If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/23/12

Is it just me, or is this week taking forever to be over? I have been finding this week to be just creeping by—perhaps it’s because I have fun plans for the weekend, but whatever the case, I’m glad it’s Thursday. Let’s see what’s on television tonight to amuse and entertain us.

Megan’s Choice

Rookie Blue has been pulling on my heart strings for weeks now. First with Gail being kidnapped, then with Jerry dying, then the funeral—finally with Sam and Andy splitting. WHY?! I ask you writers… WHY? Okay, I do know why—because it’s damn good television. I was a weeping mess during last week’s episode, especially when Traci read the vows Jerry had written. I am hoping this week’s episode brings me a few more laughs with my drama, or at least a few feel good happy moments. Please?

On tonight’s episode, “The Rules,” Andy and Nick investigate when a drug lord threatens a priest’s life; a drug-runner’s refusal to turn informant leads Traci to a career decision.

To see how Andy and Sam deal with being apart, tune in to ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Rookie Blue @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching Saving Hope.
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Jenny’s Choice

Tonight is the summer finale of Burn Notice, and the big question of who killed Nate is still hanging over their heads. Last week, they narrowed it down to a man who goes by the initials T.G. (his name is Tyler Grey), but just when Michael was about to get more information from the top guy of the private military contractor, Pryon, who bought the gun used to shoot him, the man was killed. Fiona had to work with the CIA to fulfill her debt for getting out of prison, and Michael couldn’t help but insert himself into the mission, which turned out to be a good thing.

So will we learn more about T.G. tonight, like who he’s working for, why Anson (and thereby Nate) was killed, etc? I don’t have those answers, but I hope we get them tonight!

On tonight’s episode, “Desperate Times,” Michael travels to Panama with his team to capture a deadly assassin. However, the operation goes terribly wrong when the target discovers their location, leaving Michael and his team outnumbered and outgunned. Back in Miami, Madeline tries getting answers to some difficult questions from Card. Angelica Celay and Timothy V. Murphy guest star.

Don’t miss it tonight on USA Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Burn Notice @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/DVRing American Bible Challenge, Oh Sit!, Beat the Chefs, Extreme Chef, Rookie Blue, & Sullivan & Son.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight is the summer finale of Suits. Last week, Donna returned—on the conditions that she got a bigger bonus and that she got to fire her replacement. When Donna discovered that Louis had been made partner by Hardman (in order to sway the votes his way), she quickly told Jessica the news. Harvey tried to wine and dine Louis and, when that didn’t work, told him that he could tie him to Hardman’s embezzlement. Meanwhile, Mike decided to use his bonus to buy a Manhattan apartment for his grandmother (that must have been quite the bonus!). However, when Mike returned to the office, Rachel revealed the bad news that his grandmother had passed away.

So what will happen in tonight’s finale? Which side will Louis cast his vote for, and what will the fallout be? How will Mike handle the loss of the only person he had left in his life? And have we seen the last of that missing document that got Donna in trouble in the first place? It should be an exciting mid-season finale!

In tonight’s episode, “High Noon,” personal issues cause Mike to drop off the grid when Harvey needs him during the fight for the firm.

Catch it tonight on USA Network at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Suits @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Rookie Blue, Wilfred, Suits, Awkward., Childrens Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::.

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