Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “The Law of Contagion” – 8/30/12

Last week, Charlie made a breakthrough on why he is still in a coma, and Joel cheated on Maggie with Dawn.
First Medical Case:

Alex is called to assist a patient in the ER who has the symptoms of a ruptured appendix, and he also seems to have a summer cold. When they open him up, they discover that his appendix is perfectly fine, and there is nothing wrong which is causing his symptoms. As Alex is about to investigate further in the surgery, the man crashes on the table, and he dies. Alex doesn’t believe that it was a flu that caused the symptoms and problems, and Zach does some digging. They discover that the man flew in from Mumbai, where there was an outbreak of the SARS virus.
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SARS Outbreak:

After discovering that the man Alex operated on possibly had SARS, the hospital is on lockdown with Alex, Joel, and Victor in quarantine after being exposed to the sick man’s cough. Everybody else that encountered the infected man dies throughout the episode, and Victor becomes very ill, leaving Alex and Joel alone to have their meaningful argument. In the end, Victor lives, as do all of our main characters, and the outbreak wasn’t as serious as expected.
Charlie Drama:

Alex tries to use a TMS to excite Charlie’s brain into making him wake up. As Shahir turns on the equipment, Charlie finds himself in a new realm where he still cannot connect to anybody. He wanders around this new reality and discovers the car accident that killed his parents. With the SARS outbreak in Hope-Zion, they decide not to go back into his room because “the TMS won’t kill him, while the virus could.” Good idea, but I don’t think it really worked the way you were expecting. Charlie sits in the car looking at his parents, trying to get them to talk to him, and they don’t. Suddenly, he’s in another place; this time, it seems more like a memory than anything else. Charlie’s big discovery of the episode is that he was in the car with his parents when they died. Witnessing your parents’ death? Probably not the best way to wake yourself up from a coma, but maybe this will help him somehow.
Hope-Zion Drama:

Shahir and Victor are getting in an argument because Shahir hasn’t allowed his boyfriend to meet his mother. Victor expects it’s because Shahir is gay, but it turns out to be because Victor is a nurse. Being ashamed of someone because of their job? Not very cool. Immediately once the virus happens, both men realize their mistake and want to get back to each other, but Shahir is stuck outside of the hospital, unable to get back. In the end, Shahir is treating Victor in the hospital and tells Victor that he loves him. Awwww, they seem to have reconciled for now.

Gavin is flirting with some random girl just like in the end of the last episode, which seems to be aggravating Maggie. This girl was a bit too crazy for my taste, but it seemed to work in annoying Maggie, if that was his goal. During the quarantine, they find themselves alone together in a patient’s room, where Gavin takes back the kiss. Maggie’s feelings during that scene were palpable. It’s so obvious that she likes him with her hint of a smile and the shyness she exhibited when they walked over to sleep in the patient bed together. Also obvious was that Gavin noticed her reaction. How could he not, being a psych resident and obviously having noted her distance to him for the past few episodes.

Joel confronts Alex, apologizing for making it weird between them and asking if they can be friends again, which Alex immediately agrees to. While in quarantine, Alex and Joel get into a discussion about Joel’s cheating. It’s obvious that he cheated on Maggie, and Alex starts getting angry about how it’s his cycle for whenever things get serious. He seems to think that she left him, and it didn’t hurt her, but as she left due to his cheating, he broke her heart. It’s easy to see where Alex’s comment that he needs to be more spontaneous and stand up for what he wants would lead him to kissing her, but I don’t see how he would think it’s even remotely a good idea.

Joel and Maggie’s relationship seems to be taking a turn for the worse. He refuses to go away for the weekend with her and then gives her more work before calling her by her last name (Lin). Clearly, he’s trying to break away from her without breaking up with her. I feel like this is a common tactic for him, but again, I can’t dislike him for it. I also do like that he doesn’t go back to being a hundred percent with her after cheating on her. Clearly, he feels at least a little guilty. By the end, he admits that he’s been a shitty boyfriend, and she walks away. I don’t know where this has left them, but I don’t think that they’re still dating after the awkward, weird conversation.
More of My Thoughts:

Charlie’s parents died in a car accident, and I feel like part of the reason he has been in a coma all this time is because he hasn’t made peace with that fact. So after this episode and seeing the accident (discovering that he witnessed his parents’ death), I feel like we will get closer to Charlie’s waking up. I know, I say this every week, but this time, I mean it!

With so much happening in the past few episodes drama-wise, we definitely needed an episode that was centered around the drama instead of the medical problems. Yes, this episode featured the SARS outbreak, but it wasn’t done in the way that other medical cases are normally done in where they take up time and don’t allow space for drama.
Next Episode:

Check out the preview for next week’s episode, “Ride Hard or Go Home,” airing on September 8th, 2012.

– Charlie’s movement in the last episode has caused Alex to resort to even more drastic measures to wake him up for good. This time, she is getting Shahir to use surgical means to wake him up, but does it actually make Charlie worse?

With only two more episodes of the first season of Saving Hope, will we see Charlie wake up? I still predict that he’ll wake up in the last episode with a continuing connection to the coma patients/dead (or someone else will connect to them) so that Hope-Zion gets a rejuvenation for second season.

What did you think of the episode?

– Lauren

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