Recap/Review – Rizzoli & Isles – “Hometown Glory” – 7/31/12

Jane investigates the murder of a childhood friend, a member of a popular boy band; Angela finally learns just how close Lydia is to her family.


A man parks his car in an alley and, upon exiting the vehicle, is shot first in both legs, falls to the ground, and is shot again.

Jane and Maura arrive home to see a baby shower in the making. The shower is for Angela’s new friend, Lydia! And she doesnt want to have any grief over it.

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Fortunately for Lydia, “people have to be murdered,” so Jane and Maura leave baby palooza to attend to the crime scene. The victim is Shane Finnegan, a childhood friend of Jane and Frankie and a member of the popular boy band, the Channel Street Boys. Maura finds copper shards embedded in Shane’s face and a small bag of cocaine beside the body; Shane was known for his avid drug use and had a recent stint in rehab.

Jane and Korsak interview Shane’s brothers, also members of the Channel Street Boys; they say that Shane was a no-show for their live webcast, and they suspect drug usage. Maura’s autopsy proves the boys wrong; Shane had been drug-free for the past six months.

Angela begs Jane to show up to Lydia’s special baby shower, and Jane still doesn’t have the heart or cojones to tell Mom the truth about her new friend.

Jane enlists Maura’s help in speaking to Lydia as they go over Shane’s car; no blood was found, and his cell phone was left in the trunk. For reasons unknown, Shane has a military grade cell that self destructs once Frost tries to retrieve the last text message. Frankie brings some good news, though, as he spent the night searching and finding the gun used to kill Shane.

Jane sent a text message from Angela’s phone asking Lydia to meet her at the Dirty Robber. Instead, Lydia finds Maura and Jane impatiently waiting for her arrival. Jane’s all prepared to tell her just how much she and Angela have in common, but Lydia stuns the duo when she says that she’s known all along; she wants to learn from Angela how to be a good mother. Oh, and she doesn’t care to find out the paternity of the baby. What is she smoking?!

Maura, sympathetic over the plight of their delusional friend, convinces Jane to accompany Lydia to her lamaze class.

Maura recovered blood on the grip of the gun used to kill Shane (also known as a wenis, a new fun fact for Maura’s amusement).

Gia Lemond, a well-known pop singer said to have previously dated Shane, is found dead in a motel room. She and Shane attended rehab at the same time, and there’s evidence of drug usage at this crime scene, too.

Jane and Maura show up to Lydia’s shower, mostly to stop Lydia from spilling the beans to Angela, but they’re too late. Angela’s more upset at Jane for keeping this from her. Without any allies in the Rizzoli family, Lydia is dropped off at her home, only to find out that her mother has rented out her room.

TK “Killer” Womack, manager of both Gia and Shane is brought in for questioning, as he was seen leaving the motel the night Gia was murdered, but the two singers were worth more to him alive, despite their drug problems.

Frost looked into Shane’s financials and found that the group was actually very broke, due to an unfortunate contract agreement. A new clause added to their contract, stipulating that they’d make money over online broadacts and merchandise, would allow their bank account to grow.

Finding Shane’s dad, Ryan, and convincing him to come to the station isn’t the easiest task, especially since he’s now a suspect in his son’s murder. Jane phones him, posing as an insurance company with an uncashed check in his name. When he goes to pick up the check, Jane and Frost are waiting for him.

Shane and Gia were both taking anti-malarial medication. They were planning to go to Haiti together. Shane’s absence would mean the end of the Channel Street Boys and stop the cash flow. The blood on the gun came back as a familial match to Ryan, meaning that one of the brothers shot Shane. Ronan has a hunting license, making it possible for him to have shot Shane from such a long distance.

But the two brothers had an automatic alibi: the live webcast. Frost looks into the program used to stream the webcast and finds that it was shot two weeks ago.

Jane and Frost pay a visit to the two brothers; they’re in the studio, making a “tribute” song to Shane. Jane confronts the two about their pact to kill Shane; he was leaving the group, and they would lose money. Ronan fired the fatal shot, as the other brother couldn’t bring himself to shoot his brother.

Angela proclaims her desire to move in with a cousin so as not to be seen as a pitiful woman, leaving Jane, Frankie, and Maura to beg Mama Rizzoli to stay. It doesn’t take much to convince her that she is needed right here. Group hug!

The boy band with the overbearing father seemed reminiscent of the Jackson 5, no?

Lydia-drama overshadowed the murder of the cutie from the boy band. Though, the not-so-dumb blonde routine was pretty funny. I wonder when she’ll make her next appearance.

The summer finale is almost upon us, and *gasp* Maura’s in danger…again. Methinks these ladies need to leave Boston!

– Lindsay

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