Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “There’s Always a Downside” – 8/13/12

Sorry, guys. I’ve been kind of busy with a horrible exam and a nasty wisdom tooth removal, so I am going to make this one a bit short with every story line separately instead of chronological.


At the warehouse, Artie tells the crew that Hugo Miller recieved an artifact at his house. Artie mixes things up and sends Pete and Claudia (who is annoyed at this) to Hugo. Steve and Myka have to go to New Orleans, where patients from a pshychiatrist heal overnight. When they all leave, Artie tells Pete to keep an eye on Claudia.

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In New Canaan, Connecticut, Hugo has recieved a set of marbles that once belonged to Bobby Fisher. They give the holder of the marbles extreme focus. Someone has just Fed-Exed them to him. His nephew is exposed to them after trying them out.

When they bag the marbles, it doesn’t go *poof* … and Brady confesses that he loaned out four marbles to some of his friends because times at school are stressful right now. They find out one friend has started fighting at school, a side effect of the extreme focus.

Two other friends are getting violent at school, but Pete stops them. In the meantime, Brady is still overly-focused. He goes into cardiac arrest. Claudia stops the fourth one just in time before disaster hits. When they have all the friends together, they learn that the head master has confiscated one of the marbles.

The head master turns out to be mad at the school board. They figure he will probably make his move at the basketball game, at which the entire school and board will be attending.

Brady and his friends try to stop Hugo and Claudia from stopping the IMT (the competition that’s going on between schools). Claudia shoots them with the Tesla to stop them from attacking them.

Claudia suddenly collapses with pain, and she seems to be suffocating. It takes a while, but then suddenly, she is fine again.

At the basketball game, Pete’s vibes are all over the map. He tracks the head master into the furnace room. The head master discovers Pete and knocks him out for a second. When Pete comes to, he knocks the head master out, but not after he manages to put the poison in place. Pete tells Hugo and Claudia to get everybody out of the gym. When Pete sees what he has to disconnect, he uses a marble to focus on how he has to dismantle the electronics that are about to dispense the poison. He succeeds, and they manage to bag all the marbles, making everyone feel all right again.

Steve and Myka arrive in New Orleans and go talk to the doctor and the PTSD patient. His symptons completely vanished over night, and he doesn’t even remember how he got PTSD in the first place.

They try to find something at the doctor’s office that might explain why this is happening, but they come up empty handed until they find a flyer for a jazz club nearby – the same jazz club the PTSD patient was wearing a T-shirt of earlier. After arriving at this jazz club, they see it is filled with hundreds of items, all of which could be the artifact. They notice this one musician that has been playing every night for months, which is the only consistency with the troubles that have started. His name is Ethan, and he seems sick. The bartender tells them that he has been this way for three months now, which is the time frame in which the miraculous healing has started at the doctor’s office. They figure that he has the artifact, and he is soaking up all the pain from the patients.

When they talk to Ethan, he tells them he is playing through the pain, which makes his music better. As the bartender says, Jazz gets better if drawn on life experience. Ethan wants to be a better musician, even if it kills him. When they tell him that they know he has an artifact, he grabs Steve and is shocked at the amount of pain but still doesn’t let go. Steve yells at him that he is killing Claudia (who is now collapsing in New Canaan and suffocating). Myka now knows that there is a side effect to Steve being brought back. After they bag the artifact, Steve, Ethan, and Claudia are fine.

Ethan explains how he got the artifact and why he used it. The bartender proclaims her love for him. So they live happily ever after.

After Steve explains the pain-link to Claudia, he tells her he doesn’t think there is another way except for him to stop the metronome again. She tells him that there has to be another way becaus she has lost too many people already and doesn’t want to lose him…again.

When they get back, Steve tells Artie he needs some time off to get his head together. Artie agrees with that.

Adrian has shown up at the house again. He has an artifact he wants Artie to help him with. It should help them track down the astrolabe. After protesting from Artie, Adrian shows him the research he has already done on the artifact and that there are almost no side effects. During the proces, when Adrian isn’t watching, Artie destroys the artifact, but it turned out to be fake anyway, and Adrian now knows that Artie was the one who used the astrolabe.

Artie tries to explain why he did what he did, but Adrian doesn’t want to listen. He is still set on turning back what Artie has done. Artie tells him that he was there, and that despite Adrian warning him, Artie still had to do what he did. When Artie says that he will not undo what he did, Adrian threatens him and tells him things have already been set in motion.

The marbles that Claudia and Pete have recovered have come from within the warehouse… The Brotherhood has started some sort of war.

To be honest, I don’t have that much to say about this one. I do think it is a nice build-up to what I think will be a very exciting story line which will need all hands on board to face. If the Brotherhood does what they promise now, they will have a full-on war on their hands.

I like that Myka knows Steve’s secret, but I still think that he should come clean. Claudia now has sudden pains and doesn’t know where they are coming from. He should explain it to her.

– Charlotte

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