Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “Personal Effects” – 8/6/12

Steve is packing his stuff in his room at the dead agent’s vault. He and Claudia then join the rest for a mission briefing. Pete has started on the topic of hot water and how important his 30-minute power shower is each day. Just as everyone has gotten annoyed, Artie comes in with the actual topic for the briefing. There has been a spider bite incident without bite marks in North Dakota. Steve knows the artifact that does that. He saw it in Walter Sykes’s warehouse before he died and everything got shipped out.

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In Devil’s Lake, Pete and Myka find the safe house of Walter Sykes. They figure out they are in the right house because of the pictures in the frames—they are the ones that actually come with the frames. As they explore the house, Pete finds the basement broken into and the empty boxes the artifacts were in, while Myka finds the artifact responsible for the spider bite.

At a pawn shop, a man is trying to sell a box of old stuff. When the owner is in the back looking at the price lists, the man finds out that the old pipe that was in the box can make a small tornado, so he decides to keep it.

Pete and Myka discover that the thief must have known the alarm code because there are no other signs of a break in and the alarm never went off. As they visit the security company, the guy who works there tries to run because he is the one that gave the thief (named Jesse Ashton) the code to break in the house. He just wanted to help him. They learn Jesse has sold everything to a pawn shop.

As they arrive at said pawn shop, Pete gets a bad vibe, and shortly after, the place blows up.

Artie, Steve, Claudia, and Leena show up at the shop. They are going to need all hands on deck if they are going to save this town. Six artifacts have already made their way into town. Thankfully, everyone paid with a credit card, so tracking who bought what is quite easy, and they split up to go after them.

Pete and Myka arrive at Jesse’s appartment and find it wrecked. They try to figure out what it is exactly that the artifact does. They check his browser history to find out where he might have gone. Turns out, the last website he checked was of a bank.

Claudia and Steve arrive at a lingerie store to find the sunglasses. It turns out it is the first pair made by RayBan, and they work so well it makes the wearer invisible to the human eye. The girl working in the store says that stuff has been falling off the shelves all day.

Leena and Artie find the violin at a local music school just in time before it does some serious damage. Turns out it was Napoleon’s violin, and it would have been a disaster if the girl had hit a high F.

When Pete and Myka arrive at the bank, it has been wrecked by a tornado, and it is snowing. It appears Jesse took all the money from the ATM and left before Pete and Myka showed up.

In some warehouse, Jesse is upset. The money he got isn’t nearly enough for his cause, and he starts practicing on a forklift in the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka visit Jesse’s mother to learn more about him. Myka notices the overdue bills—one of them a foreclosure notice on the house from the bank Jesse just robbed. Pete has the bright idea that they should chase the weather.

Claudia and Steve are still trying to catch the man with the sunglasses. They learn that he can be seen on camera and manage to catch him with help of the security camera and the camera on their cell phone. After Steve stops the guy with his arm, Claudia notices that she has a sore arm.

Leena and Artie are at the country club finding some golf club artifact. They find a man whose wife hit him on the head with a golf club and then took off, probably finding his golf buddies. She’s mad, and the club makes her madness turn into more violence as she hits one of her husband’s friends with it. Artie manages to get the club away from her, and in his rage, he shouts that he sacrificed everything and that he rescued everyone but can’t even tell anyone about it. When Leena bags the club, she askes what he was talking about. He denies saying anything and just says that he is always angry.

Pete and Myka notice a storm on the weather radar they got and go after it. They find him in a warehouse trying to break into an armored money truck, which, according to the chained up driver, is impossible. While Pete and Myka are talking to him, they just miss being hit by the truck coming back out of the sky. When they get to him again, Jesse is gone with all the money. They noticed the bandage on his arm and him saying he is running out of time, and they figure that he is sick.

Steve and Claudia are at the bird house, where they figured out that the artifact bird cage makes birds into killer birds. Pete calls Claudia to get a code so they can break into hospital records. After she mails Pete the code, she and Steve make a run for the nutralizer in the trunk in the car. They make it, but not before Claudia feels a bird biting her neck. As she walks away, Steve notices that he was the one that was bitten by the bird and begins to suspect something is wrong.

At the hospital, Pete and Myka find out it is Jesse’s brother Ronnie that is sick. Jesse has just been giving blood donations to keep him alive. The money he stole was for the purpose of saving his brother.

Jesse, in the meantime, is threatening the chief that she needs to perform surgery on his brother. He is willing to pay her anything she wants, but she responds that it is more complicated than that. He takes her hostage and onto the roof, where he starts up a storm.

After a failed attempt to stop him, Pete and Myka tell the chief to get everyone safely in the basement before Jesse does something stupid.

Claudia and Steve arrive at the scene, and after getting caught up, they suggest using the glasses to get the pipe away from Jesse. Myka goes to distract him while Pete puts on the glasses, but he is discovered when something blows into him. He still manages to knock down Jesse and stop the storm, and they reason with him.

After they tell him that the chief can’t do anything because they have to have a perfect match for a heart to do the transplant, which is the only thing that could save Ronnie. After learning this, Jesse kills himself with the pipe, stating that this way, he could be there for Ronnie and save him. They perform the transplant, and Ronnie is saved, just as Jesse wanted.

When they are leaving the hospital, Steve tests if his suspicions are right by sticking himself with a needle. Claudia does feel that, and Steve looks worried. Claudia still suspects nothing.

At the warehouse, Leena tries to make Artie talk about what he said when he was under the influence of the golf club. She is just worried and doesn’t want him to carry the burden alone.

When she leaves, he calls someone to find the dagger artifact. He needs it done off the books and without Pete and Myka knowing about it.

End of episode.

It was a nice episode. I liked the pace and them slowly figuring out that they are linked by Steve. I am really curious to see where they are taking the story with this. I have a bad vibe that it is going to blow up in all their faces in an epic season finale.

I really liked that Steve is fully integrated in the team again, and I loved seeing Leena out in the field. They should do that more often.

Loved that Leena is just genuinely worried about Artie, to the point that she doesn’t care if he doesn’t want to tell her what is going on, as long as he is not alone in this and isn’t in danger.

I am wondering what is happening on the H.G. Wells front. Last we heard from her, Artie was saying she should be set free, yet no one mentioned anything about it in the past two episodes.

One thing, though, that always annoys me in every police-like show is that they often ask for a drink, and that person sets out to make said drink and by the time they come back with the water, tea, or coffee, they always leave!!! I understand they usually have to, but it is still rude! Sorry, had to mention this. I can’t be the only one.

– Charlotte

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