Recap/Review – Rizzoli & Isles – “Melt My Heart to Stone” – 8/14/12

Jane and Maura investigate the murders of several prostitutes found molded into statutes resembling Venus de Milo. Cavanaugh finally announces the promotion of the new detective to Homicide. Dennis Rockmond comes back to Boston to profess his love for Maura.


A little boy lingering away from the rest of his class notices blood falling from a statue.

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As the team prepares for the annoucement of Frankie’s promotion, Cavanaugh surprises them all when he announces the promotion of Detective Riley Cooper. Noooo! Frost and Frankie are none too happy when they realized they were played for fools.

After leaving tons of open cases for the newly-appointed detective, the team gets a call about a body found by the Grant Museum of Fine Arts. The body is inside the Venus de Milo, and even though it was placed in plain sight, there’s no security footage for the time of the murder.

Back at the station, Jane, Maura, and Angela try to comfort Frankie and spot a familiar face. Dennis Rockmond (Eddie Cibrian) is back in town and offers Maura an invitation to his book signing. Maura hasn’t heard from him in three months, declines the offer, and heads over to perform the autopsy on the dead woman.

She’s in her mid-50s, has had no dental care, has multiple track marks on her neck, a large slash across her face, and her arms have been mutilated. Her body is very cool from having been stored in cool storage anywhere from 2-6 months.

Frost found similar cases across the U.S.; four prostitutes were found in a similar fashion, except without the large scar. The statues were all found in places frequented by children.

Jane sends Frost and Frankie with Riley to show the photo of the dead woman in Bay Village. Afterwards, she finds Maura brooding over Dennis and does her best Valley-girl impression to snap her out of it.

Maura has finished her autopsy of the woman and found cigarette burns on the soles of her feet and that she had a C-section some years ago. The plaster used to wrap the body is the same used on construction sites.

Riley succeeds in finding someone to identify the photo! Rachel Dugan – aka Cruella – is identified by another street-walker, who says she hasn’t seen Rachel in three months.

Maura and a reluctant Jane have accepted Dennis’s invitation to his book signing. He’s so happy to see them both and invites Maura out for coffee, but she declines, again, at Jane’s urging.

Another body has been found – this time, on a carousel. The killer used a laser pointer to disable the security cameras. These brazen acts remind Jane of Hoyt.

Maura’s autopsy determines that this woman was a new mother, and she, too, has cigarette burns on the soles of her feet. Jane takes a photo and shows it to Rondo, and with some incentive, he identifies her as Rainbow – aka Christine Sullivan. Rondo’s friend, Kitty, says that one of Rainbow’s regular Johns, a contruction worker known as Bear, paid extra for choking.

Over at Maura’s house, Angela is knitting a baby blanket for her possible grandchild. Dennis shows up with flowers, an apology, and a declaration of love for Maura.

They’ve found Bear, and he lives up to his nickname, but Maura doesn’t think he fits the profile of a serial killer. They’ve found plaster in his truck but little else.

Jane opens an envelope left on her desk. It’s from the killer, now obviously not Bear, as it instructs her to not give credit to the wrong sculptor.

The detectives in St. Paul have a lead: Frederick Stone; he shared a cell with Hoyt. No prints are found on Jane’s envelope. Their investigation is interrupted by a screaming woman in labor; Lydia’s come back because she wants her baby born into the Rizzoli family. Tommy shows up just in time to see his almost-here son or half-brother. Dear, sweet, Angela offers to feed Lydia as a sign of goodwill.

While Maura is in the autopsy room, Dennis comes in through the ambulance bay and surprises Maura; he’s there with an invitation for dinner. It’s his 36th birthday, after all. She agrees and arrives to his spacious home. He has an out-of-order private elevator!

Back at the station, the detectives get the news that Frederick Stone was detained for two days, so he couldn’t possibly have committed the murder. (Hmm, let’s see…who’s left?) Rachel Dugan had a son 36 years ago, abused him, and once he was put in the system, he was abused by his foster mother.
The tox results have arrived for the third victim; there was a substantial amount of inderal in her system. Jane remembers that Dennis, when wheeled into autopsy, also had an overdose of inderal in his system. Turning to Maura’s desk, Jane finds the sculpture given to Maura and breaks it, uncovering what must be the hand of Rachel Dugan, Dennis Rockmond’s mother.

They get to his house just in time; he’s ready to show his “art” to Maura. He holds her hostage as the detectives approach, teetering close to the elevator shaft. He placed those bodies in all the places he wanted to go with his mommy. Dennis falls to his death, nearly taking Maura with him.

Once home safe with Jane and Angela, they hear a knock at the door. A small package has been left for them: Lydia’s baby!

First, the good. I was genuinely shocked to see Riley Cooper back and as a detective, no less. I didn’t see that coming, and watching Frost and Frankie act like children in her presence is always good for a laugh. Not too sure if I like her character yet. Time will tell. Jane’s Valley-girl impression – spot on. Rondo’s 10-second appearance, Tommy’s sheer surprise at Lydia’s ‘situation… All wonderfully funny.

Now, the bad. Crime story-wise, this was wholly disappointing. Dennis was gone for three months, and this first murdered woman had been missing for three months, plus Maura and Jane have a knack for meeting with psychopaths. Then Maura was in “grave” danger. No, she wasn’t.

But this is more Rizzoli & Isles: the dysfunctional family drama more than Rizzoli & Isles: mind-blowing crime drama.

I really want to know the results of the future paternity test of Lydia’s baby. So hurry up, November!

– Lindsay

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