaves, and Chris carries her to safety. Somewhere between trying to stab Jackson and getting yelled at by a broken-hearted little boy, she’s lost her sweater and is now only wearing a tank top with her bra straps showing. This begs the question, “What kind of father lets his daughter out of the house dressed like that?” The same kind of father that gives her a crossbow for her seventeenth birthday, I guess. Anyway, this is the last we see of them this week.

Elsewhere, Stilinski manages to break free as Stiles and Mrs. McCall watch, only to get punched out by Matt two seconds later. Mrs. McCall begs him to let her treat Scott again when Derek and the Kanima enter and fight one another. Matt runs to another room, and Scott attacks the Kanima, oblivious to his mother watching from her cell. When she calls after him, he turns to face her for an incredibly long moment, in which I would assume the Kanima would have slashed his neck, but he seems to have fled also. The point is, she now knows he’s not entirely human, though we don’t see her deal with this truth this week, among so many other things.

Outside the station, Gerard is seen coughing and pill popping as usual when he sees a dark, leather-jacketed figure watch him and run around the corner; it couldn’t be Matt, as he’s currently inside. Later, he finds Scott in the hallway, and they talk as though Scott is helping him. As he leaves, Scott picks up Gerard’s pill vial and returns it to him before running around the corner, where we see that Derek has overheard their conversation. It looks like Jackson won’t be the only one who will wake up the next morning feeling stabbed in the back.

We then see Matt running away from the station, only to be found by Gerard on an abandoned bridge. For once, the old man has nothing to say as he drowns Matt in the river below. As he takes off his black gloves, he doesn’t see Peter watching him from the bridge but spots Jackson watching him from below. Peter spies on the pair and seems shocked as Jackson touches his clawed hand to Gerard’s. Then BAM! The episode is over, in medias res.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

– Rae

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