Recap/Review – Teen Wolf – “Battlefield” – 8/6/12

We begin the week with Stiles giving his thoughts on last week’s events to Ms. Morrell. He tells her that he doesn’t pity Matt at all and that even if his drowning accident was to blame for all the murders, he was still a psycho and a creeper. Flashbacks to the river crime scene show that Sheriff Stilinski got his job back, which his son explains is nice but hasn’t improved their relationship. He also hasn’t spoken to Scott since the night of the attack because he’s worried about his mother’s newfound realization that he’s a werewolf. Allison is also avoiding Scott and continues to work with Chris to bring down the pack. He confides in Morrell about feeling anxious and losing sleep, to which she replies with a completely irrelevant comparison to drowning, advising him to “not let the water in.” I’m pretty sure she’s the worst school counselor ever, which is saying a lot, because I also used to review The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

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Meanwhile, Scott steps out of the shower to find his mother hanging from the ceiling in the Kanima’s grasp, while Gerard sits in an armchair. I’m guessing he doesn’t realize that he’ll turn into the Kanima if he hurts the innocent, because he threatens to kill her if Scott doesn’t retrieve Derek and the pack for him. He reminds Scott that the Kanima is used for retribution, which Gerard can only have by killing Derek, as he’s the one responsible for Kate’s and Victoria’s deaths. Eventually, the Kanima releases her and leaves with Gerard, striking fear in Mrs. McCall’s heart as she begs Scott to comply so that nobody gets hurt.

Next, we see Boyd and Erica marching in the woods when they hear a large pack of wolves. They don’t recognize any of the calls as Derek, and they tell their Alpha that they’re going to leave the pack during the championship game. Derek scolds them, telling them they’ll never survive without him, and they tell him about the new pack they heard. When they leave, Peter appears and rants to Derek about the new wolves, the Kanima, and Gerard. He offers to help Derek, who is already wary of him after talking with Deaton, and they fight.

At the animal hospital, Scott and Dr. Deaton are hard at work when they hear someone enter, driving the kenneled dogs mad. When they walk to the front, they find Isaac and invite him to watch as they treat a dying dog. Isaac tells them that he can smell the dog’s sickness, and Deaton shows him that he can relieve its pain by touching it. For the first time in his life, Isaac feels good about himself and what he can contribute to the world. Before he leaves, Isaac tells Scott that Boyd and Erica plan to leave the pack, and he thinks that he’ll do the same since he has nobody in Beacon Hills to protect or worry about. He also informs Scott that all hell’s going to break loose at the championship game, as Jackson is slated to participate.

Before the game, Danny shows concern for Jackson, which is reciprocated with a warning to stay away from him when he starts his attack. Mrs. McCall needlessly enters the locker room just as Coach Finnstock begins a pep talk he borrowed from Independence Day. She seems to pay no attention to the fact that there could be naked teenage boys inside but shakes in her sweater when Gerard takes over to encourage the team. He reveals that only one co-captain will play in the game, which Scott finds out is Jackson since his grades are suffering.

Later, Scott and Stiles ride the bench and see Sheriff Stilinski sitting with Mrs. McCall but don’t seem to catch on to the fandom’s prediction that they’ll probably hook up if one of them doesn’t die. Stiles tells Scott that he feels powerless and wants to fight for good, when Finnstock appears and puts him in the game. While the Sheriff and his son are both elated over this opportunity, Gerard begins to speak to Scott. In his weekly crazy-old-man monologue, he tells him that he has until the end of the game to find Derek, or he’ll have Jackson murder someone at the game.

In the woods, the Argents ride ATVs, stopping every so often to play recordings of the wolf sounds heard by Boyd and Erica earlier. I was disappointed that the writers dropped the Sterica (Stiles and Erica) story line for Ericoyd, as we see the biracial pair of shape shifters hold hands in the woods as they tremble in terror. We later see the hunters chase them on their ATVs until little miss bossypants orders them to stop so she can shoot Erica. When she goes down, Erica begs Boyd to leave, and he runs, but when Allison fires another arrow, he returns and catches it. Allison continues to fire at both of them until Chris shoots her bow out of her hand. All I can say is, what a stud, so confident in his own abilities that he’s willing to risk his daughter’s life to let her know when she’s blinded by revenge. She ignores the intervention to phone Gerard, finally calling him Grandpa.

As the game begins, Stiles starts out playing awful, when Isaac joins Scott on the bench. Scott is surprised and relieved that he got through to Isaac, who agrees to injure his own teammates so that Scott can get in the game and fight Jackson and Gerard. Scott is dismayed when Gerard orders Jackson to take Isaac out of the game by breaking his leg but is finally allowed to play. We see that his skills suffer just as much as Stiles when Gerard tells him that Allison is the prize he’ll win if he can bring Derek to him.

We see Isaac again in the locker room crawling away from Gerard, armed with a sword. When he gets to the sinks and is able to climb to his feet, he sees Scott standing behind his geriatric opponent. The only shot we see of this fight is of Scott throwing Gerard’s lackey against a wall, after which Old Man Revenge goes missing. Back on the field, Coach Finnstock notices that Scott isn’t on the field when Stiles takes the ball and scores the first of many goals that night.

At the Hale house, Peter tells Derek that he no longer wants to lead his pack but join it and help him. Derek once again refuses him, and when their fight finishes, Peter tells Derek that he became the Alpha too soon, which is why Gerard is picking off his pack like flies. He also reveals that he has a plan to stop Jackson while sparing his life by using Lydia to tap into his true identity, similar to the legend of how a werewolf can be stopped by calling him by his Christian name. Little does Peter know that Lydia might be of little use to them, as she’s quickly falling for Stiles with each point he accrues.

When Scott returns to the game, he sees that there are only 30 seconds left on the clock but remains frozen as Jackson lurks about the field. Scott starts to think that Gerard’s threats were empty, when time runs out and the lights go out, triggering screams in the crowd. When the lights turn on again, Scott sees one of his teammates on the ground, whom they discover is Jackson. Mrs. McCall checks his vitals, finding no pulse or breath, but she does find claw marks on his stomach, which Scott and Isaac know came from his own hands. As the conveniently-placed nurse enlists a worried Lydia to help her, Sheriff Stilinski searches frantically for his son with no luck.

What do you think will happen to Stiles? Will Lydia help save Jackson or become the love interest we were promised for Stiles? Who do you predict will die next week?

– Rae

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