Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “A New Beginning” – 8/23/12

Last week, Dawn revoked Charlie’s DNR after realizing that he was hanging on, Maggie thought over Gavin’s kiss, Dana gave Alex’s Chief Surgical Residency to Tom, and Joel dealt more with the loss of a patient.
First Medical Case:

Alex is doing a checkup on a patient who recently went through a gastric bypass surgery and lost half his weight, when he mentions that he dropped a barbell on his chest, and although the bruising has gone away, there is still tenderness. Alex notices discharge when she pushes on his nipple, leading her to do a biopsy after thinking it may be cancer. It turns out to be a form of breast cancer, and the man immediately undergoes surgery. His boyfriend leaves after finding out about the cancer but comes back when Alex is checking the incision after surgery.
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Second Medical Case:

While Joel and Dana are at the teaching seminar in a small town, the chief surgeon in the town’s hospital gets a call that a woman is trapped under a truck. Joel and Dana rush out to assist, where they find her leg in need of quick amputation so she can be sent to the hospital to get the rest of her injuries fixed. As Dana starts the amputation, Joel is forced to look for something to cut the bone with, and the best he is able to find is bolt cutters. Luckily, they do the job, and the woman is carted off to hospital and recovers.
Charlie Drama:

A woman comes into the ER with a laceration on her forehead and symptoms signaling liver failure. Her assistant says that she took mushrooms to “expand her mind,” but because of the type of mushroom she took, she ended up dying. As a therapist who does a TV show with meaningless information instead of being able to help people, she decides to make a project out of Charlie once she meets him. She begins prodding Charlie while asking him why he has yet to wake up, getting the response that he doesn’t want to wake up. We finally get another Alex and Charlie flashback, this time of him saying that he wouldn’t know what to do without Alex because he’s lost so many people in his life.
Hope-Zion Drama:

Joel is now able to operate because his hand is better, but as he is about to begin his first surgery, his hand begins to cramp up and he leaves the operating room. After Dana gets out of the surgery, she invites him to go with her to a small town for a teaching seminar. Because of the drastic nature of the surgery they perform, Joel seems to overcome his fear to operate, so hopefully he will do better in upcoming episodes. Later, while Dana and Joel are in a bar chatting after performing the operation, they have a lusty hookup with an awkward discussion in the car ride home the next morning. So now that Joel has been shown to be a cheater in his relationship with Maggie as well as Alex’s mention of him cheating on her during their former relationship, I guess it’s a done deal. I don’t really know how I can say that it’s okay, because it really isn’t, but I’m not mad at him for it—as awful as that may sound.

As Charlie is still in a coma and the board realizes they need a new Head of Surgery, the Chair of the board comes in to inform Dana that they are opening up the applications all across the country, and they would like to see her application amongst the entries. She decides not to submit an application, instead saying that her performance in the role so far is as much an application as she will provide.
More of My Thoughts:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana left Hope-Zion and went to the rural town that she and Joel visited in this episode because of the lack of women there and the need for experienced surgeons.

Joel seemed so flippant with Maggie during this episode, and of course his cheating on her with Dana will add some problems to their relationship. I still think that Maggie will rethink her feelings for Gavin, but I don’t want that to be just because Joel breaks up with her or she finds out he was cheating on her or something. Maybe Gavin should go for somebody else, but I don’t have any other girls in the show that I have any connections to. I have also noticed some of Maggie’s strange glances at Joel when he just gives her a quick peck on the lips before leaving. They seem to have lost their chemistry, but then again, we’re only seeing snippets.
Next Episode:

Check out the preview for next week’s episode, “The Law of Contagion,” airing on August 30th, 2012.

– The hospital is under quarantine when there is an outbreak of a dangerous disease
– Joel and Alex get in a fight about how their relationship ended, and then we see a kiss
– Charlie appears to wake up

With the breakthrough we saw for Charlie this week, it seems probable that Charlie is waking up next Thursday, especially with this development in Alex and Joel’s relationship. If he thinks that Alex isn’t pining after him anymore, then it would make sense for him to wake up so he gets her back.

What did you think of the episode?

– Lauren

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