Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “No Pain No Gain” – 8/20/12

Again, due to lack of time because of the exam and the stupid wisdom tooth, this one is written by story lines, rather than chronologically.


In Kyoto, Japan, Claudia and Myka retrieve an artifact—a feather from a crow—that is beautiful but deadly. During this mission, Myka learns that her sister is pregnant.

Artie is watching a hockey game. Something weird is going on at that game. A player is hurt really badly but gets up like nothing is wrong and seems to be healed. He sends Pete and Myka after it.

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In Toronto, Pete and Myka start to question the players of the team. Myka starts with Mike, the man that was hurt badly but got up anyway. He is being cocky and flirty, and she hates him. She checks his necklace, but it isn’t the artifact.

Pete shows her the X-ray of Mike’s arm that was made after the game. Pete is surprised that Myka can read it. She explains she was pre-med and then pre-law before being in the Secret Service. Pete makes a snarky comment that even with all that, she is in the exact place as him. Something’s wrong with the X-ray. She didn’t feel a deformity, which is shown on the X-ray, while shaking his hand.

When they find the real X-ray in his medical file, it shows that his muscles have wrapped themselves around the broken bones, which keep them steady and painless. He shouldn’t even be walking according to those X-rays.

In the locker room, they bag everything that belongs to Mike, but nothing turns out to be the artifact. After Pete stops a fight between Mike and another player in the shower, he figures out that it is not Mike but someone else who is is “whammying” him. After they learn that it’s definitly not the owner who is doing this to Mike, they do learn it is only at home games where Mike is performing this well. At away games, he sucks.

They talk to Mike to find out if he knows anyone who would “help” him this way, but he doesn’t know. They come up with the plan to gather up all the hardcore fans in one section, and then Mike has to get hurt and they look out for the fan who has an artifact. After a short chat, Myka starts to actually like Mike.

Before the game, Myka talks to Mike to wish him good luck. Sparks start to fly, and they kiss for good luck. One fan in the audience is disappointed. (Pete doesn’t notice.) When going through people’s bags, Pete talks to a little kid and daydreams for a second. Mike gets “hurt” on the ice, and he puts the keys he was holding back and tries to spot the fan, but nothing happens – except for Myka feeling pain and sick. She rushes off to the ladies room. She calls Pete in there, and she shows him that she is now pregnant (as in very, very, very pregnant).

When they call Artie, he tells them it must be a wish fulfilling artifact. It turns out that it was Pete who wished her pregnant while holding some keys. They figure it is one of the keychains.

They find that the woman has left the stadium, but Pete has her name and adress, and they go after this Judy. She’s not at her house, and they find that she must be obsessed with Mike and definitly the one with the artifact. They find out that her grandfather survived one of the bloodiest battles of WW II, and Pete remembers there being dog tags on the keys. When they notice she packed, they figure that she is at her grandfather’s cabin, where she apparantly has abducted Mike to.

After they arrive, Myka is sleeping, so Pete goes in alone. She sees him coming and goes outside to hold Myka hostage with an axe. Pete finds Mike, who tells him where Judy has gone off to, and he runs out to Myka. When Judy tries to affect Pete with the artifact, he plays along and plays dead until she hangs over him, and then he snatches the artifact. Myka manages to shoot Judy with the Tesla, and Pete bags the artifact, meaning Myka is back to normal and Mike is in a lot of pain inside the cabin.

At the hospital, Pete tells Myka that it probably only works on people you love, making Myka tease Pete. But she looks at him lovingly when he is staring at a newborn baby with googly eyes.

Meanwhile, at the Warehouse, Artie lies to Steve about doing inventory when rushing into the warehouse. Of course, Steve knows he’s lying and follows him. Artie discovers another artifact missing, and then Steve makes himself known. Artie tells him that someone has been stealing the artifacts, but he doesn’t want Claudia or the rest to know about it. The artifacts seem to be items that would get under Artie’s skin, meaning it is personal. They find two more items to be missing. One of them being McCoy’s rifle, meaning if Hatfield’s rifle was still there, they would be able to track the other one. Luckily, that one is still in the Warehouse, and Steve sees an advertisement on a building through a window when he is holding the rifle. Artie knows where it is, and they go after it. When they arrive, the two rifles start shooting at each other, and Steve lets slip that if he got shot, Claudia would die. Artie says that they have to find a solution for that. Inside, they find a lot of missing artifacts, but then Steve notices some shipping supplies. They figure that some of them have already been shipped out somewhere.

Mrs. Frederic takes Claudia for a walk. She wants her to learn about her destiny. She shows Claudia how artifacts are made when a woman throws herself in front of a baby at a robbery to prevent the baby from being shot. Mrs. F tells her that the creation of an artifact is simply the meeting of an object, a person, and a moment.

At the end of their day out, Claudia meets Mrs. F’s grandson. Her son has long since passed. She tells her that not all wonders are endless.

Liked this episode a lot more than the previous one, I like it when they have one main artifact-related story line which is solved in one episode and everyone handling the multi-episode arcs.

I also loved the “romantic comedy” in which Myka was involved. It suits her being in love (but not pregnant! She gets cranky!), and I loved the way Pete portrayed some kind of storyteller in it all.

Is it just me, or was that look from Myka at the end to Pete watching the baby a start of maybe them getting more chemistry, even building to something more? I am a sucker for love affairs (I nearly died of happiness when Kate Becket and Richard Castle FINALLY kissed and now seem to start something with each other), so I really wouldn’t mind, as long as they don’t get so annoying, as in Bones.

Can’t wait to see what is going to happen with the Brotherhood and the Warehouse… At least, I think it is the Brotherhood who has been stealing the artifacts. They are so Artie-related.

Last but not least, I wonder how they are going to solve the problem of Claudia feeling all of Steve’s pain when he gets hurts, and when she is going to find out! Just hope they don’t kill off Steve again.

– Charlotte

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