Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Blu-ray Review

Sons of Anarchy Season 4 came out on Blu-ray & DVD at the end of August. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the Blu-ray, and I wanted to tell you about the extras contained on the 3-disc set. Why not the episodes themselves? Simple… If you’re thinking of buying it, you’ve either A) seen the season already, or B) seen the first three seasons so you know what the show is like. Season 4 was great, so let’s talk extras.

Deleted scenes: Honestly, I don’t watch a lot of seasons of shows on Blu-ray or DVD. So maybe this isn’t something new. But one thing I found odd was that the deleted scenes all just kind of flowed together. Yeah, there was a few seconds pause between them, but there were no labels whatsoever. So while I recognized some of the story lines—it’s been a while since I saw the full season!—I would have loved to have seen a label for each scene that said: Season Four, Episode Six, “With an X.” The deleted scenes themselves were okay. I liked the three from the episode with Tom Arnold in the adult toy store warehouse.

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Episode commentary: I always love hearing commentary from the actors and the guys behind the scenes. There is commentary on episode one, “Out,” episode ten, “Hands,” and episodes thirteen and fourteen, “To Be, Act 1” and “To Be, Act 2.”

SOA app: The SOA app is interactive and gives you the ability to shop for gear from the show as well as introduces “Perspective”—a fun, virtual view of the SOA clubhouse. You can tweet within the app and have your tweet represented in the Social Heat Map in the episode timeline, post to Facebook within the app, and lots more.

Gag reel: The gag reel has to be my favorite extra on every DVD I’ve ever seen, and Sons of Anarchy was no exception. From forgotten lines, to actors being tongue-tied, it’s always great to see actors on such a serious drama laughing and having a good time when they screw up or something unexpected happens. Planes, goats, laughter, a mooning by Ron Perlman (Ick…lol), these had me laughing hard.

In addition to the previously-mentioned stuff, there was also a Farewell to Piney, including the scene with Clay killing him, previous scenes with him and Jax, him and Opie, as well as commentary from William Lucking (Piney himself), the other actors, and Kurt Sutter, the executive producer. It was kind of bittersweet, since Piney’s murder was so shocking and was the catalyst for how the season ended.

There are a few other interesting extras, but the ones I’ve mentioned are the big ones and the ones worth checking out. My only other thought is that the packaging for the Blu-ray could have been better. All the info about disc 3 is really hard to read because it’s smack dab behind the little tabbed thing holding the disc in place. But really, that’s inconsequential. If you’re a fan of the show, this season is a must-own because it changes the series from the ground up and prepares us for a huge shift in the club come season 5.

If you are looking to buy it, you can find it on Amazon here: Sons of Anarchy Season 4 on Blu-ray.

The new season starts Tuesday, September 11, on FOX at 10/9c. You don’t want to miss it—because Jax has taken over from Clay, and things are going to be very different!

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