Recap/Review – Teen Wolf – “Master Plan” – 8/13/12

What an intense finale! Romance, family, action, betrayal…this episode had it all. I must say, I got a little wistful hearing and seeing the awesome new theme for the last time this season, and I hope it sounds and looks even better next season if they change it. Enough tears, though. Let’s sink our fangs into this week’s show. We start the night with Mrs. McCall as she watches the paramedics pack an oozing body bag into an ambulance. The body inside is obviously Jackson, and Mrs. McCall insists on coming with, much to the dismay of one of the medics. I found it a little hard to believe that they would be able to get him onto a gurney and into the ambulance without touching some Kanima jelly and being paralyzed, but I’ll take it.

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We next see Stiles getting drop-kicked down a flight of stairs into what can only be the Argents’ basement. When he manages to find a light switch, he sees Boyd and Erica bound and hanging from the ceiling and learns the hard way that they’re being restrained by electrical wires. Gerard enters and tells him that it would be useless to bloody them up for information because they would instinctively keep their Alpha’s secret hideout a mystery. Stiles warns the old man that Scott will find him by scent, which does worry Gerard, as he smacks him to the floor and gives him the beating of his life.

In the locker room, Isaac and Scott talk to Sheriff Stilinski about Stiles, in which he begs the young wolves to let him know if his son contacts them. When he exits, a downtrodden Finnstock pulls Scott aside and begs him to get his grades up so that he can play. This is the first time we see him actually being nice… It’s kind of cute. Scott and Isaac wait for the locker room to clear before breaking into Stiles’s locker so they can use his scent to search for him, and then Peter and Derek enter. Scott is confused as to how Peter is even alive, but Derek quickly changes the subject to Gerard, and Scott explains that he had to get close to him to save his mom. Derek also tells them that Peter might be able to get through to Jackson. Scott breaks the bad news that Jackson is dead, and though we at home are smart enough to know he won’t be, Peter says that they need to act quickly to find out why Gerard killed him.

Back at the Argent compound, Chris finds Gerard and Allison in her bedroom, and Chris gets in his father’s face about what happened with Jackson. When he leaves, Chris questions Allison why she isn’t torn up at all about Jackson or Scott, and she basically tells him that she’s become the person he wanted her to be. He tells her that Gerard is the one who wanted her to become a heartless little bratface and dismantles her crossbow when she brings up the bow he shot out of her hand earlier that night.

At the hospital, Mrs. McCall manages to get some time alone with Jackson’s body bag and notices the goo dripping from the table. The smart lady pokes a stick in the juice to examine it and opens the body bag to find Jackson covered in a protective layer of his essence of Kanima.

We next see Sheriff Stilinski pacing in his son’s bedroom as he talks on the phone with someone at the hospital. Stiles enters with a busted face and tells his father that the other team beat him up after the game, which earns him a hug. We never find out how Stiles manages to escape the Argents, and personally, I think it’s pretty pointless that Gerard thinks he’s going to get to Scott by kicking the crap out of him, but his battle scars do wonders for his emotional scenes with his father and Lydia in this episode.

At the Hale house, the four wolves continue to worry about Stiles but get down to business as Peter pulls out an ancient-looking laptop from under the stairs. He tells them that it’s their own set of supernatural records. Scott then gets a call from his mother, asking him to come to the hospital to help her with Jackson. When he and Isaac arrive, Jackson starts to come back to life, and Mrs. McCall frantically tries to zip up the body bag. Just when the zipper gets stuck, Jackson starts to morph teeth first, and she manages to close the bag, though they’re complete fools if they think that’s going to stop him.

When we return to the Stilinski house, we find Lydia knocking on Stiles’s bedroom door, and she’s a total wreck over Jackson. Woman, you need to stop messing with this boy’s head if you don’t actually like him! She tells him that she needs to return something to Jackson, but the staff at the hospital won’t let her see him, probably because he’s dead as far as they know. When Stiles returns from the bathroom with some TP for her tear-holes, Lydia notices that he’s been ignoring calls and messages from Scott. She wanders around the room and finds what Stiles explains were back-up birthday gifts, and then she gets an alarming text, though we never find out from whom it came.

Back in the basement, Chris explains that the Argents have always used electricity as a restraint for the werewolves they catch because it weakens them and keeps them from transforming and healing. He goes off on a tangent about “blurred lines,” and I start to think it’s going to turn into an annoying Gerard-esque monologue, when he turns off the voltage and reveals that he’s rebelling against his father.

By the time Scott reaches Peter and Derek on the phone, they’ve found some interesting information about Jackson in their version of the bestiary. They learn that the Kanima has the ability to transform into a much more dangerous winged creature and decide to have Scott and Isaac meet them at the werehouse with the body bag. They make it just outside the hospital when they run into Chris, who tells them that they need to work together to fight Gerard and gives them a lift.

