Recap/Review – The Closer – “Armed Response” – 8/6/12

Brenda surprises everyone when she shows up back at work only a week after the death of her mother to solve the murder of a security guard and learn of the leak in her squad.


There are reports that a police officer has been shot and an unknown assailant has left the scene. This falls under the jurisdiction of Major Crimes, so the team has shown up; upon closer inspection, the body on the ground is wearing a uniform similar to that of a cop but is a security guard. Annoyed that he was woken at this late hour, Provenza, in Brenda’s absence, decides that they’ll take the case anyway.

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The security guard is Danny Chaidez; he is unrecognizable, as a 12-gauge shotgun ripped off his face. An inebriated neighbor called in the incident; she heard shots but didn’t see anyone flee the scene.

ADA Baldwin shows up on the scene with many questions and assumptions about the case. She’s here at Pope’s request, and Provenza will go along with it as long as she stays on the other side of the yellow tape.

Chaidez called in a Suspicious Activity report at 12:48 a.m. about a possible break-in in an empty house nearby. Inside the house, the officers find a sleeping bag for two, leftover food, several condoms, and an iPod.

It seems as if Baldwin has assumed Brenda’s position (and the boys don’t like it one bit!), as she’s now trying to lead the case. And she’s determined to find the flaws in this case before they’ve even apprehended a suspect! She goes on to note that the killer will say he acted in fear of his life, as Chaidez not only had a weapon but was a decorated veteran.

Before they threaten mutiny, Brenda unexpectedly arrives. After thanking her team for their condolences and kind words, she takes Provenza aside to play catch-up on the case. She’ll go back to Atlanta once the rest of her family has returned to their homes.

The serial number on the found iPod is registered to a Carolyn Lowitz; she bought it in May for someone named Luke, as all of the playlists are in his name.

Pope has some questions for Brenda. He knows better than to order her to leave but asks if she’ll be taking the standard three weeks bereavement leave. He must tell her, however, that Baldwin’s constant presence was Pope’s compromise to keep Brenda and Major Crimes afloat. Also, Raydor has identified the leak in her division but needs to go through the official channels before bringing Brenda up to speed. Why even tell her now if she still has to wait til later?! Idiot. Trying not to focus on the Judas in her squad, Brenda asks Pope for an army to return the iPod.

Brenda and Gabriel pose as cops from the “Theft Division” when approaching Carolyn Lowitz’s home. She says that the iPod belongs to her grandson, Luke Bauer (any relation to Jack?), currently working at the Run N Gun Sporting Goods store. They ambush and arrest the 23-year old at work.

Luke admits to being in the house but denies shooting Chaidez. He was with his underage girlfriend, Jenna Bateman. Faced with charges of breaking and entering and statutory rape, Luke keeps the answers coming. Jenna had a key to the house, and when the cop showed up, he ran off, leaving her there. A real gentleman!

Raydor interrupts the interview to take Detective Gabriel to see Pope. Before they enter his office, Raydor asks Gabriel if there’s anything he’d like to say, but Gabriel is beyond clueless of the nature of this impromptu meeting. Inside Pope’s office are Captain Taylor, Pope, and Anne, Gabriel’s live-in lawyer girlfriend, in tears. The three of them explain to Gabriel that Anne was hired by Peter Goldman to get to know him and gather inside intel about Brenda’s cases. In exchange for her work, Goldman paid off Anne’s $60,000 student loan.

Raydor asks Gabriel if he shared his doubts about past cases with Anne, to which he begrudgingly replies yes. Raydor suspected this when Gabriel (in an earlier episode) said that Anne shared her viewpoint over everything.

Anne tries to explain and apologize for her behavior; she was told that Gabriel was a crooked cop involved with a murder. ($60,000 isn’t enough to make me move in with a murderer!) Once she found that Goldman was a liar, she attempted to stop feeding him information, but he threatened to tell Gabriel about their agreement. Gabriel doesn’t want to hear any of it and tells Anne to pack up her stuff and leave his home.

Fritz comes to visit Brenda but without the flats she requested. She refuses to go back home, and he understands but can’t keep jumping from their house, the new hotel they’re staying in, and work.

Jenna Bateman is brought in for questioning and doesn’t admit to being in the house until she’s shown her missing bra and faces the prospect of having to explain it to her father. Her friend, Ellen, used to live in that house and gave her a spare key. She says that Chaidez stormed in, gave her a lecture, and then threw them out. He threatened to call the police if they ever came back. Once they left, she says she saw a big, scary, black man on a motorcycle arguing with Chaidez.

Gabriel waived his rights in order to explain himself to Brenda, and while she’s not as upset as I thought she’d be, she wants to know why Gabriel would share his misgivings with his girlfriend instead of sharing them with her. Gabriel did try to question her, in the car before they left Baylor to die, but she wasn’t listening.

Gabriel then tries to explain to the rest of the squad, and all but Provenza initially turn away. Provenza shows his support by claiming that Gabriel was just stupid and in love and did what most cops do: talk about work. They listen and accept his apology (except Sanchez); however, Flynn encourages him to transfer to a new division.

After searching Jenna’s home, they find the shotgun that killed Chaidez; it’s registered to Jenna’s father.

Mr. Bateman is brought in and has no problem confessing to murder; he was protecting his daughter’s honor. Jenna came into the house that night, crying and braless, saying that the security guard tried to rape her. She told him exactly where to find Chaidez, and when he approached him, Chaidez, obviously misunderstanding, said Jenna was asking for trouble.

ADA Baldwin is satisfied with the one confession, but Brenda wants both the daughter’s and the father’s. Jenna defends her actions, saying that she was only protecting her boyfriend. She told him where to find Chaidez when he was holding his shotgun. But Jenna isn’t too concerned that her dad is going to prison; she’ll get to be treated like an adult now. Definitely.

Detective Gabriel hands in his letter of resignation, but Brenda won’t hear of it; the aftermath of the Baylor incident was the result of her actions.

Brenda ends her day in the spot where Willie Ray died, crying in Fritz’s arms.

Wow. All this time, I thought that someone in the squad was intentionally trying to hurt Brenda by leaking to Goldman; it never occurred to me that it could be accidental. And of all people, Det. Gabriel! (P.S. I love when Brenda calls him David; it’s the sweetest thing!)

Next week is the very, very last episode of The Closer. I’m tearing up already.

– Lindsay

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  1. Amanda says:

    I’m gonna miss this show. I haven’t seen any episodes this season because I don’t have the time with my 9-month old’s schedule. So I’m living vicariously through episode recaps until the season comes out on DVD. Can’t wait. Until then, I’m watching seasons 1-6 on DVD while my daughter takes her naps and I have a few moments to myself.

    • Amanda says:

      And last year when the first part of this season was televised, I was pregnant and moving to a new residence so I didn’t have time then either.