America’s Got Talent – 8/28/12

Because Kyle complained that America’s Got Talent was all about singing & dancing, I felt the need to highlight some of the absolute best acts from last night’s semi-final round. While, yes, there were some good singers & dancers last night, there were some amazing acts that weren’t either of those things. So check out my favorites from last night. 🙂

Jump with me to see more.




And okay, I loved both of these acts enough to include them, even though they are dancing. 😉


Which of these acts was your favorite? Let me know!

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One Response to America’s Got Talent – 8/28/12

  1. $NAPP$ says:

    Great clips! I thought this was a great episode, and I was impressed by the latest auditions in the semifinals. I think it could be true he has an accomplice in the crowd to help him. I thought it was great to be able to watch my favorite show Americas Got Talent without commercials. I’m excited to use my Auto Hop feature, and skip all the annoying commercials. It’s like when you use the fast forward button on the remote the commercials will always be there if you want to watch them, Auto hop just does the fast forwarding for you. I was stoked when a couple of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this first worked. It’s great to have an option to watch commercials if you choose or just skip them. Now I can save the wear and tear on my remote by not having to fast forward every ten minutes.