When we return to the glass case of unrequited love, Lydia tells Stiles that she wants to help Jackson no matter the cost, which gets to Stiles. He tells her how much everyone she loves would suffer if she died (he would know, he lost his mom)—or rather, screams it at her—when she starts crying and runs out in a hurry. We later see Stiles sulking alone in his room when his dad enters and tells him how proud he is of the game he played. He tells him he was a “hero,” but Stiles brushes it off, and we know that he feels worthless because he doesn’t have any supernatural powers.

As soon as the wolves arrive at the werehouse with the traitorous hunter and climb out of his car, Derek comes speeding toward them on all fours, looking like an idiot. Chris tells him that he came not to hunt him but to get help with Jackson, and they’re invited in. When Scott asks about Peter and Lydia, Derek brushes him off again and proceeds to unzip the body bag. Gerard enters and agrees with Derek, that Jackson is too much of a threat to all of them to keep alive. Just as Derek is about to end Jackson, he wakes up and digs his claws into the Alpha, throwing him across the room.

Someone must have called time out during the commercial break because Gerard has time to explain that they led him right to Derek by dragging his little tracking device along. Scott hears a whirring noise and ducks, causing the arrow Allison meant for him to hit his new BFF, Isaac. He drags his fellow wolf out of harm’s way, and Chris tries to shoot Jackson for the second pointless time this season, only further angering him. Jackson finishes his transformation, and the four vs. one fight begins as he grabs Chris’s gun with his tail. Scott and Isaac wolf out as the theme song starts to play, and I bob my head and root for the good guys, but Jackson kicks their trash one by one. Just as Isaac is about to step in and save the soon-to-be paralyzed Derek, Allison comes out of nowhere and double shanks him. She moves toward Derek when Scott calls for her, breaking her focus and giving Jackson time to take her by the throat.

The entire group stops and listens as Gerard and Scott explain that the old man is dying of cancer, which Isaac now also smells, and Gerard tells his family that he doesn’t give a crap about them. Scott brings Derek to Gerard in exchange for Allison, but when Gerard gets the bite, he’s the last one to notice his own black blood. Though he undoubtedly reads the bestiary during his hour-long trips to the bathroom, he demands an explanation from Derek, but it’s Scott that explains that Deaton helped him switch his crazy pills with mountain ash. Father Time then starts bleeding from every orifice and projectile vomits the black sludge, which looked totally fake since he didn’t get a single drop on his clothes. He commands Jackson to kill all of them before passing out, and Stiles and Lydia drive into the werehouse like the heroes they are, hitting Jackson with his Jeep.

Jackson then jumps onto the car without a scratch on him, and the pair of humans take this as their cue to exit the vehicle. Stiles runs to Scott and screams for Lydia, who stands right in front of Jackson, holding up his house key. As soon as it catches his eye, he remembers the way he felt when he first gave her the key as a symbol that their relationship was moving from purely physical to something more. Everyone watches as he slowly turns human again, not seeming to care at all that he’s butt naked. When he’s entirely Jackson again, Peter and Derek stab him, and he falls into Lydia’s arms as she tells him she still loves him. She lays him down, and the group looks around for a now-missing Gerard, but when their attention is turned back to Jackson, they see his wounds heal and his eyes flash bright blue. We watch as he rises in front of Stiles’s strategically-placed headlights and a whirlwind of dust, growing the most unattractive set of werewolf sideburns and fangs we’ve seen thus far. Suddenly, he looks human again and uses Lydia as a human loin cloth, as nobody can stop staring at the two embracing.

We find Scott and Allison again in her bedroom, oddly canoodling as they break up with one another. Scott tells her that he’ll wait for the day when they can be together again, but this scene begs a lot of questions. Will Allison fight Scott next season to avenge Gerard? Is Gerard actually dead? Chris then enters, and the questions just keep rolling in. Will he continue to fight on Scott’s side? Will Scott help Derek? Will Chris help Scott help Derek? What will happen to Scott and Isaac’s wolf-mance, and will it threaten Scott’s relationship with Stiles? Will Stiles finally get Lydia or have another love interest? What will happen to Boyd and Erica?

I’m getting ahead of myself, as we then see Boyd and Erica dart through the woods and come to a stop when they run into a pack of the baddest mother-lovin’ werewolves we’ve ever seen. Derek and Peter later explain to Isaac that they’re all Alphas, but we don’t yet know if they’ll be friends or foes to our bi-racial wolf lovers. We also see Deaton and Morrell examine the drops of black blood left at the werehouse, which probably means Bianca Lawson will be part of next season. Please excuse me while I vomit, as I can’t stand any character she’s ever played in her life.

The final scene of the night shows Scott and Stiles drive onto the lacrosse field to practice and discuss how they’re back to square one, with nobody but each other to lean on. Scott tells Stiles that he’s going to wait for Allison, and I don’t predict him having falling for any other love interest that comes his way next season. I would, however, love to see Stiles crush on another girl now that Lydia and Jackson are joined at the hips again, as well as see him become the captain of the lacrosse team.

What did you think of the finale? What are your predictions for next season?

– Rae

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