If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/22/12

Hi, guys. Slowly but steadily, the new seasons are starting up again. And I’m glad some comedies had their premiere last week – Parks and Recreation & Up All Night were great, and I really love Go On. And next week, Castle and Fringe! I wonder how I’m going to keep up with everything next to college duties. But first, tonight, we’re getting a new Doctor Who!

JJ’s Choice

Last week on Doctor Who, we saw Ben Browder (I have loved him since Farscape) in a guest spot as the sherrif of Mercy. I thought the episode was great entertainment, but it did waste Amy and Rory a little bit. I do love how the show is focusing on how the Doctor changes when he travels alone too much.

Tonight, on “The Power of Three,” the show tells the story from Amy’s and Rory’s point of view and will be their penultimate episode. When the Earth is invaded by small black cubes which seem to do, well, nothing at all, the Doctor has to show patience to save the planet. And on top of that, he moves in with Amy and Rory.

Find out how the invasion unfolds on BBC America at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Doctor Who @ Clicker.

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