Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “Pink Clouds” – 9/13/12

Last week, Joel quit from Hope-Zion hospital, Gavin made some risky moves by caring for a patient, and Charlie woke up from his coma.

Keep in mind that in America, NBC cancelled this show and are only showing the final two episodes online, while in Canada CTV has given this show a second season for next summer.
First Medical Case:

A woman had a feeding tube put in so she can lose weight, but it has perforated her stomach. While in surgery, they discover some nodes and must do a biopsy to discover if it is gastric cancer. They get the results back while in surgery and try to remove as much of the cancer as they can. When Alex first tries to tell the woman about this development, she freezes up and has to tell them later. The woman decides against treatment because she wants to spend the rest of her life living instead of undergoing awful treatment. They end with a quiet marriage ceremony in the hospital.
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Second Medical Case:

A man comes in after ODing on some drug, but they notice some weird spots on his arm. They think it might be flesh-eating disease, and soon after, Joel comes down for the consult and confirms the diagnosis, immediately rushing him off to surgery. They begin by trying to cut away the dead muscle but end up amputating above the elbow. When his pressure is still dropping, they realize it was still spreading, and they open him up again. When it’s spreading more and they know it can’t get to the torso (because then it’s in his heart and he can’t survive that), Dana does a quick consult as Joel decides to amputate the shoulder and a little bit of torso to give him one last chance. Instead of refusing the surgery, Dana immediately scrubs in, and they get Tom Reycroft in, as well. Although none of them had ever seen or performed the surgery together, they are successful, and they cut out all the disease.
Charlie Drama:

Although Charlie is awake, he still remembers his time while in a coma, and he’s trying to convince himself that it was all a dream. Alex is easily frustrated by him at the beginning, and it seems like she can’t handle him being awake. Dawn tries to butt into Charlie’s and Alex’s thoughts, but they both seem easily dismissive of her. Charlie opens up to Dawn about his seeing ghosts while he was in his coma, and she actually believes him. He hasn’t even told Alex about this, and I feel like it will create a fissure in their relationship. While in his physiotherapy trying to relearn how to walk, he meets a woman named Pamela, but at the end of the episode, he finds her dead in the morgue. He can still communicate with those that are unconscious or dead, but upon realizing this, he refuses to speak with her.
Hope-Zion Drama:

Joel tells Alex that he quit, and there is a very brief and very awkward goodbye. The entire time, I was hoping that something would make him stay, and it looked as though the flesh eating disease would keep him. Instead of doing final checkups on certain patients, he went straight into a surgery and was later offered the permanent Chief of Surgery position, which was Dana’s job while Charlie was in a coma. Dana was visibly angered by this announcement, and although I feel outraged for her, I’m happy that it will keep Joel around. He deserves the position, with his daring choices and good surgery.

Gavin and Maggie are making out in an operating watching room, and she’s being very vocal, which appears to freak Gavin out a little. He tries to say that she doesn’t have to be so vocal, but she takes it to be an insult, which hurts her, and she quickly leaves. When they catch up later, Maggie flat out tells him it hurt her feelings, and because they’re both really open and honest, they quickly get over it without an argument, and they’re back to being cute and making out.

Charlie and Alex decided that they were going to get married, but with Charlie realizing he can still see the unconscious and dead, we leave the season with Charlie sitting there fazed by this development and Alex nervously calling him.
More of My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this summer TV show, and I am incredibly happy for CTV’s decision to renew it for another season for summer 2013.

I feel like this finale really summed up everything that I wanted to happen during the season: Charlie woke up, and the Gavin/Maggie relationship started. Admittedly, Joel/Alex never happened, but maybe with Charlie not showing up for the wedding and other things that will happen (or even better, Joel will find somebody else that I like even more, like me).

Predictions for next season is that Alex won’t believe Charlie when he tells her about the ghost thing (while in a coma, or present), and he’ll turn to Dawn, which might cause rifts in their relationship. Charlie will have to come to the realization that he can still talk with those in comas, and I know that he won’t constantly be able to ignore it when it can help him with diagnosing and connecting to his patients.

What did you think of the finale?

– Lauren

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