Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “An Evil Within” – 7/30/12

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At a diner in Philadelphia, there are some guys chatting when a stranger walks through the bar and locks the back door. A monster comes into the diner and attacks everyone. They try to escape but can’t because of the locked door. They decide to fight back and start attacking the monster. When the police arrive and intervene, it turns out they just beat a friend of theirs into a coma.

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Artie is in Claudia’s room, reminiscing and thinking about the evil he may have unleashed. He goes down to the living room to find Pete and Myka anxious about what they are going to do about it. Artie tells them that “we” aren’t going to do anything; he is. They have to go to Philadelphia because there has been an artifact-related attack.

They leave, and Brother Adrian shows up at the back door and scares Artie. He needs help locating the astrolabe that went missing and was hoping the Warehouse could help him. Adrian says that it has to be undone because the evil has to be eradicated.

Claudia is sitting outside the Regent Chalet, plotting her way in.

The group of people in the diner are trying to explain what happened during the attack to Myka and Pete. They try to make sense of all the stories and to figure out what the artifact might be.

At a dental office in Philadelphia, a “monster” walks into the waiting room, and everyone fights back again, and the man/monster falls through a window and dies. In the crowd on the ground, we see a mysterious man with a baseball cap on walking away.

Claudia walks in to the regents’ office and gets in by distracting the guard. In the elevator, she changes in to a nurse’s outfit and gives the guard up there a badge, which knocks him out. At this moment, Artie intervenes.

At the dental office, Pete and Myka get the same story they got at the diner. They can’t figure out what the artifact could be. The people at the dental office did see a different monster than the people at the diner described. Myka confesses to Pete that she has a serious phobia for tentacles.

Claudia and Artie are mad at each other. They can’t see the viewpoint of the other. He can’t let her go down that path like HG and Walter Sykes. She tells him that she is not them. He replies that they weren’t, either, before they became like that.

Regent Jane walks in and tells them that Claudia has permission to resurrect Steve. Artie doesn’t agree.

In Philadelphia, a woman walks up to her door when the man with the baseball cap goes up to her and hands her a key and says she dropped it. She hands it back, saying it is not hers.

When she enters the house, her husband doesn’t see her but a monster and manages to lock her up.

Leena calls Pete and Myka about it, and they go over there. They manage to calm the husband down for about 5 seconds, and eventually, Myka knocks him out with his own gun. They find the wife, looking like herself again, in the closet.

Claudia, Jane, and still-dead Steve are in Claudia’s room, and they start the process of bringing Steve back. Jane warns Claudia that it might be dangerous and that she needs to be there to hold Claudia’s hand and guide her trough it.

Artie meets with Adrian in a diner to talk about the evil. He learns that it is unique and specific for the user, an unimaginable evil. An evil that will cut through his heart like a dagger.

Claudia and Jane get to the intense part of waking Steve up. He wakes, but both he and Claudia are choking. Claudia and Steve are now in a white space. Jane tells Claudia that he needs to come to her. Claudia calls out his name, and he turns around and comes to her. They both stop choking, and he comes back to life completely. He is a bit confused as he wakes up.

Adrian tells Artie that the astrolabe was used once before by Robespierre at the end of the French Revolution, which resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people. The only way to stop it is to reverse the time change.

In Philadelphia, the husband tells the police what he saw, and Pete tries to explain it by telling them it was some kind of mushrooms. The wife remembers the man with the key and tells Pete and Myka. They figure out that must be the artifact. Pete remembers a horror comic book named Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft.

Leena tells them that Lovecraft had nightmares about these monsters and that he blamed these dreams on a small silver key – which means that the victims are the ones infected by the artifact, not the ones seeing the monsters.

They go to the house of the man that was in coma, where Pete finds a bobblehead of the same game the suspect is wearing a cap. They find out someone died at that particular game.

Steve is asking what happened when he was gone, and Claudia gets him up to speed. He asks why he isn’t in his own room. He senses that there is something going on, and Claudia makes a mistake by saying that he apparently didn’t lose his human lie detector. He asks why and starts figuring out what happened.

Pete and Myka are at the stadium looking for Theresa Hicks, the woman who died at that game. They see her fiancé trying to save her and all of their victims in the here and now, not helping him or even working against him in saving her. They figure out that he is going after all those people and that there is one more man who is about to be a victim.

Steve is mad. Claudia tries to explain why she did it and isn’t sorry for bringing him back. He tells her he finds it all weird and that it is just going to take some time.

Myka is at Ron Hadsell’s, the man that is using the artifact, apartment and she sees some sort of art studio with sculptures of the monsters and the tentacles she hates so much. She calls Pete, who is at the next victim’s house, and tells him they were right. Ron shows up at the house where Pete is and runs away. Pete follows him into a gym, where Ron turns him into a monster and sets everyone up against him. Myka tries to call Pete but only hears monster sounds instead of Pete’s voice. She comes to his rescue and zaps two men. She tries to explain to them what is going on and goes after Ron. After a chase and a struggle, she manages to bag the key just in time to save Pete.

Ron is arrested and explains how angry he was, but he couldn’t just kill them. He tried. When he heard about the key, he tracked it down to use it to take revenge. Pete has no sympathy for him. Myka understands that the anger and grief could drive you to do things you know you shouldn’t do.

Claudia finds Adwin Kosan at the warehouse, where he tells her that she did not have the regents’ approval to bring Steve back. It was Jane’s own idea. There might be consequences. Steve is now linked to the metronome and therefore, the Warehouse. He warns her that if there are any other consequences that bring other people in jeopardy, they will take action. Meaning…they will stop the metronome, which will now be held at the Regents’ office.

Claudia and Artie have a little chat at the house, telling each other they are okay. All of them are chatting in the living room when Artie gets an alert that an artifact is located. It is the dagger that Leena saw Claudia killing Artie with. He is scared. Pete asks if something is wrong. Artie answers no, but Pete doesn’t believe him.

End of episode.

After the thrilling first episode, I must admit I thought it was a little bit boring. I would have liked to see the struggle for Claudia to bring back Steve take longer than half an episode, although I am curious to see what will happen next with both Claudia and Jane…and how Steve will handle walking around with a sword above his head the whole time.

I feel really sorry for Artie that he has to walk around with a secret this big, which might even cost him his life in the end. Because if no one knows, who will be able to do something about it?

I liked Myka being afraid of the tentacles (I have at least the same with snakes. Don’t even watch Jungle Book because of it), but they could have done more with that I thought, to have some more comic relief in the midst of it all.

Also, why didn’t Artie try to make it sound hypothetical that if they would reverse the turning back time, the world as we know it would end anyway? And how could Adrian be sure that the end of the French Revolution would have gone any other way? it was a bloody mess to begin with. But that could be just me thinking that.

All in all, I thought it was an entertaining episode, but I felt they could have done more with the Claudia story lines. Looking forward to the next one!

– Charlotte

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