If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/28/12

I know there is a full moon coming later this week, but you would think judging by my children’s wild behaviour that it was already here! Seriously, it’s like an episode of Buffy and some demons possessed them—I am not kidding. Wish me luck! In the meantime, let’s look at some television we can watch tonight while I finishing gluing together the lamp my youngest broke.

Megan’s Choice

People are going to start thinking I have a crush on Gordon Ramsay, seeing as I have been recommending his shows a lot. While I find Ramsay incredibly amusing and totally sexy, I find MasterChef to be edge-of-my-seat television. Last week, when Monte went home, I cried. True story. I really enjoyed her, and I loved it when she really kicked ass and made people notice her as more than just a stay-at-home mom. Sad to see her go, but excited that we’re nearing the end of the competition. I’m rooting for Josh now because I think at the end of the day, he has a lot of talent and the drive to succeed in the food industry.

On tonight’s episode, “Top 4 Compete,” the cooks split into two teams to prepare a meal for the judges and three respected chefs; the cooks on the losing team compete against each other.

To see which chefs make the Top 3, tune in to FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of MasterChef @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’m also watching America’s Got Talent and Storage Wars (don’t judge me 😉 ).
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

Covert Affairs has been giving us nothing but drama this season, and it’s been heartbreaking and delicious. Last week was no less dramatic. We learned something new about Auggie when he admitted to his therapist that he got to the point after the accident that caused his blindness that he thought about walking out into traffic to let it finish off what the first accident started. Annie admitted to Auggie that she knew what happened between him & Parker. They agreed to get together to talk and have a drink later, which would be great. Annie worked hard throughout the ep to gain an asset for the CIA, and we learned right at the end that she’d suceeded. But that came at a price, and Joan, who had supported her, and Arthur got into a huge fight. I hope this doesn’t signal even more problems in the future for the two of them. I love them as a couple, even though their jobs put them at odds more often than not. But one of the hardest parts of the episode was hearing Annie tell Joan she put in for a transfer to another department. WHY?? Gah. Stupid. I hate that. lol But I am looking forward to seeing what happens next…

On tonight’s episode, “Loving the Alien,” Annie decides to take a trip to Cuba with Simon in order to gain more information about his affairs, but she soon finds herself in over her head due to the fact that she doesn’t have any backup from the CIA during the trip.

Don’t miss a moment tonight on USA Network at 10:01/9:01c. Learn where to find episodes online of Covert Affairs @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

Last week, White Collar gave us a fun stand-alone episode. Mozzie bought a storage unit when he and June were out playing their own version of Storage Wars. In the unit, he discovered remnants of a Revolutionary War-era spy ring that may still be in place. He also discovered the unit owner’s address and mades himself at home in the spacious, abandoned apartment. However, when someone else showed up at the address with a gun, Mozzie ran to Neal and Peter for help. The three guys then went on a treasure hunt looking for the flag that Washington carried across the Delaware.

These treasure hunt episodes are always my favorites of the season. It’s nice to take a short break from the ongoing mythology and just have a fun time. Peter, Neal, and Mozzie have such great chemistry, and it’s always a blast watching them work together to solve a mystery. However, tonight it looks like we get back to Neal trying to learn more about his father and his past.

In tonight’s episode, “Compromising Positions,” a cunning political fixer tries to sabotage the trial of a criminal Peter put in jail.

See it tonight on USA Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of White Collar @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Covert Affairs, Face Off, and Collection Intervention.

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3 Responses to If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/28/12

  1. Kyle says:

    Megan, I’ll judge you for AGT but not Storage Wars–that show is always great when I happen catch it. Can you guess who just marathoned 5 episodes this weekend? YUUUUPP is was me! How are Brandy and Jarrod still married?!

  2. Megan says:

    I watch AGT, when I’m tired at night and don’t want to focus on anything. Storage Wars is so amusing. I have no idea how they are still married– they are corrosive together.

  3. Kyle says:

    My main issue with AGT is the name. It should be AGS – America’s Got Singers – as those are the only acts they care about when it comes to the winners. It’s a singing competition under the guise of a broader talent competition. I might actually watch AGT if it was everything but singing and dancing–there are way too many other shows that let people compete in those areas.