Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “Ride Hard or Go Home” – 9/6/12

Last week, Charlie realized he was in the car when his parents died, a SARS outbreak made Shahir and Victor realize their love for each other, and Alex confronted Joel on his cheating.

Just as a side note, NBC pulled the last two episodes of this show, opting to air them on only, but they are still airing in Canada.
First Medical Case:

Joel comes in to assist Tom Reycroft in setting a woman’s pelvis. She is a female jockey, who broke her pelvis after a bad fall. Joel discusses her two options: a slow non-surgical recovery, or a quick but very risky surgery. As the woman is anxious about getting back to her sport, she opts for the surgery, which Joel is uneasy about, but he goes for it anyway. During the surgery, he stops the drill as he realizes he has hit an artery and quickly calls in Alex to save the woman. The woman almost died, and she lost much of the feeling in her legs, which leaves for a ruined career.
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Second Medical Case

Gavin is in a psych consult with the hospital’s head of psychology as they observe a man with Alzheimer’s. After scoring 8 out of 30, the man’s license is taken away at the end of the session, but his wife didn’t get a chance to find out how to help him cope during this transition. Gavin wants to help the couple, so he gives them his cell phone number—something that is not permitted. Soon after, he receives a phone call from the wife about the man looking for his keys and getting very distraught. When Gavin and Maggie show up at their house (another thing they’re not allowed to do), they find the man getting increasingly angry before he pushes the woman onto the ground, causing her to break her hip. Gavin is given a strict talking to by the head of psychology, and they put the man in a locked ward. The wife begs Gavin to bring her into her husband’s room for the night, as it will be her last time ever getting to sleep next to him, which he does. I don’t see any way he won’t be reprimanded severely for that, and it seems like he thinks the same. He seems so resigned to his fate, but he doesn’t bring it up or mention it to Maggie or anybody.
Charlie Drama:

In the operating room, Shahir starts to bore into comatose Charlie’s head for the deep brain stimulation surgery that Alex ordered. After over two hours of trying to stimulate Charlie’s brain, there had been some interesting brain activity, but nothing suggesting that he would wake. Suddenly, Charlie is sitting next to his parents’ car in the dark of night as a police cruiser pulls up behind them. It’s the man who killed himself a few episodes ago. The lights from the car are brilliantly bright, and on the other side, it’s a dark expanse of “nothingness.” The man is trying to convince Charlie to come into the car with him and go off with him (clearly, to death). As Charlie is about to concede, he hears a voice. Alex is calling out to him! He narrowly misses the clutches of death and wakes from the coma.
Hope-Zion Drama:

With Joel’s decision to continue with the surgery which left his patient immobile, Dana requires him to inform her of all of his decisions until she can trust his choices again. This lack of trust leaves Joel considering his future at the hospital, and right at the end of the episode, he decided to quit.

Joel and Alex are still awkward around each other, but possibly more so because Alex is acknowledging all the emotions now. I like that even when they’re having disagreements or weird moments in their personal lives, Alex is still able to stand up for Joel when talking with Dana.

Maggie and Gavin are being really cute throughout the episode, and they’ve almost acknowledged their emotions together. By this episode, they do finally start something. Instead of going out with a group, Gavin takes some initiative and kisses Maggie again, resulting in much giggling from me because this time Maggie didn’t leave.
More of My Thoughts:

I love that we finally get to see one of Gavin’s cases because he always comes in to assist on other people’s, but we never get full cases based around him, and his growth is always personal rather than medical. My only concern is that he’ll be fired after all the decisions he made during this case.

My main prediction (from last week, as well) is that Charlie will still be in contact with those in a coma because that’s the main thing that Saving Hope has which other hospital dramas don’t.
Next Episode:

Check out the preview for next week’s episode, “Pink Clouds,” airing on September 13th, 2012 at 9/8c on CTV in Canada and on

– Charlie is now awake, but he has to deal with recuperating from being in a coma for so long.
As it is the last episode…

What did you think of the episode, and what do you hope for the finale?

– Lauren

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